My farewell from the internet..!

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Hi all,

I joined this forum last month when my panic disorder hit a peak. I wanted to share my experience on anxiety meds which was a disaster and has made my anxiety so much worse. I am now off the horrid drug but still having way more panic attacks then I even had before the medication was started.

Ive been doing CBT with my psychologist and so far so good - only four sessions in. The reason for my post is that Ive discovered quite quickly that most if not all of our anxiety symptoms come from some physical sensation that we have, which spirals into panic and anxiety. We find ourselves googling symptoms or looking for forums such as this to discuss our issues.

The problem with this is - 1. Google is not a doctor and you are probably going to get search results like your symptoms are MS or something ridiculous - this is not going to help your anxiety. And 2. Anxiety perpetuates itself and has a mind of its own. If you are constantly searching google about anxiety and participating in forums, your devilish anxiety is going to start taking notice of all the symptoms that other people might have had and before you know it, you are experiencing the same thing. This has happened to me so many times.

I 100% believe that if I did not have the internet or exposure to forums like this then my anxiety would have never perpetuated to what it is today. Ive been through it all. This post isnt intended as an insult to this page at all. Seriously, this page has helped me through some seriously rough times and I appreciate that so much!!! Dont get me wronf!!

But, see your doctor. Dont google symptoms. Dont read about symptoms. Commence therapy with a psychologist or psychistrist. Dont let it get out of control before its too late!!!

Finally, thank you to everyone on here for your support while I have been a member. I am truly so thankful. The best part of this forum is knowing you are not alone. However, my current path and treatment means trusting my doctor and psychologist and accepting the fact i will always have anxiety and use techniques and exposure therapy to desensitise myself to it - this also includes avoiding google and forums. However, i will hang around a few more days in case anyone else needs advice or responds to this thread xxxx

Much love

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    I have never Googled my Symptons as i have always trusted my doctor or his colleagues when my doctor is on leave , i read leaflets enclosed with medication that i get prescribed , what i like though about Patient is seeing what other people's experiences are with medication , if people just need a few words of support then i may comment , often when i read email notifications i often delete them as i may not be able to relate to the posting/poster or they are not in my area of illness , wishing you all the best xx

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    I think it is great that you are taking charge of your anxiety symptoms and following your Drs orders smile.

    I do not use the forums to get worked up. I use the forums to chit/chat..and help passes time for me and for me it lowers my anxiety.

    Everyone is different and you are chosing what is best for you.


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    I am so happy for you that you have decided to take control over your AD. That is empowering and from the bottom of my heart I wish you well.

    However, there is a contradiction in your post.

    On the one hand you state the Forum has helped you through some seriously rough times. On the other hand the Forum has exacerbated your symptoms and yet you constantly posted

    So which is it?

    In retrospect did you decide the Forum did you more harm than good?

    This Forum is vital. It links those who are alone and struggling. The sharing of experiences is invaluable. It takes away the loneliness. One learns of coping methods, self-help methods

    GP's have little time to spend reassuring AD sufferers or discussing new and frightening symptoms. Yes, they can prescribe meds, CBT. But at the end of the day the patient is left in the wilderness to struggle on, alone and afraid

    When complete strangers, themselves suffering, reach out to support, encourage and reassure each other, that is the best of humanity.

    I appreciate that some people become fixated upon fatal or life changing diseases. But they would do so with or without this Forum. But at least there they can "voice" their fears. It is here others will comfort and reassure them

    I agree that googling symptoms is the worst thing an AD sufferer can do. I disagree that googling about AD/PD and Forums such as this entrench the problem because knowledge is power. The more you know about the illness the better you can deal with it

    Know thy enemy

    Naturally, in an ideal world everyone would trust their GP, their tests results. But for some their fear is stronger than their common sense thinking. Here the Forum comes into its own.

    When a human being is suffering, the knowledge that they have somewhere to "go" where others who understand and will support them, is incredibly empowering. It takes away the feeling of isolation and dampens the fear.

