My Medical - A minor miracle

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Morning :cheerup:

My body is telling me to stop and rest today but my brain is buzzing after my medical yesterday so I just had to tell you guys that sometimes miracles do happen even for us :ok: :wink: :ok:

I felt lousy yesterday and I was so nevous but it turned out to be one of the best experiences I have had for ages :cheerup:

Sorry, I am rambling :oops:

I was interviewed & examined by a Practice Nurse who was a very sweet quietly spoken & genteel looking [i:fb4d5e1b8e]older lady[/i:fb4d5e1b8e] :nurse: :angel:

My original diagnosis (2 years ago) for my benefit was depression so I started off by nervously trying to explain to her about the ME and how I had only recently been diagnosed because I had to change GPs to finally get a diagnosis.

[b:fb4d5e1b8e]Well [/b:fb4d5e1b8e]would you believe that this lady just happened to be an Occ therapist [b:fb4d5e1b8e]and [/b:fb4d5e1b8e]just happened to have friends with ME [b:fb4d5e1b8e]and[/b:fb4d5e1b8e] just happened to be deeply interested in ME and had consequently done loads of research into it :tickle: :lol:

After questioning me about my battle with my original GP she suddenly changed from an angel into a little monster :monster: and started ranting about the lack of understanding and help for ME sufferers within the NHS :twisted:

:lol: :lol: Have any of you fallen off your seats yet :lol: :lol: :lol:

I couldn't believe it, this lady was actually on my side and she understood Us :ok:

I know I am rambling on and I hope you guys haven't got bored yet :oops:

Anyway, after that she insisted on correcting most of my questionnaire answers so that whenever I had stated that I [i:fb4d5e1b8e]try[/i:fb4d5e1b8e] to do various things she corrected them with the fact that I had extreme difficulty and all the time she was muttering about how the NHS should offer more support for ME :evil: :evil:

The interview lasted over 1 1/2 hours and I was totally exhausted but by then I thought I had found a guardian angel in this lovely understanding lady :angel: :rose: :angel:

It just goes to re-affirm something I have always known .........

Doctors may [b:fb4d5e1b8e]think [/b:fb4d5e1b8e]they know everything but it's the Nurses who really know :nurse: and mostly really care.

I hope I haven't rambled on too much but I just had to share a bit of good news for a change :cheerup: :cheerup: :cheerup:

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    You haven't rambled on at all Kristal :D

    In fact I feel so elated for you (and all of us in fact) that I have even read it twice :cdouble:

    How utterly fantastic ..... you have been given a wonderful boost and thank you for passing it on to us too :magic: :wow: :ok:

    Someone is actually on [b:450048d281]our side[/b:450048d281] :D

    Always knew that nurses :nurse: were far more knowledgable than doctors :doctor: anyway :roll:

    What a wonderful start to a dreary day :wow:

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    Oh Kristal that's absolutely fan-flipping-tastic :D

    What an amazing thing to have happened - I am so pleased for you :ok:

    Just goes to show that there are some lovely caring people out there :angel: :angel: but you certainly don't expect to find them at a benefits medical ! :fairy:

    How wonderful - have a peaceful day now and just know that there are some lovely people on your side :bubbly: :hug:

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    I am so pleased to hear this from you, Kristal. It gives us hope that we are not all being written off as lazy malingerers.

    You ust have felt a great morale boost after this. :D

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    Can I please have that nurse at my appeal. It's really good to know there are people out there that understand and support us.
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    Thats great news Kristal, at least we know more and more people are getting to know more about ME and actually help out.

    Does that make sense :?

    Here's to a brighter future :choc: :cheers: :guinness: :coffee:

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    Kristal, do you think there is any chance of us 'adopting' that lovely nurse for this forum :D
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    I was actually thinking of asking her to be our forum patron, I think she has a good sense of humour and would fit in very well :lol: :nurse: :lol:
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    That's great news wish more folk were like her but like you have said it's been one of the nurses at my practice who has understood most and has even contradicted doctor on my behalf hope you have recovered a bit now she could maybe travel the country helping others out at appointments would certainly be kept busy take care love Mo
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    Your wonder nurse :angel: :nurse: would probably be really interested in reading through our forum actually Kristal :D

    After all, who wouldn't :lol:

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    Do you know what, I think I might just do that 8)

    I did tell her that I had found you guys and how supportive you all were and she was very positive about the group and said it was important to be able to discuss things with others suffering the same :ok: :hug:

    I did intend to send her a \"Thankyou\" card anyway so I think I will invite her to join us :towel: because she will probably find it interesting.

    If I had a magic wand I would wish for you guys to meet her because she gave me such a boost and made me feel like a human being again after so long of feeling useless sad

    She even said that she could tell I was usually a \"coper\" and that I didn't like being the way I am now ....... that nearly made me cry because it is so long since anyone has noticed that about me :cry:

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    Oh don't make me cry too Kristal :cry:

    She sounds just too good to be true :D

    Do please ask her :ok:

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    Sounds as if we should all meet up (with the nurse :angel: ) in Devon instead of London :D :lol:
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    Good thinking Daisy .... or did I think of that, even I am getting us two confused now :ok: :roll:

    What do you reckon guys :lol:

    Daisy and I could entertain you all in true Westcountry style :nahnah:

    It would have to be in the Spring of course and we could start with a nice long stroll across the moors to see the ponies & wildlife :tit: :bat: :whistle:

    Then it would be a ploughmans lunch, made with real Cheddar cheese, in a quaint country pub washed down with a pint of Scrumpy cider :cheers:

    Then I think it would be time for an afternoon nap :magic: :zzz: :zzz:

    To finish off the day we would have to adjourn to a pretty little thatched roof tea room for clotted cream teas all round :cake: :cupcake:

    :cheerup: Oh isn't it nice to dream of the real world occasionally :cheerup:

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    Sounds good to me Kristal :ok: :magic:

    Right I'll organise the coach girls and boys :bus: and before you know it we will all be on our way 8) :run:

    It might be a good idea though Kristal to get working on those many kaftans (you did offer, after all :D ) cos with all the cheddar cheese (this is all being spoken in a West Country accent, of course) scrumpy :cheers: .... hic, burp :cdouble: ..... and clotted cream teas :cake: :tea: (double helpings for me please as I am the forum Mod :angel: :angel: ) we may well need adjustable clothing :smiley:

    Okay Kristal and Daisy .... thanks for the invitation :D ...... we will shortly be on our way :ok: :run:


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