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I have had noise-induced tinnitus and I have essentially cured this now. I am not trying to advertise a method. I am describing what I have experienced in an objective way in a hope to contribute to further research in this interesting and important area of the possibiltity of curing tinnitus. 

I got tinnitus two months ago. The tinnitus consistet of three sounds, let me schematically write them as




The RRR sound was turned just as I was going to fall asleep, the other two sound were not noticable in the beginning but presumably they were there all the time. 

My first method was ignorance. I kept doing what I usually do. Drive my car, go the supermarket, go by the bus, stand by road with heavy traffic, wash the dishes, and so on. I noticed the sound kept irritating me every time I was going to fall asleep. This initial phase I think took me well over two weeks.

My second method when I got disturbed by this, was to avoid heavy traffic. I chose to sit in a silent spot in a park sunbathing, I went to supermarket with hearing protector, I drove the car with hearing protector. But it did not help at all.

My third method was to increase the intensity of my *treatment*. I started to stay in my room, turn on my laptop and use hearing protector as I flushed the toilet. I didn't go out from my apartment for two weeks and used hearing protector when I was cooking and washing the dishes, but most of the time my wife did those things. I remained in my room reading books and taking it easy. Nothing hard work.

After two weeks the RRRR sound was gone. I thought I had cured tinnitus. After a while I went out by subway and then came home with a terrible tinnitus. It started at night just before I was going to fall asleep. It sounded like iiiiiIIIIIIII and the intensity kept increasing and increasing. I had no choice but to get up from almost being falling asleep. Getting up and then going back to almost falling asleep and getting up again. This was a very hard time. 

I realized that I had not cured my tinnitus. I payed attention to the remaining sounds, the 



sounds. I locked myself in my room for another two weeks, listening to these sounds and reading books canceling all job meetings. After another two weeks the IIIIIIII sound dropped out. Left was a lower


sound. I am now writing this with a tremendeosuly low eee   eee  eee   eee      eeee sound that I would have never noticed if I didn't know I had it and concentrated hard to hear it. Tonight I had no sleeping problem and was not disturbed by tinnitus for the first night in two months. 

I like to share my story in the hope that this can trigger some very controversal new ideas from researchers in this fashinating area.


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    Thanks for sharing.

    Now what will happen, however, when u go back out by subway etc again? Please

    let us know.

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    My noises are usually a high steady pitch which sometimes gets loud and then faint but it never goes away. I've even heard sounds like breaking ocean waves which is really weird.  I deal with vertigo, HBP and TMJ in which ringing in the ears can be a symptom.  You said it was noise induced?  My husband was a veteran and was around guns a lot and he wound up with preferated ear drums.  Surgery was done to rebuild them but he still heard some ringing.

    I've read somewhere that it starts in the eyes but never followed through on reading it.  That will be some interesting reading.

    I really hope someone does see your post so that maybe one day there will be a cure.

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    Hi Thanks for sharing your experiences.... However you didnt mention if you gor urself checked by a  physician to rule out any pathology. How did u conclude that is was noise induced tinnitus.....Just curious...

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      It was noise. Radio in the car, youtube for one full day. This is somewhat subtle I admit. But previous time I had tinnitus it was very clear that it was noise and nothing else. Sitting by a creek with rushing water for hours. As I got home listening to music all evening. Then tinnitus started. Very clear to me that this was noise induced.

      For this time, the low frequency hum is gone. I believe that was muscle spasm or something and it may be easier to get rid of. On the other hand it sounds terrible. 

      On the other hand the small remnant high frequency tone I have has not dissappeared. I believe that can have a different origin (broken hair cells?) and it seems much much harder to get rid of by silence. Perhaps just impossible.

      For the muscle spasm tinnitus, silence helped me. Three times silence has cured that kind of tinnitus.

      High frequency tinnitus has not responded to silence so far. I am still trying a bit, but think I will soon give it up. 

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    My experience is similar to yours.

    I have T for 7 years with a pulsing iiiiiiiiiiiiii of about 8 Khz on both ears, but stronger on the right.

    Sometimes i get other frequency's like more or less 6 or 4 Khz but they last a few seconds to hours but they do fade away.

    About 3 years ago a constant low frequency sound, (~ 100Hz) appeared out of nowhere, stayed for about a month and vanished.

    A few months ago after using a drilling machine and even with ear protection, some new ringing came up, but also vanished after a month.

    Anyway, my T comes much worse with sound, if i stay in silence or low noise environment it tends to almost vanish, but, i must be relaxed and without fatigue. If i don't sleep well... it's horrible.

    I think the worse environment is inside a car. The best, outside in a forest on a non windy day.

    In 7 years i've waked up without T a few times but immediatelly after i move my head or hear a sound it gradually comes back.

    It also happened going to bed almost in silence, when this happens i realized that the day was very quiet, didn't eat much and everything was soft.

    No SALT or strong foods helps alot.



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