My Father Expired after Angioplasty, still dont know how

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My Father had a heart attack on 1st december at 4pm, but he did not had any other diseases (no BP, No diabities) because of that initially he did not believed that it is a heart attack. while we made him to go hospital for check up after 6 hours at 11 pm , blood reports and ECG showed heart attack (trop i and ckmg) but he was totally fine. treatment started with initial blood thinners and other injections. doctor told to have angiogram at that moment. He did not agree and had a argument there and made us take him home instead.

Next day again we requested him and made him agree for second opinion. We went to fortis escort heart institute. they confirmed it is a heart attack and started their treatment. They kept him in observation he was totally fine that day and was feeling ok , but doctor told us to have angiogram. we and doctor made him agree for that and next day morning he had that done. which showed blocked LAD and rest arteries are totally fine. Doc did not gave us any option like we can keep him on medication etc. he directly did the angioplasty and drug eluting stent was placed in mid LAD. Father came out of the cath lab at 10.30 feeling OK and he was OK till 1pm as mentioned he got hypotensive and then at 3.30 he became unstable and had cardiac arrest while they took him from icu to cath Lab. they revived him but again he had cardiogenic shock and expired at 8.30 on 3rd december.

we are devastated as already we had already some problems in family and out of sudden we lost our loving father. He was OK while he walked towards the hospital did not had any problem but after angioplasty he did not lived. I am not from medical background but just wanted to know was there any possibility we could have saved our father ?

if no Angioplasty would have done , as it was past one day and more the heart attack came and he was alright.

He was a very innocent ,hardoworking and caring person. never did anything wrong with any one. We as a family do miss him and i feel guilty that i was not able to save him.

We would have saved him only on medicines ?

EF showed 35% post PTCA .

please some one let me know , sorry for the bad grammar.


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    His AGE was 64.5 and he was totally fine with no smoking never drinking.

    a active person without any other problems 

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I understand completely your concern that possibly you might have been able to save your father if he had been treated differently. I lost my husband to a heart attack in November and have these thoughts constantly. You need to talk to the hospital or his regular doctor and ask them these questions, but it appears to me that you and your family did everything they could to get the right treatment for your father guided by expert medical opinion. My husband died before being able to have treatment because we did not recognise what was happening. We will never know what would have happened if, but you need to remember that not all alternative outcomes would have been positive. My husband would have hated being an invalid.... In my experience guilt figures highly in grief.

    I hope that you and your family get the answers you need to cope and live with your grief. Support each other through this harrowing time.

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      Thanks Nana for the reply , but the grief i am having is too much as i saw him passing in front of me i am not able to come out of it sad

      what was your husband's age ? is this was his first attack ?

      my father's did not had any history he was 64.5 healthy this attack came as shock for him as well.


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      Hi uday16,

      My husband was 64 too and he had had no previous symptoms that would indicate heart disease. Losing a loved one as you have is a terrible thing and   In addition you have the shock of the suddenness of it all. Please consider finding someone professional to talk to who may be able to offer strategies to cope with the immense grief that you have. 


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    Hi Uday16

    I am very sorry for your loss. I truly believe things happen for a reason and when it's our time to go it's our time regardless of what you think you would have done or not. It was your Dad's time and just remember what a good Dad and person he was and that now he is in a better place. I am 45 and a survivor of 3 heart attacks on the same day and at the moment my EF is less than 10 percent and going to be on a transplant list , will I make it till then I really don't know but what I do know is that I am still here how long till it's my time to go. Be strong and don't feel guilty in any way you have no power nor does medicine when it's our time

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      Hi gabriela03508

      I am very sorry to listen you had 3 heart attacks , I hope everything will be Ok and you will get a new full functioning heart soon.

      Did you under went angioplasty ? or suggested medicines for your treatment ? My father EF was 35 % , why it happened that he did not recovered or lived with EF 35% ?

      I am feeling guilty because being a son would have done something that could have avoided at least his death.

      I wanted him to stay with me sad


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    I'm sorry for your loss, but point out that you may have answered your own questions, in that you describe him refusing to go to hospital for some hours and then refusing to have an angiogram.

    Also, diabetes and high blood pressure are not the only factors in heart attacks and you don't mention if he was a smoker, overweight, stressed or a heavy drinker.     I'm also sorry to say that being innocent, hardworking and caring doesn't prevent fatal illnesses either.

    Please don't feel guilty:  his health was his responsibility, not yours and I don't see what else you could've done in the circumstances or how he could've been saved only with medication and no surgery.   If he had a blocked artery the angioplasty would've been the best alternative as far as I know and it's also common to feel fine after a heart attack ...... until the next one.   It's also common for cardiac surgeons to routinely insert a stent when the angiogram shows a blocked artery and most patients are fine afterwards.   I had exactly this procedure 4 1/2 years ago and have had no cardiac problems since.


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      Hi Jude65855

      He was not a smoker and not a drinker. He was bit overweight but not that much. he did cycling till the age of 60.

      his EF was 35% when admitted to hospital , he was ok for next 24 hours and was talking and eating food as well in hospital.

      after angioplasty the next morning he became unstable and just died.

      my doubt was does he really required a angioplasty ? means he could have stayed same way on medicines?

      I know i am thinking too much in this direction but i do feel there is something doctor should have informed us about the risk ?


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      Although he seemed well, he obviously wasn't or his artery wouldn't have been blocked and caused the heart attack.    As far as I know angioplasty is the only treatment for blocked arteries and there's no medication which could've unblocked it.    Before this procedure became routine the only treatment I'm aware of after a heart attack was medication, diet and exercise, which worked for some people but not everyone.

      Surely your father would've been given the usual warning about all surgery having risks?

      It's common when grieving to focus on what could have been but this can also prolong the agony.   Do you have access to grief counselling, either through the hospital where your dad died or the funeral company?

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    I am so sorry for your loss, I too, lost my father many years ago to a massive heart attack that happened after returning home from having worked all day.  The only symptom he had was a shortness of breath.  I must tell you though that a heart attack resulting from a blockage in the LAD can be very serious and oftentimes fatal.  Here in the USA they refer to a blockage in that vessel as the "widowmaker"

    Don't beat yourself up with guilt, there was most likely nothing you could have done.  Talking to his doctor might give you some piece of mind, depending upon what they tell you.  Sometimes, despite everything medical professionals do, a patient still succumbs.  It tends to leave the loved ones with a lot of "what ifs"

    I know what you're going through.

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