My husband has just stared this medication

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hi my husband has just started this medication tonight, he's on 15mg at night to start with.. He's been diagnosed with PDS and depression with suicidie thoughts.

hes never been on any antidepressants and I don't know too much about them.. 

is there anything I need to look out for or need to know while he is taking this mirt ? 

Thanks heaps 

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    Keep an eye on him and get him to talk

    Meds take a bit of time to kick in

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    Did you mean PTDS?   I have not heard of PDS.   The most problematic but not that common side effect - and this is true of most antidepressants - is an increase in suicidal thoughts.   I never had this when I went on it though.   In fact I never had any side effects going on this med...  just trying to get off it!  lol.   Mirtazapine is one of just two first line recommended meds for PTSD.   It worked well for me.   My decision to get off was after 6 years it started making me dopey all day.   Oh, yeah, it's normal on this med to feel dopey in the morning, which is why you take it at night.   "Midnight snacking" is very common and most people experience some degree of weight gain.   The cravings seem to be for sugar but for myself I could get rid of them by eating any heathy snack.
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    Just keep an eye on him it takes about 4 to 6 weeks before it kicks in he, will have bad days and good days then he will get more good days than bad days he will get there
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    Hi Paula

    During the frist day he will feel drowsy when he wakes, struggle to get motivated, and shouldn't really drive if so, I would think 90% of people have this as an 'uptake' symptom.  Over the course of the first week it may improve greatly, but as such some people find it a struggle to go to work.  

    He may well have bizarre dreams that seem very real, not frightening as such, I found them intriguing !  And he will be loving his food, and probably crave rubbish.  Most people gain weight and I too was unlucky with that ggrrr.

    I havn't read of many who have increased "nasty unhelpful thoughts - the 'S' word, I think people get frightened when they read AD's may increase these thoughts, but they have to be written, to cover everything legally !  Some have an upset stomach with a change in colour/odour of their pee (me too at the beginning).  

    I think its worth a mention, I'm sure you must be beyond worried about the 'S' thoughts ~ bear in mind that this is a symptom of depression, along with many more symptoms such as insomnia, inability to eat, anxiety etc ... it is not a case of actually wanting to do it ~ I found it a comfort when I read that in a book.

    I hope your husband finds Mirt' helps him, it was very good for me at a very difficult time back in 2014 when I found I couldn't cope.  I am slowly tapering off now, and its worth remembering that a taper should be very slow because WD can be difficult from this med.  Also worth a mention, should your husband find that the 15 mg helps him, it is most helpful for sleep and contains a slow release sedative that lasts a good part of the following day, tell him not to bother going up to 30mg because quite a lot of people struggle with it.  The lower doses are usually prescribed for anxiety and insomnia, the higher (30mg & 45mg) for depression ~ but if the 15mg helps sleep & anxiety it might be enough and may save further distress.

    Ask away any questions, happy to help.  I have found this forum very helpful and followed it gathering info' ready for a taper plan.

    Wishing you both well 

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      Thankyou Calmer, yes all info is very helpful to 'me' right now, 

      my husband has been off work now for a few months due to the stress of ihis job .. he puts on a very good front most days but falls at a drop of a hat. 

      Hes under a number of docs and councilor trying to help him, however I'm  the one he does not talk to or want to talk to,,, go figure hey ! 

      He only tells me bits on his really bad days, one that he has tried to take his life twice since December .. Which this he only told me, last week ! 

      As if been told, I just have to sit on the back burner and wait for him to talk  which I'm finding extremely hard..

      after him having a very bad melt yesterday, the docs finally gave him an choice, meds or hospital, the meds won ! 

      Hence me, trying to learn all I can


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      So sorry Paula, men (present company accepted, of course).  My husband os the same, he can't tell me his troubles really.  

      I hope Mirt' helps him, he may well need to go up in the doses for the full benefit for depression, but watch if if the doc' says to go to 30 mg - it might to step up to 22.5 mg first for a week or two and then the 30 as it can throw the system.

      Whatever he does, its a real bad idea to just 'stop' Mirt as there are real bad withdrawal effects.  

      I so feel for the people in the workplace today, the pressure is enormous, and so many people are going down with stress related

      dis-ease ... my husband has just taken early retirement, before they broke him in two - now what can I do with him haha!

      Best wishes x

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    Hi Paula 

    I was on mirt it helped massively at the beginning but after three months I'd gained 2 stone which made me worse and my partner had said I was somewhat vacant. As I say at first I didn't mind feeling numb and vacant as he put it cause I needed something to take away what I was feeling however three months on and insomnia was creeping back in and anxiety levels were rising again. I ended up coming off them I did cold turkey and had no real side effects (obviously someone that was extremely lucky) 

    I know how difficult it is to feel like you're on the back burner and wondering why he rarely talks to you but it's shame and protection. It's hard to admit to people you love that you're struggling that you want to take your life because you don't want them to suffer, he's protecting you from it or I can imagine that's what's going on in his mind. It makes you feel worthless not like a proper person and the last thing he wants is to cause you any pain or misery or even hurt you. 

    Things will get better in time it's just a very bumpy road to travel down but eventually those bumps will become less. 


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