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Hi everyone! For starters I am a Victim of Chronic pelvic pain/Fibromyalgia for 8 years now.  I have been seeing a Pelvic Pain Specialist Who is also an OB/GYN for appx 8 years, but this particular Dr for only 3 of those 8 years. 

Six months ago I had a Bartholin gland/werd catheter “in office” surgery performed. It was probably the size of a small hen egg. It had not gotten infected yet, but definitely became tender during intercourse and during walking and some sitting positions. I knew I needed to have something done with it before I reached the point of no return. 

A month prior to having the surgery done, I spoke with the medical assistant  of my “pelvic pain specialist/OB/GYN” to find out what this surgery consisted of.  First thing I asked was “Will I Be numb before being cut on?” She explained I would be numb “local anesthesia” then proceeded to explain the remaining of the procedure, as if she had been present to assist my doctor in many of these surgeries in the past. In my opinion, she obviously knew what she was talking about.  

After speaking with my Drs medical assistant I spoke with my Dr and he explained how the surgery would be performed and what to expect. He actually wanted to do it “that day”. However, I came alone to my appointment and wasn’t sure if I would be available to drive myself home afterwards so I postponed the surgery for the next following appointment for the next month. 

For starters, I have a terrorizing fear of needles, and suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorder. So you can only imagine how terrified I was the entire month leading up to my surgery. 

A FYI!!!! I AM A BIG TIME GOOGLER! I google everything! I ask questions about question lol. So you can imagine how busy I got on the internet the month before my surgery. I found this website(Patient) and read many blogs, read about some nightmares(bless that poor ladies heart who was out of the country on her honeymoon when she was stricken with excruciating pain from her BG(Bartholin Gland). Anyway, I even found a few YouTube videos showing this BG surgery up close and personal. I don’t recommend those videos if you’re Squeamish! But, I had to know exactly what I was dealing with. Every website, every blog, every video showed local anesthesia being used before proceeding with this surgery.   

So after many “Talk ups” to myself, I convinced myself that once I was numb(OMG NEEDLES!), the rest would be Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

But how wrong I was!!! 

June 1st 2017, (one month to the day from my 41st bday), was my surgery date, and it seemed to come upon me faster than Christmas. I had a feeling of dread and anxiety the entire month leading up to this date, but I knew I had to do this before this problem really became a PROBLEM!!! 

My husband took off work to take me for my appointment, he’s just awesome like that! 

NOTE! NEVER GO ALONE  or BE ALONE when you are having a surgical procedure performed. Not because you need the moral support, or someone to drive you home, but as an EYE WITNESS!!! 

We arrive for the appointment and are called back to the examination room. My Drs Medical Assistant comes in and weighs me and checks my blood pressure as she always does. She tells me to “undress from the waist down” while handing me a small sheet to cover myself with. We speak very briefly again about the surgery and again she says again “A local anesthesia will be administered”. 

At this point, I am beginning to feel clammy and sweaty causing the back of my legs and butt cheeks to start sticking to that thin table paper. Don’t we all just hate that stuff?!?!? 

My doctor walks in and greets my husband and myself, his medical assistant follows him shortly after. My Dr pulls out the stirrups at the end of the table and suggests that I slide all the way down to the end of the table. I slide down, while all that moist paper is sticking to my buttcheeks (how embarrassing!), then I place my feet inside the sock covered stirrups.  He grabs his very bright floor lamp, that I can literally feel the warmth of the light bulb on my butt cheeks and he shines it in my direction “Down There”. 

While laying on the table I can hear his medical assistant gathering the tools and supplies needed for this surgery to be performed. My husband is standing beside me at my head, holding my hand. The Dr. sits in his roll around chair and proceeds to peep under the sheet at my “WAHOO!”. I feel him insert his fingers to the right side of Bartholin Gland while pulling it in an outward position exposing it to be fully viewed. At this point, I begin sweating profusely, like I was stranded in The Sahara Desert! My husband grabs me several tissue to wipe my face. I hear the Dr request tools etc from his assistant, then he says “It’s gonna be a Big Pinch!!!” I held my breath, squeezed my husbands hand, while squeezing my eyes as tightly closed as I could, awaiting the local anesthesia needle to penetrate the raw flesh of my “WAHOO”. THEN IT HAPPENED!!! OMGGGG THE PAIN!!!! I raised my head up and asked “Was that the anesthesia?” My Dr explained “No that was me puncturing the gland with the scalpel, Anesthesia would hurt just as bad as the actual puncture!” 

