My IBS is ruining my life please help me cope

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So I want to tell my story about my IBS because I'm stuck and don't know what to do anymore so please, please don't judge me and take this seriously.

It might be a bit long I will try my best to keep it as short as possible.

I am currently 15 years old, in April 2015 I has off school for a half a week with a stomach bug causing me to have really bad diarrhoea. The week after when I was back at school my stomach was still hurting. A couple weeks later after half term I went back to school but every single morning it felt like I needed to poop but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't. On weekends I got up later at around 11 am and then at that time I could poop. I basically found out that every morning it felt like I needed toilet but I couldn't go until around 11 am. It was horrible but nothing compared to how I am now.

It got slightly better around June, July time then during my 6-7 weeks off school for summer I was mostly ok because I got up later. Problem was that towards the end of the holiday I went to stay in London for half a week and whilst I was there I was getting up early again. Now this is where I made a weird mistake. When I got to the hotel room after a day of not going I went but it was really hard and no matter how much I wiped it wasn't cleaning (I've been using baby wipes to wipe since around the start of 2015). For some stupid reason I decided to try and stick my finger covered in a wipe inside to see if I could get what was left out, please don't judge me I know it's weird and not normal but please listen. I realised at that point how unclean the inside is and ever since then I've been addicted to wiping inside because I know how unclean it is and I'm scared of it potentially leaking out. I will say now I have generalised anxiety disorder and slight OCD and I am receiving therapy to help me. Well I had some kind of diarrhoea on that trip but it wasn't too bad but ever since then I've cleaned inside. Please don't judge me it's a real problem.

I started school again in September and well it was still bad, the thing where I couldn't go in a morning was no longer happening but I don't like going in a morning because I just don't have time. I normally went when I got home from school and would stay there for an hour plus and every day it was different, either constipation or diarrhoea. Throughout October I got some small piles and after multiple doctors appointments I used different creams that worked. I tried a bunch of different tablets to try and fix my awful bowels but nothing helped I tried everything from buscopan to mebeverine and nothing worked. Sometimes there was blood from the piles or anal fissures.

In December I went to Russia on a school trip. Just before that when I was wiping I noticed some weird mucus type stuff towards the end of wiping and I wasn't emptying my entire bowels at once I was going multiple times. Whilst in Russia the poor food made it worse, over Christmas it didn't get much better and it got to a point where I was spending 3 hours in the toilet going multiple times every day. Since I started back in school in the new year it has gotten to an all time worst. Every morning when I get up my stomach hurts and I can hear gas gurgling in my rectum not my stomach but I'm scared to fart incase I follow through.

Ever morning I need to go it no longer feels like I need to go now I have to go and because I don't have the time to spend hours on the toilet going multiple times in a morning I hold it in all day which is awful. When I do go it's normally very lose and I still go multiple times and this mucus stuff is there when I'm wiping. It's sticky and weird. I've tried laxatives to empty my bowel all at once and it didn't work, I've tried probiotics they just made it worse. My doctor has referred me to a pedestrian at the hospital who I will see in April but until then I don't know how I'm supposed to cope, I'm really stressed out with my GCSEs and I don't get much sleep on school days and I waste hours everyday on the toilet in pain.

A couple weeks ago I was off school because I went toilet 15 times in one day but it was diarrhoea, it looked as if I'd gone for the first time every time, I was pooping so much and had no idea why. I had blood tests and the only things they found is slightly high level of chemicals in my liver. Whilst I was off school last week for half term I was going toilet twice a day, I was going around 2 am and 2 pm and both times I would be there for two hours.

I'm back at school now and I don't have the time to spend so long at the toilet. I'm going so much over and over again and it's ruining my life. I just want a way to cope until I go to the hospital, someone please help me find a way to cope. The mucus now leaks slightly if I don't clean the inside so until I stop that happening I can't break my habit of cleaning inside. Please help me how do I cope it's a living hell for me for hours every single day.

I'm really sorry this is so long but I need help desperately. Thanks for reading.

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    Hi don't be embarrassed as we're not here to judge were all in the same boat.

    I'm 33 and have had this since I was about 18 so I've tried a lot of things. In the last few years I've looked up a lot of stuff to do with it as it got worse 1 thing I will say is that you defiantly need to change your eating look up FODMAP on the Internet it's really helpful also I hope you have been to the doctor and told them what you have told us.

