My heart just started to race/pound and then came back to normal. Any thoughts?

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I remember this happening to me years ago. I was just sitting watching a movie with my GF at the time and her brother. I think I took a hit of some weed but not a strong puff. Everything was going okay and then out of no where my heart starting to race/pound. I thought I was dying. It slowly came down back to normal. could it be that an anxiety/stress related hormone or chemical was released and caused this sudden shift in my heart rhythm or what?

I had this happen to my yesterday. I was watching Apocalypto and was so into it, like intensely, got real inside my head, was starting to feel real anxious.(A side note ordered KFC) I say that as I know fatty fuids, salt is a trigger especially from junk food like KFC. I have ordered stuff before but nothing happened. Anyways

all of a sudden I noticed a pattern shift in my heart like a micro second of irregularity and then it went full on fast, pounding for 2-3 minutes. I breathed and splashed cold water on my face and it went down gradually to normal. No other symptoms like dizziness or chest pain or anything.

I was like really feeling anxious. I have stress/anxiety problem and am doing things to mitigate it like workout everyday, eat right(Just had a cheat meal yesterday) meditate . I haven't been hydrated as well as I should have been. Drinking a lot of coffee/tea but they are decaf

I did some research and a doctor said Afib is a sudden onset of a fast heartbeat or irregularly heart beat followed by a sudden return to normal.

A panic attack he said, the heartbeat comes down slowly. That was my case.

Wondering if anyone experienced this and what can I do to prevent this from happending again. what do you think, was it the anxiety or was it the KFC ?

I have no other symptoms, workout like a savage and don't even get flustered or out of breath, I don't drink, I don['t smoke, etc I'm just have a lot of stuff on the go in my life but not too much but I noticed that when I get inside of my head as I did yesterday I feel like impending doom. Maybe I should just chill more and relax ..


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    I had something similar happen to me twice. Once was definitely anxiety related and the other was from having too many stimulants in my body including red bull and strong coffee. They are very scary. I had my heart checked out by a cardiologist and he said my hearts fine. I didn't have an episode when I had my holter but my heart was always in normal rhythm which is key for things like this. I was told it was a tachycardia episode induced once by stress and the other by stimulants. I choose to avoid stimulants now other then a cup of coffee in the morning. Sounds like yours was like mine. A tachycardia episode. Staying hydrated is definitely key as well. Always good to drink a lot of water. It's good for the heart. Hope this helps.

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      Yes I was lacking in water intake

      Aso had a tone of coffee too

      I will only have one coffee, drink decaf tea , herbal

      lots of water now

      and sleep better and also just hill out more.

      Thanks a lot.

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      no problem I also get the whole being super into something like lately I've been playing call of duty a lot because of this pandemic and I haven't played in like 5 years so I get super into it and my heart rate goes up to 105-110 during it. That can also cause a tachycardia episode. Whenever your heart rate goes over 100 you're more susceptible to things like this happening.

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    Have you had any tests like a 7 day holter monitor? If you just had the experience after smoking weed it wouldn't be a concern, but if it us a more regular thing that is happening, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. If you have been eating healthy and you had a cheat day, your body may have been reacting to the salt, fat or sugar in the soda maybe. Also anxiety can cause surges of adrenaline which can cause these symptoms. A lot of people are feeling anxious at the moment and you can pick up on other peoples anxieties sometimes too. Keep a diary of your symptoms if you get them again and see if there is a pattern. When everything calms down with corona, visit your doctor to ask for some tests if this continues.

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      Hi it's not regular. I only had this happen to me like 12 years ago.

      Like the fast, pouding heart rate. Just felt a surge of adrenaline, anxiety

      and it started and lasted for 3-4 min and then slowed down after I breathed and splashed cold water on my face which activates the vagus nerve I hear.

      I also drank lots of coffee, was anxious all day, had that fatty dinner so maybe

      I'll reduce caffeine, just drink one cup of coffee, the rest just tea or decaf coffee, herbal tea,

      reduce salt intake and drink more water.


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