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marey here reporting in with my lab results....all interpretations welcome especially if you disagree with the current interpretation of normal ranges:

 vit D                                     56     nmol/L      >50nmol/L sufficient

serum freeT4                        16.2  pmol/L      12-22.00pmol/L

serum free T3                        4. 0   pmo/L        3.10-6.80pmol/L

serum TSH                             5. 1   mu/L          0.27-4.20mu/L    6week *

serum vitamin B12               391     pg/mL        191.00 - 663.00 pg/mL 

serum folate                          11. 6  ng/mL            4.60 -   18.70 ng/mL

serum calcium                         2.10 nmol/L           2.15 -    2.60  mmol/L

serum inorganic phosphate    1.30  mmol/L         0.80 -     1.50  mmol/L

serum total protein                 67      g/L             60.00 -   80.00  g/L

serum albumin                       46      g/L              35.00 -   50.00 g/L

serum bilirubin                         8    umol/L             0.00 -  21.00umol/L

serum ALT level                      22  u/L               <33.00 u/L

serum C reactive protein level  1  mg/L                 0.00 -    5.00mg/L

serum sodium                         140 mmol/L           133.00 - 146 mmol/L

serum potassium                        4.3 mmol/L            3.50  - 5.30mmol/L

serum creatinine                       79   umol/L             44.00 - 80.00umol/L

GFR/MDRD                               64   mL/min 

haemoglobin estimation           136 g/L                  115.00 - 165.00g/L

total white cell count                    5.2 10*9/L              4.00 - 11.0010*9/L

platelet count                            211   10*9/L           150.00 - 400.0010*9/L

mean corpuscular volume           89.0 fL                    80.00 - 100.00fL

mean corpusc. Hb                       29.9 pg                   27.00 - 32.00pg

haematocrit                                   0.405 l/l                  0.37 -   0.47 l/l

red blood cell count                       4.55  10*12/L         3.80 - 5.5010*12/L

mean corpusc. Hb conc              336  g/L                  320.00 - 360.00g/L

red blood cell distrib width             14.7%                     11.00 - 18.00%

mean platelet volume                    11. 6 fL                      4.00 - 20.00fL

neutrophil count                              2.0    10*9/L             1.70 - 7.5010*9/L

lymphocyte                                      2.6                           1.50 - 4.50 

monocyte                                         0.5

eosinophil                                        0.1

basophil                                           0.1

nucleated red blood cell count         0.0

Plasma glucose level                       4.3 mmol/L  

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    Wow, you get results like that! I don't, and I don't suppose many UK sufferers do either.  If GP considers your results OK, they don't even bother to tell me now.  They'll only tell me if they want to change my dose of levothyroxine.
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    Found it smile  I don't see Reverse T3,  or magnesium.  Unless I'm missing them.  Need to find the ratio of FT3 to RT3, and ratio of CA to Mg.  Your Ca to Potassium is low.  TSH is high, but that would be OK if the ratio of Ft3 to Rt3 were 20 or higher, but can't figure that out without the numbers.  Vit D can be higher only if you add K2 to your diet with it.  All else seems to be right on target, esp you CRP is excellent!
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      yes i was surprised by my CRP....Must be doing something right....

      thank you more  questions i'll come backto you....bed time now....night night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx off you go as well

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    Just found these results, Marey, and I think that Terri has some great suggestions/interpretations!  --Suzanne
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    Hi Marey

    Are you in the UK ?

    I had blood tests taken 6 weeks ago but the didn't test me for Vit D or Calcium so i'm just curious.

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      Yes in UK.

      Think my GP pushed the boat out for me. he was speaking into his recorder thingy that will make up my notes...bit defensively...having to justify...but i don't know to whom...other than me..and i'm the one here that matters. i am working hard on my health and taking charge.

      He's slowly 'getting me' I think...long term relationship paying off...but as you can see from terri's observations there are still many omissions for a modern interpretation.

      actually he suggested i could see a private medical practioner...i was a bit disappointed...but the tests he did were justified. liver function ok from bilirubin levels etc but would have liked T1 T2 as well but maybe liver function being ok covers this?

      i can have further tests in 12 weeks.....i may also consider trying to find a private lab for the extra tests that terri recommends x

      hope you can find solutions for yourself too xx

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    Dear Terri and all

    Thank you so much for your observations.

