My little boy was diagnosed with graves Disease las year December, he is taking Methimazole 10 mg

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Every day, I pray to Hod every time to flush it out of his system. He is doing a lot  better, but I am worried about his puffy eye lead. All the words of encouragements are quite up lifting. Is there anyone on this forum that know a child with Graves’ disease and what they would like to share in terms of nutrition and other thing that could help fight this issue? Thanks and Hod bless

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    Oh Caroline  ... I’m so very sorry I hate to read about children having Thyroid issues ...  but I ve learned that children are often born with it , seems so unfair to me ..

    but I think I may have it since being so  young too , as I was a very skinny child  with constant itchy eyes  and such a worrier .  I don’t know what kept me together as I hardly ate .. I’ve never eaten meat in my life as I hated  the smell of it .. 

    My Mother, Grandmother, aunts, sisters , cousins and nieces have it too ...

    anyway , I digress !

    Your little boy needs to replace many of the things that Graves has taken from him .

    Can you have his bloods tested ?

    And also tested for vitamins  and Minerals so that you will know which ones need replacing.

    It is only once you’ve replaced these nutrients that your boy will start to feel better 

    He could well be short of B12

    Also D3        

    Magnesium is a very important one too ... for  heart and for calming and sleep ....

    There are more  of course , 

    Let him rest by lying flat often .. allow him to drink plenty of cool water ...  and bathe his face and head with lavender oil in a little bowl of cool water .. not his eyes tho ...     magnesium will calm him down if overactive ...

    D3 taken at bedtime works better in the body ..

    Please send us a note of your little boys  last blood results   We need those to see what the whole picture is ...     including the Nos. In brackets ..

    BeckyJayne29    Has a little boy too and  by typing her name I think she will come along and help you  ..

    Please don’t give up ..  you’re doing a great job I’m sure,  for your boy .

    Stay on here  and ask questions 

    And then you can help your Sin even more ..🦋

    Take care and take strength from others who have been there and are now in remission ... 

    Luv Mx🌹

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      Madge thank you so much for your response. I will tell you that your words are up lifting. I make sure I give my son his daily vitamins. Becky got in touch with me. It was very nice of her. Together we will win this battle of this disease As long as God is still the same God that I praise and serve everyday of my life, my son shall be an overcomer, and I say the same for every one going through this disease.
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      Oh dear ... 🌸   I feel for you so much 

      I’m also  so very pleased that you have strength of character Caroline..

      and you have determination too,  it seems .

      When we fight for our own lives

      ........ we fight good ..

       but when we fight for  a child’s ...

       it’s quite another story !

      ...As you well know !

      .....If your boy has Graves he needs to be treated by someone who specialises in this disease .. an Endocrinologist.

      ......That would likely be .. by taking an anti thyroid Med .. many of us have had to take this Med  to enable us to stop the enormous Amounts of Thyroid hormone flooding our systems and wreaking havoc  whilst doing so !

      ....All that done we are left with bodies that feel wrecked  and exhausted .. depleted of all that is good  .. because our immune systems have caused our thyroids to go crazy and work against us !

      So ....  to get back on our feet 

      And become Euthyroid  ie .. normal ........  we must actively DO SOMETHING !!!

      And that is ...... to  fill your immune system with  everything that it has used up whilst attacking your thyroid .....

      to feed it and keep it calm so that it leaves your body in peace again after the ravages that it caused.

      Only then .....  Will we be able to STAY  in the condition of Euthyroid !

      It’s not enough to merely take a 

      Multi vitamin ... it’s imperative to 

      Specifically take the Vitamins and the Minerals we have little or none of !

      And it’s not enough to just take a low dose either  .....because we must be Optimum in those vitamins and minerals .

      I’ve typed this out on our Open Forum

       ... as I don’t want to send Private

      Messages  to you ...

      as ,  after  all , this IS  an  OPEN  Forum

      .....And it is vital we  SHARE  any knowledge we have with others who are struggling to find Answers too ....

      Please give us more info on your Boys diagnosis ...

      Ie ...  blood results  

      Who he’s seen

      What treatment he’s in

      Etc etc ..

      Luv mx🌹

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      Hello Madge, you are such a wonderful person, I am so glad that I joined this forum. He has been on Methmazole since December, we first started with 30mg a day for about a month, then we went down to 15mg for another 2 months, now he is on 10 mg a day, 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening.  the free t4 and t3 are within range now, but the TSH is about 0.9 above normal range based on the blood work he did last week. Based on your response , I realized that I should also be giving him Calcium and Vitamin D3. Guess what! I bought those vitamins today and started giving him. I will tell every one this forum: God has been so good and He is continuing to answer my prayers. Everyday I call upon the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead to flush out Graves disease and all its symptoms from my son's system and make my son whole again. God is doing it. and I know He will do the same for every one on this forum. 

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      Caroline  I m not so sure you need the calcium .. D3 is good fir all of us .. your little boy should be tested by the doctor for vutaminal and mineral deficiencies ..  fur exanpke 



      Vitamin B12

      Graves sufferers and almost always LOW in those  two ....

      If that is the case you will start to see a difference in his demeanour .. after taking them.

      It’s very important you TYPE OUT  the actual numbers from his LAST blood test .. 

      including numbers in brackets  ... those are your Lab Ranges ..

      Also .. I’m sure many of us have great Faith  and believe that God will make all things right ...

      But I certainly believe HE  cannot wave a magic wand every time one of us needs help .

      ... that is WHY    ....  we must Empower ourselves with knowledge .. using the brains that he gave us ... to enable us to make good choices and correct decisions for ourselves and for  those whom we love .🦋

      Be strong CAROLINE .. read everything you can in the internet regarding Graves’ disease and how to overcome it and stay in remission ......... for your Boy.....💙


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    Hi Caroline. Sorry this is a bit late. My son has Graves (I have Hashimotos). Because of my son's diagnosis, I have been doing a lot of internet research and think it would be good if you looked into LDN.I am trying to get my son to try this as he has 4 autoimmune diseases. I am looking into trying it myself. Do look it up, I think it is a very interesting possibilty for anyone with any auto immune disease and certainly preferable to any of the conventional "solutions".

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      Hi Mob,

      I find it's very interesting and hopeful about this LDN medication (after your finding and my research from Internet). Will discuss with my pcp and endos (I have three) and hopefully get a prescription for a try. In any way, if you get a chance to try, let's know the outcome (I'll do the same). Thanks

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      Hi Mike.Don't know where you live, I am in UK,but I don't think you wil have any joy with conventional doctors/consultants. I am a member of 2 Facebook groups ( not sure whether i am allowed to send links on here) and they are massively informative and supportive. They would be anble to tell you the routes to take to access professionals who can prescribe LDN and monitor you.I know the route over here but not elsewhere.Do hope you can get access to it. From my research, anyone who has real issues with any autoimmune disease has nothing to lose by trying it. I don't think it's a miracle for everyone but for many it is and for most, there apperas to be benefit, with, it's thought, no long term downside.Good luck.

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      Hi Mob, Thanks for replying. I am in US and as you said, I saw and asked my pcp today to get an answer: "I can prescribe LDN, but I won't for the purpose you request." But he did mention I can talk to the 2 endos I will see in Feb at UCSF medical Center. I see you tried to send me the routes to access the right professionals but a Moderator deleted it... So please send to my PM (Personal Message under my name). Thanks

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