My (hopefully) brief molluscum experience

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Just want to share my experience with people in the hope some of you may find it helpful. When I first realised I had molluscum the seemingly never ending stories of people who are struggling with it was very worrying - its only been a week so far but touch wood I appear to have vanquished it fairly easily so hopefully this can be of some help.

Sorry if there is some graphic info here. 

I first noticed about 3 molluscum spots a week ago when i trimmed the hair in my pubic region. I thought "these are weird looking spots" and I tried to squeeze two of them. Obviously they didn't pop like spots and there was a lot of bleeding and a very solid 'pus' core that I extracted with my fingers (don't do this - I was lucky and I don't think I managed to spread them - I actually did some quick research and panicked that I had herpes so I immediately put some drops of tea tree oil on the areas I popped as read that this kills the herpes virus, which I'm guessing is what stopped them from spreading).

The next morning I did a detailed inspection of the surrounding area and noticed I had about 15-20 of them towards the top of my legs and around my groin. Don't know how long I have had this for to get that many. I have a feeling that it may have multiplied a bit faster than usual as the past few weeks I've been under a bit of stress and also been working far too much and not sleeping anywhere near enough. The biggest one was maybe 2.5mm in diameter. Luckily none on my genitals, just the surrounding groin area and top of my legs.. Pretty sure I got this from sex. No idea who, there were two possibilities and they are both denying it so either one or both of them are lying. 

Anyway I spent the rest of the day researching and realised it was molluscum... I saw a lot of information on the web about ACV, tea tree oil etc but I noticed every now and again somebody would say they just squeezed them and they didn't come back. I read one story in particular of a mother who's child had had them twice - the first time 6 years ago the doctor recommended squeezing and disinfecting. At that time she got rid of them no problem, however the most recent time the doctor advised against squeezing and this time she was really struggling to remove them from her daughter.

So I decided to basically set up my own surgery in my bathroom! Tweezers, rubbing alcohol, cotton wool bud, plasters (band-aids for you americans) and hydrogen peroxide. I meticuluously went through each molluscum spot and squeezed the core out. To do this I put the tweezers either side of the spot and pushed down (not squeezed) as much as I can so that the white spot was popping up as much as possible. I then squeezed and pulled out the core. I made sure I got the entire area of waxy white core out. Some of them bled a fair bit and I think it will take a few weeks for the cuts to completely heal (some of them are almost un-noticeable now - but the ones that bled most are still red). Once I had the waxy core out I dabbed on the squeezed molluscum spot, first with a normal cotton bud, then with a cotton but soaked in alcohol (also around the immediate area) and then i put a small piece of dry cotton bud over the spot and put a plaster on top to stop it bleeding and spreading. I wiped the tweezers with some tissue to remove the virus, then rinsed them and then wiped them with some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Repeated this for every spot. I had about 15-20 and I think it took me 1-2 hours. My bum got numb from sitting on the floor for so long cheesygrin ( I also read online that it's better to wear gloves, I probably should have done this but I didn't and just made sure to regularly wash my hands with the rubbing alcohol)

The next day I again checked carefully with a bright light and found a small one that either I had missed or it had been unnoticeably small the day before and had grown a little bit. I repeated the same thing. 

Next day I checked again and noticed one had started growing a millimeter or two from one of the ones I had squeezed. I guess in this spot I hadn't sterilized the area properly and the virus spread. So again I repeated the same thing being super careful not to let it spread again. 

Next night I noticed another  small spot and squeezed it, however I think that one was just paranoia and a normal pimple not a molluscum pimple as there wasn't really a waxy core. Since then I have been checking all over the area and surrounding area twice a day with a very bright light and I haven't seen any new ones. I'm hoping that this means they are gone as everything I read online says that once you destroy the pimples the virus is gone as it doesn't live on your skin. Also the fact that the new one that I had spread appeared within 2 days of popping the original it makes me think if I was going to see any new ones appearing I would have seen them by now. 

This is not for the faint hearted, I basically set up my own operating studio and physically extracted each molluscum from its core but it appears to be going well so far. 4 days since my last spot and a week since I noticed. I will updated again in another week. 

Side note  - I've also been taking a multivitamin and a zinc tablet every day as well as eating a lot more fruit and veg than usual hopefully to give my immune system a bit of a boost.

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    Have you still got marks from where you’ve popped them?
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      Yes, but it has only been 5-6 days since popping most of them. There are 4-5 marks that have pretty much faded already and you wouldn't notice unless looking for them. There are 2/3 (the bigger ones/ones I was more violent with) that still have pretty obvious scabs that I think will take a bit longer to heal but the rest just look a little red.. not super noticeable, I think they'll be also be very hard to notice in a weeks time.

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    1 month later...

    So just over 4 weeks I tweezered out the molluscum and about 3.5 weeks since I saw the last bump. Checked every day for the first 2 weeks and nothing. Slowly started checking less. Last time I checked was 4 days ago and nothing. Today I look and I see 3 (maybe 4 - got paranoid about a red mark so squeezed it anyway no idea if it was a molluscum bump or an innocent blemish) of them defiantly staring at my in the reflection from my phone light. All small ones, luckily so not much bleeding this time and I am sure they will heal up quickly. Went back to work with the tweezers again. 

    Two theories about where they came from maybe someone can enlighten me:

    1 - one of them was a bit further back behind my leg towards one of my buttock. I might have missed it before or it might not have been there I'm not sure. This one could have been missed and then over the month spread to make the other two grow. I felt like an absolute weirdo in the bathroom squatting over a mirror trying to see if there were any others around there (luckily not)

    2- Contrary to a lot of comments on forums I've read, the virus isn't actually gone when all the bumps are gone. It lives in the skin until your immune system recognizes it. Tried to search this to find the answer but couldn't really find anything.

    No chance that I reinfected myself I haven't seen either of those two girls since.

    Also in terms of the scarring from a month ago, out of all of the ones I did there are only 2 or 3 red marks left and those were the biggest ones maybe about 4mm diameter when I tweezered them out. I think they might be gone in a few weeks (hopefully). However, I'm a guy and I have hair there, if you are a girl the unnoticeable red marks for me might show up a bit more on hairless skin 

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