    In the summer I started having something similar to what you were saying blood and mucous they did did some stool samples which came back high so I had to have a colonoscopy which is a camera up your annual into your intestines I'm awaiting results this week. I think you should speak to the doctors and your parents about having this done as there are some things they can only find but having that.

    Good luck try to let it stress you as it makes it worse, keep us updated.

    All the best x

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    Ask your doctor about IBS.  Mucus in stools and having difficulty cleaning yourself after a motion can be signs of irritable bowel along with diarrhoea, constipation and stomach pain.  I started with constipation, stomach pain, nausea and loose stools which were very hard to clean.  I had an ultrasound, stool tests, a urine sample and a celiac test.  All were negative and I didn't need a colonoscopy.  IBS was diagnosed after 3 and a half months and eight doctors.

    Sometimes IBS can start after a stomach infection or food intolerance.  Stress is a major factor as well.

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    Sorry that was meant to say try NOT to let it stress you* also I got diagnosed with IBM after about 2 years of the symptoms started but as I said all theses yeas later and it's got worse so try and be tested now for as much as possible that way it's clears everything else.
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    Thanks for the replies so far, I was actually told by the doctor I have IBS in November last year but he's only just referee me now to a pedestrian since it has gotten worse.

    The blood isn't really a problem any more at least not recently but the mucus definitely is.

    I had a stool sample tested I think in October and they found nothing wrong with it but my stools look a lot different now compared to how they where back then.

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      That's good to hear you been to the doctor.

      It's not a easy thing to get used to to whatever age you are, it will get easier with time you just have to learn what triggers it. Definitely have a look at FODMAP I think it could be really helpful to you.

      Take care

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    My age is 15 btw.

    I've actually looked at FODMAP before but I didn't think much off it, I kept a food diary for about a month to see if I could fine certain triggers but I wasn't able to really find anything, maybe would have been better if I kept doing it for longer.

    Thanks for all the replies it really does help I'm just sick of how awful it is.

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      Yeah I understand that I couldn't find what a lot of triggers were which is very frustrating as I could eat something today today and be fine then have it next week and it not agree with me.

      I found the FODMAP quite helpful cos lots of stuff I thought were ok to eat turned out to be triggers I didn't go by it word for word as everyone is different.

      It is awful but you really do learn how to work with it after a while. I wish you all the best.

      Your welcome hope it helped a little.

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    Stress and anxiety will make ibs worse.

    This is a difficult time for you because of exams etc.

    You could try taking COLPERMIN. You can buy them from the chemist or get them on prescription.

    Take care and keep in touch

    Praying for you


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      I am actually taking colpermin every so often before I go to school. It slightly helps with the pain but doesn't help with when I actually go toilet. Thanks for the suggestion though I really appreciate it.
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    Last night and today if I go toilet and do so much as fart a tiny bit then mucus comes out. I'm starting to get really scared. Please help me.
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    Bananas are very good as a binding agent if you are having diarrhoea as long you are not intolerant to them. You could also try Imodium.  Don't worry about how your stools look.  Mine looked different at the beginning of my IBS and I was very worried at first.  I then read that everyone with Irritable Bowel panicks about this but in reality there is nothing to fear because stools come in all shapes and sizes.  As long as you don't have bleeding, or unexpected, rapid weight loss, then there is nothing to worry about.

    Although it is very difficult, try not to get anxious because it will make your symptoms worse. While waiting for tests, results and a diagnosis,I started getting loose stools and my pain was at its peak.   Once I got answers, my symptoms improved. Since your doctor has diagnosed IBS, this should be be an enormous relief to you.  I think the reason for your increase in symptoms could be your exams and waiting for further medical appointments.

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      I do sometimes take Imodium if the diarrhoea gets bad. It isn't always diarrhoea it switches between the 2 all the time. For example yesterday I got home from school with a really loose poop then late at night when I went again it was really hard and difficult to pass. This mucus is a massive problem though and I have no idea what to do. It hurts a lot I'm too scared to fart incase the mucus comes out and that does nothing but make the pain worse but I would rather have that than mucus leaking out.
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      Passing mucus is very common with IBS especially if diarrhoea is your main symptom.  The only thing I can suggest is to wrap a wad of toilet paper around the inside of your underwear to catch the mucus.  Do you get the mucus when constipated?