    I know you have no intentions of insulting the Forum. But to state it worsened your symptoms will decimate the shaky confidence of those why rely upon the Forum and it's members, to help and guide them through their illness

    It's a wonderful thing you have found a means to cope and hopefully overcome your AD/PD. But others have not yet reached that point. Everyone here is at a different stage. They need the Forum. They need the Forum members/friends

    I wish you well. I truly do. I applaud your determination. I applaud you taking control. You have reached that "place" to be able to do so. It's where many wish to be but as yet have a long way to go. They need the Forum, the link with the members to help them reach the place where they can go it alone

    Best of luck

    Hugs Helen


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      Well put , i find this forum safe and i know many others do as it is kept a careful eye on from any members abusing it , it is also a lifeline for many of us , many cannot get out either because of mental health or physical health ( i have both ) , also young people who are in college , etc find this forum helpful as they may not have that supportĀ  some peole have family , friends who may not understand their illnesses , if someone feels positive about coming off medication an can just cope with CBT , Art Therapy an other therapies then that is good but many of us need to have that tablet to help them through the day , night . Like you say we are all different an that is why Patient is probably the best online site that suits most of us , myself included .
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      Hi there Maria,

      I agree wholeheartedly

      One of the most difficult aspects of AD/PD is the lack of understanding, either by GP's, family or friends

      We cannot blame them for this nor should we

      We, the sufferers,  hardly understand it ourselves so how can we expect non- sufferers to?

      For instance, it is like trying to explain how pain feels to someone who has never had any pain in any shape, manner or form,  like trying to describe a patricular colour to someone with colour blindness when that colour is not on their spectrum

      Like you, I believe Patient to be the best online Forum and the members, for the most part, are truly wonderful, unselfish and caring people in an uncaring world where AD/PD is concerned

      I always hope that the members feel pride in the way they generously reach out to each other.

      Strength in numbers, as I've said before

      Please, everyone, stay together, continue to help and reassure each other

      And hold your heads high

      Because you are individually and as a whole , truly remarkable people

      I hug each and everyone of you

      Helen xx

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    I'm so glad that you're feeling better, and on a great path. I also agree with you 100% about not googling symptoms. It creates such a vicious cycle.

    Perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is here looking for answers. Many of us come back or stick around to help others, especially if they're very new to it. Helping people realize that Google isn't the answer, and validating their symptoms as typical anxiety symptoms tends to bring relief, especially if they have to wait a long time to see a doctor or therapist. Personally, I wish I had something like this forum when I was diagnosed many years ago. It probably would have saved me from countless trips to the ER. lol

    Best to luck to you as you break the anxiety barriers, and carve your own path.

    Safe Tavels! ?

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    I would never advise Google to anyone who is sensitised due to Anxiety or Panic Attacks. It just makes the situation worse as people imagine a incorrect pathway and end up in a worse situation.

    I suffer from a Chronic Medical Condition and the associated Reactive condition. I for my own peace of mind never used or will never use medical reference works as they can make you follow a pathway that is false and alarming. You ask your GP for advice on your condition and follow His recommndations to a possible positive conclusion. without trying to add an additional tranche of conditions down a incorrect pathway.

    I am pleased you have started to understand your Anxiety and causes. Remember your GP is in partnership with you when it comes to your health concerns. Use your Practice, Surgery or Doctor to gain help and assistance.regards your health issues

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    Yup you are right i am also facing the problem i feel scared of planes and heart attacks'

    ---- i have hear escape beats which makes me really worried but after googling all the symptoms its make me mentally ill....i have acid reflux problem bcoz of that i feel prssure on my chest i search on google Dr google poop out cancer heart disease and lot of moee disease.......i have changed more then 20 different docs......test i have done till now is----Cbc blood test,16 heart ecgs,echo 2 times holter ecg for 24 hours,tyroid test,heptites tests,stool tests,endoscopy colonscopy chest x ray @ and beside that i have done all blood tests of the body 4 times complete blood tests liver stomach kidney more and more no thing wrong just my Alt ia little high and cholestrol_____all of that is clear but still thinking i have some wrong google make my mind craz yu plz dont search symptoms on hoogle it poop out every thing wrong things.... Try to discuss with my gp other then that i eill go to psyctrist

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    Thanks for all ur responses all. Like i said, this wasnt an attack on the forum BUT our condition provokes us to enter forums such as this and when we read and hear and see what others are experiencing, our best bet as anxiety sufferers if we are extremely vulnerable? We will eventually perpetuate those symptoms ourselves.