I AM IN A STATE OF SHOCK!!! I could feel my blood rolling down my buttcheek, All I wanted was off of that table and to go HOME!!!!  I explained to the Dr. that “I no longer want to proceed if I cannot be numb down there!” He explained “Its too late to stop now, he had to finish!” I think tears began to roll out the side of my eyes at this time, while I looked “WIDE EYED” at my husband in TOTAL DISBELIEF AS TO WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME!!! I knew I still had to endure more excruciating  pain of the “Werd Catheter” insertion and inflation.  

The dread, my anxiety, my fears, were all on high alert of knowing I had to lay there even longer and endure the rest of this surgery. I felt like I had just been robbed of my own voice because no one was listening to me! 

He is maneuvering the end of this  Werd Catheter attempting to insert it inside the punctured wound opening he created with his scalpel. I am literally GRITTING MY TEETH while SQUEEZING MY EYES AS TIGHT AS THEY COULD CLOSE, while SQUEEZING my husbands hand, thinking to myself “Just A Little Longer!”This Will Soon Be Over!” . The Dr finally realizes the punctured opening, he created in my Bartholin Gland wasn’t large enough to insert the end of the Werd Catheter so he requests a set of hemmostats from his medical assistant. So his medical assistant walks around to the other side of the exam table near my head and removes the hemostats from the drawer inside my exam table, then she passes the tool off to the Dr. At this point I have no idea what is going on but I could sense there was a problem.  The Dr. peeps back under my sheet and inserts the hemostats inside my puncture wound and stretches it wider so the end of the  Werd Catheter will now fit inside the puncture wound. I could literally feel myself stretch and rip. I literally felt like I was going to come up out of my skin! I just asked myself “How Much Longer Was This Going To Last?!” 

The Dr. finally inserts the Werd Catheter into the Punctured Wound of my (BG), then he inflates the bulb of the catheter with saline by inserting a needle of a syringe into the opposite end of the catheter. This created even more pain as I felt the bulb grow larger with saline, expanding the size inside of my Bartholin Gland. 

I was able to raise up from the exam table, I could see my blood on the floor, as well as the sheet I had covering myself from the waist down. The exam paper I was laying on was in shreds and also bloody. The Dr. then began explaining aftercare instructions which I had no idea what he was even saying until I heard him mention I could even have sex with this catheter inside of my (BG) and he didn’t say it with a smile on his face or a laugh in his voice. I specifically stated “He had nothing to worry about there, that was the last thing that would be on my mind for the 2 weeks of having this catheter hanging out of me.  He told me I could get dressed and go then he walked out of the room. The Drs. Medical Assistant walked in my room to bring me a maxi pad to wear home. I looked at his medical assistant dead in the eyes with what felt like a shocked, disappointed look on my face and said “I thought you said he would use a local anesthesia to numb me up first????” She looks at me in a very disbelief look on her face and shrugged her shoulders at me and said “I don’t know, he usually does!” then she walked out of the exam room.  I had My husband to help me put my panties and jogging pants back on, but I couldn’t sit down to even put on my tennis shoes, so I walked out of the drs office in my socks with my shoes in my hand. 

I will NEVER understand how Doctor who Specializes in Chronic Pelvic Pain would cause a patient who he treats for this disorder to go through something this traumatic. I honestly didn’t realize how emotionally disturbing this was for me until I began typing out my horrifying experience to you. I didn’t just shed tears as I was putting this in Black and white for you, I literally bawled like a baby, dramatically sobbing, hyperventilating! I’m still in shock today! I feel betrayed, my trust taken advantage of, and DAMAGED!!! 

