My first Pilonidal Sinus - Am I receiving correct treatment

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I am 36 and have just been diagnosed with a pilonidal sinus. My brother had to have major surgery for the same problem several years ago. Where his GP had not referred him, he ended up having a massive area removed due to excessive scar tissue as as result of repeatd infections. Indeed the surgeon said it was the worst case she they had seen and the bigest amount of tisue removal.

My symptoms started on the Friday with a feeling of a pain, not on the surface, but deeper down, almost like a bruised cocyx. On the monday I visited my GP as the symptoms had not eased and indeed I now had localised tenderness on the skin. My GP diagnosed a Pilonidal Sinus and said I was very lucky as we had caught it extremely early. My brothers misfortune turned out to be my gain.

I have read in many places that Pilonidal Synuses should be drained and treated with antibiotics. I have not had mine drained but have been prescribed Erythomcin 500mg 4 times daily. The doctor said that if it isn't better in a week or worsens in the meantime to return. Touch wood, after a day and a half of treatment, it seems to be responding well. I guess the question is, am I extremely lucky and have caught it early enough to avoid a lot of the problems people experience with this condition or should I still have been refered to have it drained.

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    Sounds like you have been far. Do you still feel the pressure increasing?

    Mine started in a similar manor, over the last 3/4 years I have had 3 of these nasty little beasts. The first two worked themselves to the surface over the course of 2 to 3 weeks & exploded. Once that happened and the pressure was off, healing only took a week or so.

    You did the right thing to go to the doc early, once the wall around the abcess builds no amount of antibiotics can get through to make a difference. Do your homework and push your doc, I have found that they are very rluctant to deal with (open) them.

    I am now on my third. After two weeks of pain I ended up in A&E on a weekend, as it was deeper inside this time they kept me in, put me under a general and cut it out. 9 weeks on and I still have problems, the wound is not healing and they are now talking about operating again and going even deeper!!

    If you can handle it how it is my advice would be to stay away from hospital, given the choice and the impact surgery can have on your day to day activities, i'm not sure I would have let them open me up.

    Just because you have one, does not mean you will get a second, although it is likely. Keep the area clean.

    Keep reading and go and have a chat with your doc again, armed with your research.

    Good luck.

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    @ JJF,

    As far as I know,antibiotics can only relieve the pain,not cure pilonidal sinus.The strand of hair causing the sinus needs to be operated and removed.The earlier u go for surgery,the smaller the incision.I didnt know i had pilonidal sinus for 2 years.Hence my sinus had become very big and requireda bigger surgery..U better consult a surgeon asap.

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    The antibiotics will only clear up the infection! I had it 7 years ago and had \"open\" surgery (remove the sinus and the 3 abcesses that i had under the surface) which left me with a 2 inch deep wound. This took 11 months to heal! although there was instant relief when i woke up from the surgery! It healed well just soooooo slowly and i had to take 2 months off uni and quit my job at a local pub.

    It has COME BACK about 4 weeks ago and i am now on my second course of antibiotics and waiting for an appt for surgery again, although this time im hoping it will be the \"closed\" proceedure - they remove the sinus (if they operate when its not infected) and stitch the skin back together.

    Ask your doctor if you can have the sinus removed or it will keep coming back and at £14 a time antibiotics are too expensive!

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    I've had surgery to drain my cyst around 11 weeks ago and it's still not all healed.At one point it had over-granulated so took even longer.Now i'm back in work but still going for dressing changes.What are my rights with work of being allowed to go to the clinic because they are putting pressure on me to go back full time.Surely I have a right to take afternoons off when its a medical reason??
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    I have started this problem since last 7 years and then I was not sure what is that as in starting I thought it is just like a normal wound which will be clear by antibiotic and I have started using it but there was no heal.

    I had started Homoepathic mediciene too but there was no result. Finally I have got surgeory after 4 years of this problem and I had dreamed that I will get rid of it but unfortunately it started again on the same area and this time the signs are big.

    Now there is a big area infected and drain is bigger then before.

    I am scared of to go for surgeory once again as it was very painful to change dressing everytime without any pain killer from doctor.

    I wish to get some opinion from the people who are here how to tackle with the problem.

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    I am working abroad and for medical reasons I need to take two months off from my work and I am afraid to tell to my company about problem might they will not fire me coz of this medical issue.
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    I am presently 18. In 2013, when I was of 15, I had 3 sinuses at my back just above the rectum. After consulting the doctor he opted for a surgery. But unfortunately the surgery was unsuccessful. Then, the same doctor consulted us to visit one of his colleagues. After visiting another doctor, he assured us that the antibiotics would heal it. But there was no sign of healing Then in January 2014 , the 2nd doctor drained those holes and again gave the same guarantee. In the mean time there was a discharge of pus and little blood and was paining a lot. Then in march 2014 I had a big plastic surgery. But now, in 2016, I am doing engineering, again pilonidal sinus has been reoccured and it is supposed to get operated in I don't think antibiotics can really heal it. .may be luck is not favouring me

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