    I agree TSH is high hoping to get down to 1 or 1.5....the 'new' standard...apparently the stated norm of max 4.20 is way to high and is skewed by the massive amount of undiagnosed hypothyroidism in the population...also due to averages being calculated by labs using - for their stats - those most recently having been measured ie the sick and whilst the figure should maybe be lower i was encouraged by your comments.

    I definitely want to get the other markers. tried really hard to get reverse T3  (Rt3)...he told me it doesn't exist! Heather a GP on here also doesn't seem to think it has much weight...can you share the value of those indicators for us please? GP's seem to think they are too variable to help...if even recognised. Mine even mentioned having read Datis Karrazian...tho that was in the context of probs with goitrogens which may have been relevant to me as i was eating raw broccoli all day every day around the time of my hypothyroid diagnosis. I do go with The Paleo Mom in her advice however that cruciferous veg is ok in the presence of iodine, iron, selenium and principle but have been a bit put off my beloved uncooked broccoli...however there's been no resolution since i cut out raw broccoli so may go back to it...especially as i'm trying to get into kale too! I agree with Suzanne on this these veg are sooo good for you the vilification is unmerited. Got to be unrounded science talking!

    so for the purposes of an improved you have my free T3 at 4.0 pmol/L being mid rangish between the proposed norm of 3.10 - 6.80pmol/L you just need the reverse that right ? Do both have to be taken at the same time?

    so you'd like to see my magnesium and pottasium for the purposes of a ratio calculation ...that's very interesting....remind me calcium pushes out pottasium? is that right? i may have just eaten a banana round that time...might that make a difference?

    by the way as an aside what do you think of bananas....i know they raise blood sugar...but they are a real i switch between eating them and not eating them...might I ask for your comments?

    I could PUSH UP my vit D with vitamin K2? INTERESTING...i bought  vit D3 meant to get K2 as well for different reason ... suggesting important to overcome any negatives of vit D supplementation...must do that...thankyou....if i am going to take vit D...although was pleased my D is fairly ok actually without anything i can avoid i'd prefer to...tho the vit D tab is really small and easy to take from the one or two doses I did try (some weeks doesn't persist in the body so wouldn't have influenced the test result? I am quite good about getting sunlight..but aim to get more ...we all could surely!!)...don't know about the K...i forget where that comes from for the mo?.

    I should give you an open mike on vit D (with K2 if I was to take the D3)...would I benefit from taking vitD (and K) given my range?

    The lab cited a list of ranges which i didn't include. Here they are:

    Total Vitamin D < 30 nmol/L             = insufficient

                             30 -50                     = inadequate in some

                             > 50                        = sufficient

                             >250                       = potential for toxicity

    so the potential for toxicity range is really quite high and prob not easily reached ...had been a bit concerned about that.

    Lastly terri...tho maybe firstly? ...can you recommend a lab to do my ReverseT3?

    spell out with spaces or case of interest to others. Any other markers you'd recommend in addition to Magnesium and Pottasium and the METHYR ...or is that not indicated without symptoms?

    can you briefly explain the ratio thing in terms of numbers between Ft3 and Rt3...i understand the principle that:

    floating and available Ft3 having been coverted from the storage form T4 the liver(?) is available in the blood stream for use by all the cells in the body...hence the importance of this conversion T1 and T2 have a connection with the liver too by the way? Rt3 is intended to mop up excess Ft3 ....but it can play up and shift Ft3 back to T4 in excess at times and mess things up creating another cause of low thyroid .

    Gosh I seem to have come up with many questions....bu if you feel like commenting  I would LOVE to hear more...its fascinating isn't it?

    I would certainly encourage others to get tests done and to keep asking so the mesage gets through ...we are getting behind the times in the NHS ...but also there is a clear willingness to update when asked ...lets ask!!

    People love it when we take an interest in what they do...maybe we should give these path lab workers and interpreters some kudos....yeeeeeeh ...brilliant jobs. THANK YOU! 


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