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Hello everyone! I'm back again! My last post explained the full story about my ovarian cyst. Check it out if you would like. Also, please note that there will be some typos in this, my computer is acting a little odd today.

?I was told back in February of this year that I was going to need surgery on my right ovary for a 5 cm dermoid cyst (originally diagnosed as a ludial cyst). I am fourteen years old, and I never thought I would hear those words. I was terrified. I had forgot about it for the next coming months, trying to finish my eighth grade year and put everything behind me. Finally, June came and I was a nervous wreck! I had barely any sleep for about a week leading up to the surgery. Let me tell you though, I shouldn't have worried.

?Ladies, if any of you are reading this because you're going to have a laparoscopy, you've probably read a bunch of stories that have scared you. Let me tell you, my surgery was great. Honestly, if I had to do it again, wouldn't care. This post is mainly to help calm down women who are going to have this surgery. I'll walk you step by step!

?The night before the surgery, I wasn't aloud to eat, or drink eight hours before surgery. Try to get yourself some sleep too! I woke up at 3:00 A.M. the next morning. Before you go to the hospital, make sure you wear baggy clothes, and underwear if possible. Also get some shoes that you can slip right on and won't take effort doing so. Make sure you have eveything you want, and pack an overnight bag if instructed. On the way to the hospital try to keep calm. You're going to do great! Once you get there, you check in and confirm all of this health stuff (My mom did it for me so I don't know haha). Someone will come out and lead you to your room. You will be ask to take all clothes, and underwear off, and put on a gown. They also give you socks, and put some weird leg things on you (dont worry, they don't hurt). Next thing I knew I was laying in bed on my phone, waiting. Now know this sounds corny, but music really does help. I put on some of my favorite jazz tunes to calm me down. I almost dozed off! After while people started coming in and confirming all of this health stuff. I was very very nervous, so I asked the nursesif they could get me some of the anti anxiety stuff. They did, but it wasn't until when they wer rolling me into the operating room. But PLEASE! Ask for it! It really does help. Anyways, I remember them putting it into the IV, and I didn't feel anything, and then all of the sudden, it felt like a gust of wind hit me. It was so odd! I remember what t was like on it too. It's like you know you're going into surgery, but you just don't care. I was excited actually. I remember telling everyone that I was a pop star, and not to judge me because I look like a potato (I know, that's drugs for you). Next thing I know the mask was over me and they were telling me to breathe in. I kept coughing on the oxygen though! It was ok though because the anesthesia hit me hard. For those  you who are afraid of going under, please know that it's just like going to bed for a few minutes. It was the best sleep I had in a while. When I woke up it felt like only minutes had past. I was in a little pain, but it was bearable. If you're in pain just tell your nurse and she'll fix it right away. Once you're more awake they'll let you see your family. And then before you know it, they're making you get up and home!

?Once I got home, it just went uphill! I didn't even have to take one pain med, stool softener, or anti nausea meds. In fact, I wasn't nauceous at all! I'm so glad it's over with, and I hope this post helps other women who are going through the same thing. Thanks for reading, and good luck to all of you!


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    Glad to here it all went well as mine did in April. I'm 73 so bit of an age difference. We all worry but usually it's unnecessary as the professionals are just that, they know what they're doing. Just take things easy for a few weeks, don't overdo things, you might feel 100% but it was major surgery and our bodies need time to recover, mentally and physically. It take it school is finished for you this year? Have a lovely summer, weather permitting if you're in the UK! rolleyes

      Best wishes, Pollyanna UK razz

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      Haha thanks for replying! Yes, I am out of school so it was a great time to do it! I'm doing well and I haven't had any pain since! Hope you're doing well from your surgery!

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    Good for you,

    but was not the same for my 14yr old daughter

    due to huge abdominal pain prior lap.

    Lap made everything worse, vomited bile afterwards and healing, vibration sensitivity took 10 days before being back to the same abdominal pain as before. (unfortunately her lap did not find the cause of abdominal cramping)

    I think it makes a big difference,

    if you go into lap without pain just to remove a dermoid cyst straight forward (without much looking and lifting organs around, I had one too, 9cm plus teratoma benign tumor - I had no problems after lap),

    if you have a major bigger surgery inside (I had a liver tumor removed via lap and huge and long pain afterwards due to different inside surgery),

    or if you have already abdominal pain and cramps prior surgery AND reason not being solved by lap but everything lifted around.

    Lap is a beautiful technique,

    much better and less invasive than opening the abdomen,

    but it is different for everyone depending if cause is known, which condition to go into and what is actually done inside. A cyst is not a big issue, I know the difference of one and the same technique and different aftermath very much myself from all my laps and my daughter's experience now.

    It depends on each individual's situation. Lap is not lap.

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      I am so sorry to hear that! I understand what your daughter is going through, I had terrible pai for three months until I was diagnosed.

      I agree, surgery is not the same for everyone. I hope your daughter is doing well, and let her know that she's a brave girl!

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    I just had this surgery too. Do you have any vaginal pain? Do you know if they used a uterine manipulator on you?
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      Sorry for the late reply! I know they used a catheter if that's what you're asking. After the surgery I had no vaginal pain, mostly just gas pain from the carbon dioxide. Hope you're doing well!

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