      I don't get this symptom but there may be others on this forum who do and have better tricks to deal with it.  Have you asked your doctor for any tips?


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    Hi tommyteen

    Ive just read ur story and all good comments from other suffers. Like u many a day i feel ur pain, as im both. Fear of cant go having awlful pains n build up to then the next its flowing!! Plus all other symptoms as well on top.But what u got to rem is ur not alone, were all here to support n help/tips to make this unknown condition life bearable for us all. Coz i wouldnt wish it on anyone, As unfortantly it doesnt go away.Only thing can do is find the best way to control not everyone falls in the same bracket. Like u ive suffered with this since 2012. So not going to sugar coat it for u, these are a few points that may help you but some u might have done already,or know. as like u im slowly getting control back to have a norm life again!

    here goes,

    - u need to sort/change ur diet is a must,fresh is always best,n think how is that cooked in what way?? Fried oven boiled. fodmap is a good start to list n check do i eat that.what truggers it off etc as ur gut/bowels still not happy.

    - u feel ur like in a nightmare, groundhog day. U have too much on ur plate. Relax find time to unwide, as yes stress worrys thinking bout it then upsets you more n defo ur body. What u feel is then ur body reacting to it all.upset confised, out of balance.So stop! have a break give urself a break. Make time just to sit n relax. It does help.

    - support, ur not alone. Ibs is getting so common these days the numbers are growing. Best thing for u, again to feel calmer positive at ease is To talk it out, either family some mates or us on here.get it off ur chest sort to speak. But b positive!

    - push push push ur doctors. Finding out now, running the tests will only help u and people around you to get control back to educate urself about UR body. What it likes doesnt like, copes etc then u have control n not suffer so bad years to come, meeting other half soicalise going out uni maybe??

    - on that note, like me the norm over counter stuff is just not working or strong enough. Imodiums pain killers etc. So ask ur doc to try you on.if u want n wish. Either of these, CODEINE these i take 2 a day mornings. It helps stop the belly pains and eurges to run to the loo,it slows down n calms ur muscles in ur gut and bowels as going too fast working overtime. Now doc might say its not a normal thing to take for ibs suffers, i know a few take it.but if it works for you you take, right. And the other one is called. PROCHLORPERAZINE. This is when im having a flare up/attack. Take one It makes u sleepy tho and what ever is upset with ur body at the time will flush it out usually within 30- 60 mins. After that feel fine carry on with the day. Now if u go ahead with any of these the doc will of course advise u n montior the dose as being young u may b on slightly diff amounts. Think like me ur coming to the end of what possible next can do to stop it all after trying loads. So my finally point is.

    - if u havent done or booked yet. Push ur doc for a colonscopy. It can straight away rule out alot and give u good results espcially as ur having trouble with muscus. Its not a nice thing to go through, ive had 2. N if they say cant see anything again this is a common thing for us suffers of ibs. But they will take samples n get that to the lab for more in deepth testing.

    Really hope these words might make a bit of sense/help n not got ur back up. As i hear ur pain loud n clear n just like others find light at end of the tunnel.

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      Thank you so much for replying everything you've wrote is really useful.

      I will talk to my doctor about the medications you recommended as for the colonoscopy well I have mixed feeling about that. I know how beneficial it will be but I'm kinda scared of it. I hate having so much as my parents coming to see the doctor with me so I always go alone and I don't want it to be embarrassing with my parents. I'm also scared of my school friends finding out anything is wrong or that I would have to go to hospital.

      School at the moment is pushing me so much at the moment and it's really stressful but it's one of the most important year of my life and I have to put full effort into it. As for relaxing I own a swim spa and a hot tub which is great for relaxing which is what I used to do but now instead of relaxing in the hot tub in either doing school work or I'm at the toilet.

      My appointment with the paediatrician at the hospital isn't until the start of April but I think I will contact my doctor and try my best to get there sooner.

      For the past few weeks every time I went toilet it was really lose but for some reason for the past 2 days it's been constipation and then after about 20 mins of wiping it's then lose again.

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