The Dr. didn’t prescribe any antibiotics and also didn’t prescribe any additional pain medications for me to take on top of the pain medications he writes for me every month in order to treat my chronic pelvic pain nor did he alter my dosage as far as being able to take something for pain every 4-6 hours instead of every 6-8 hours as I am originally prescribed. 

The drive home was torture, the vibrations from my SUV’s engine running was antagonizing not to mention any bumps or railroad tracks that had to be crossed over in order to get me home. Had I had local anesthesia maybe the ride homecoming wouldn’t have ave been so bad. I would have still been numb to feelings. 

The entire time this catheter was placed inside me, appx 2 weeks, I could not sit, stand, walk, and laying was even painful. Going to the restroom to pee pee burned like a coal of fire and wiping anywhere near the catheter was painful. Literally touching the catheter itself was excruciating painful. 

The next night I began to run a low grade fever and the smell “down there” didn’t seem to be normal so I callled the after hours line at the drs office and spoke to the Dr. on call. She was hateful, rude, and had no bedside manner. She even hung up on me, causing me to have to call back a 2nd time. She was argumentative with me about what temperature constitutes a fever, and finally asked “Are u just looking for an Antibiotic?!” In such a rude unprofessional tone of voice. I said “YES! that’s the entire reason for my call, I’d rather treat myself than not in case I am trying to get an infection!”  God only knows I didn’t want any setbacks to recovery from this particular surgery.  After I hung up the phone with the Dr. on call, I thought to myself “I bet she thought I was seeking narcotic pain medications” that’s why I was being treated so disrespectfully. 

Ever since this Dr done this to me, I have experienced anxiety, dread, mistrust, anger, and feel belittled upon seeing this Dr once a month. My blood pressure is always high when I see him because I stress over having to come to see him each month. Shortly after this surgery occurred, I have noticed a lot of unprofessionalism and a poor bed side manner. I almost feel like he is doing certain quirky things in regards to my medications in order for me to leave his Practice. So a couple weeks ago I found a woman dr. Who treats chronic pelvic pain who I have an appointment with at the end of the month. Please wish me luck that she will take me on as her patient. I Never want to see this Drs. Face again! 

So, here I am, a chronic pelvic pain patient of his “STILL”, 6+ months later, who must rely on his care, so I am not suffering from pelvic pain or withdrawal symptoms of pain medications. I can’t only hope someone will hear my cry, and give me a opportunity to Trust again. Finding A dr. this day in time who will prescribe and treat chronic pain is so hard to come by especially in this “Opioid Crisis” our country is experiencing. But, I am moving forward and trying to make some medical changes. Thank you for listening to me. Angela 

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    Best of Luck i hope she is better for you because the other doctor is so unprofessional and i woukd report his behavior and poor bedside manner because you can not be to sure how many others he is doing that too. And as for the bartholin cyst gland surgery he was wrong on many levels the only time they do not numb you is if you have already been numb and it didnt work he was supposed to numb you. You would have still felt it all the same but at least they would have attempted to numb you.

    Best of luck with the new doctor hopefully she is lovely.

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      Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate you chiming in more than you know! I hope this will help the next person to be more aware of what is happening with their bodies during surgery time. I would have given anything for a “do-over”. 
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    Dear Angela,

    My heart goes out to you. This entire message seems like it was pulled from my own experience. I know the pain of having an a-hole of a doctor not give two pennies about your pain. I learned a long time ago that when I have this issue going on, I always request a female doctor. I feel that a woman can sympathize with another woman especially when it comes to cutting up her most sensitive lady parts! I've had some amazing women tend to me. And those Werd catheters, I swear have to have been developed by a man. A woman would NEVER invent such non-sense. Those things cause more pain than do good. I've only had that twice and it cause me so much pain that I refuse them now. I just don't see the purpose of it.

    I had a similar situation the last time I had my drainage procedure done, 7 months ago. I guess that particular day I arrived at Kaiser, it just so happen to be Show and Tell Day.  Here I am lying on my back in agonizing pain anxious and dreading this procedure when ER doctors start trickling in one by one, asking what I'm here for then taking a peek at my lady parts only to walk out later assuring me a doctor would be with me.