    For whoever said I contradicted myself. I completely agree. When i was in a time of need, this forum HELPED ME. But i think once you have passed whatever u needed help with, that this is a toxic environment for anxiety sufferes and the forum just helps u focus on whats wrong with u and manifests on it even more.

    I am now however many days since i posted this, internet free. Ive stopped googling. Ive trusted my own body and ive worked with my doctor and psychologist. I feel better than ever. I guess, my message is, for anyone sitting around following this forum every day to stop! Go and live ur life before u lose days and months here. Ive just gotten thru my 3rd year law exams after an EXTREME panic disorder episode and im boarding a flight to my second home, BALI, in four sleeps!!! Anything is possible and every single HORRID anxiety episode no matter how bad it seems, will pass and u WILL slowly recover. I promise. GAD and panic disorder sufferer here.

    U can all get thru this ~ give ur mind a break and get off the internet and see ur doctor

    Much love

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      iT's great news! You are moving forward. That's wonderful and I'm sure all the Forum members are cheering you on, myself included

      As for those on the road to recovery, or recovered sufferers, I have to say that if we all departed once we felt better then who would be left to help those whose journey is just beginning in the illness that is AD/PD?

      Some of us " sat around" around following the Forum and just as well, Otherwise there would have been no one there to help you, nor anyone else come to that, when help was desperately needed.

      It's a marvellous thing that you have mastered your fears and anxities and can walk away and put all this behind you. That is what's best for you. I agree with you

      But your choice should not be given as "advice " to others


      Some of us choose not to walk away. We "sit around" in hope that we can give the help needed, as we were helped in our time of need

      I wish you the best for the future

      Hugs Helen


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      I feel rather insulted about being acccused of sitting on my backside just following this forum , some days i don't come on here , i check email notifications that come through my emails on the groups that i follow that relate to my health problems - PE , Sleeping problems anxiety, depression , Mirtazapine . I NEVER google my symptons , i trust my GP as he was has been my GP for a few years now but i also find it helpful when i see a different GP ( when mine is busy , on leave , etc )as they can sometimes see something that needs my attention - like recently because of my breathing difficulties she sent me for Xray an thought i may have a chest infection , but i am still coughing an laboured breahing ( i was diagnosed August 2015 with massive blood clots on lungs an i don't even smoke !! ) so am on life term blood thinners ., i rarely look at members postings - if i cannot relate to them , cannot help them , etc so i may not come onto Patient for a few days however my laptop / internet is a lifeline for me to the outside - my parents brought me this laptop , my mum pays my internet because i have a very small group of frineds on facebook - mainly local friends or family so i chat with them , also Ebay , do my Asda food shop online , ordered from shops online , etc so sorry i am on my laptop most of the day when home resting . I also trust the Psychiatrist , people i see at my local CMHT an i also email them as a form o communication . i  am pleased you are far happier off line an that works for you but it doesn't work for everyone .

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      Maria, sweetie, don't be upset!

      I also trust my GP. I also shop online for various reasons. I too contact friends/ family members via the Internet

      That is the world we now live in

      Online can be and often is a lifeline across the globe, for many reasons.

      And Forums such as this are invaluable. There is nothing worse than to be ill, no matter what shape or form that illness takes, and to feel alone and afraid.

      No one is paid to be on this site. They come here, in their free time, out of the goodness of their hearts to give and receive help, to give and receive comfort

      And quite right too in my humble opinion.

      We cannot adopt an attitude of turning away. Nor should we fear the humiliation of being turned away.

      People should do their best to assist their fellow human beings

      It's the right thing to do

      The decent thing to do

      And I will stick my neck out here.

      I cannot state I . No, I was outraged to be totally honest, because no one posted more, nor as frequently as this Forum Member.

      And the Forum members responded and reached out to help her

      Well it's wonderful she can move on and hand on heart I do applaud that and I do wish her all the best.

      As for the rest of us? The majority I don't doubt will hang in here and carry on the efforts of trying to support each other.

      Hugs to you. Helen

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      And I openly apologize for that comment

      Apparently I confused you for someone else with a very similiar name which is unforgivable of me because I would never, ever intentionally hurt anyone but managed to do so all the same

      So yes, I am deeply sorry for that.

      I stand by the rest of my post though

      And I do wish you well


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