    This woman doctor, who sacheyed in maybe an hour later, wearing Barbie pink stilettos and a bringing female friend to boot, again asked what I was there for (it really p***es me off that I have to explain my situation repetitively). She gets her self all covered up in protective gear then brings out the needle. This is my most hated part,  when the local anesthesia is pushed into my already swollen and irritated area, it feels like hot lava. So here I am screaming and scooting away from the needle while the doctor's irritatingly tells me to stop moving.

    The scalpel cuts my skin and immediately I can feel the instant relief of my gland being drained. However, as I'm lying there she just walks out. That's it. No goodbye, no cleaning me up with gauze pads, she didn't pack the area with gauze, she didn't prescribe any antibiotics nor any pain medication. I honestly didn't know she had left until a male nurse came in telling me I could get dressed.

    Now, I've been going through this since 2004 so I know the drill pretty well. I know what I need in order to be able to survive comfortably, or as close to it, for the next week following this procedure. Antibiotics for starters, strong pain medicine to take now so that it'll kick in before that anesthesia wear off (honey when I tell you if you haven't demanded pain medicine and taken it before leaving you will be in severe pain. That seated position, the ride home, then having to get out of the car are what horror movies are made of!) and some for the pain afterwards, lastly I need gauze so that I can pack my wound plus some to take home. 

    The way this doctor just walked out on me leaving me like that hurt my already bruised ego. 

    I truly hope this new doctor accepts you as a new patient. May she be exactly what you need to restore your trust. I can only imagine how it must feel having to see his face every month after what he did to you. 

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      Oh Thank you for your reply! Finally, someone understands me! Finally someone can empathize with me! I am so deeply sorry for the agonizing pain and insensitive nature these so called “professionals” treated you. I honestly wish these people could be placed in our bodies for the 30-60 minutes it took for them to cause the antagonizing pain, mistrust, and RAGING ANGER they created within our souls. I have tried to handle this in a legal manner, but seriously, what attorney is going to take my case? Who is going to push out the big bucks for a medical expert  to say “Standard Medical Care” was not established in my case? I guess we lose our voices and our rights as a patient when we must rely on these Butchers to care for our health. 
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    Oh my goodness this could be me! Saw my GP 10am who diagnosed a very deep BC and rang the hospital to get me admitted. I was seen by 1130. The doctor basically said its a BC either we schedule theatre and a general or we do it now with local. I asked which was best and he kinda shrugged. I decided to avoid the general and get it over with.

    I had gone alone as I'd just come straight from the doctors office. Hubby had asked if I wanted him to leave work and come but the doctor assured me that it was a 5 minute thing then I could drive home...

    I'm on the bed, legs in stirrups. He checks his equipment. Oh there's only one vial of local. He sends the nurse to get another "want to make sure you're completely numb first!!!".

    He reminds me the lady who called will sting but then I won't feel anything. I brace myself. Yup there it is - searing agony. OK it'll go numb in a second. Then it hits, pain I can only describe as exquisite. Deep inside. I scream - the nurse says it's OK to swear (!). The doctor looks confused - you can feel that??? YES. I yell-writhing on the bed. OK give it a minute and we'll try again. OK must be numb now. He goes for it plunging the scalpel in again and cutting in. I scream, vomit then pass out.

    I come round to hear the nurse say to the doctor "did you mean to use this local first?"...

    They then inject the local - more torture and finish up. I'm left to get up off the bed, clean myself (so much better blood!!!). He prescribes antibiotics and sends me home. All I have is a phone number to call. No aftercare instructions.

    5 days the catheter stayed in. 5 agonising days. I couldn't get out of bed. It came out fully inflated by itself overnight day 5. I rang the number. I had to go back in. Hubby took me. I was so scared of what they'd do. The lump was still there. A different doctor saw me and changed my antibiotics as they were "no good". Told me to go back in a week. Tomorrow is that day. I have been told not to eat incase they take me to theatre as the lump is still there - not so big but still there.

    So scared.


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