My Neurosurgeon appointment...

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Well....Last friday I finally got to see the Neurosurgeon...It feels like months that i had to wait for it!!!!!!

I was very uptight and nervous the day before and hardly slept that night....I had all these different scenarios running thru my head..... :huh: I tried to relax and not get myself stressed out, but it just didn't work..... :monster:

Anyway....As soon as i walked into his office with my hubby, I felt relieved...he was very kind and lovely to me.... :doctor: He looked at my recent MRI and called me over to explain what he could see on them....Nobody has ever explained them to me in such detail and pointed out where the problems were and why!!!!! He did some reflex tests on me and told me that i have no reflex in my right arm, which i didn't know about!!!

To cut a long story short, he has told me that he can help me with surgery if thats what i choose to do!!!!!!!!! :cheers: :ok: :wow: :cheerup: The surgery they will be doing is Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion..... I have 2 bulging discs that will be removed....

My hubby and I had already discussed this prior to going to the appointment as we had done a lot of research on the surgeries available for CS.... He asked if we wanted to go away and think about it, but we told him we had already decided that if surgery was an option for me, I would have it done!!!!! I have weighed up all the pros and cons for me and I feel this is the right decision for ME. I know there are some of you who don't agree with the surgery or feel the risks are too high but this is MY decision to make....(No offence intended to anyone, ok..... :D ) I write that in here due to the PM i have received from a forum member telling me NOT to have the surgery, but it is a decision i have to make that I feel is right for me....

Anyway....I was a bit overwhelmed at the appointment once he told me i was able to have surgery and I forgot to get my notebook out and ask him the questions i had written down..... :erm: :yikes: He did go into to detail with us about what the surgery involves, but i still have more questions, so I will be making another appointment with him again soon.... :roll:

Now we just have to wait for my Workcovers approval (I have spoken to them about this and they are pretty sure it will all be approved) which will probably take 6 weeks or so...then i will be booked into the Hospital..... :cracker: :diva: :nahnah:

I know I have a bumpy road ahead of me, but at least now I can see some light at the end of the tunnel..... :wow:

Aunty Em...I would love to hear some more feedback from your surgery and anyone else that has had or having the surgery......

Love Jas..xx.. :wings:

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    Hiya Jassy, :D

    What is becomming very clear is that there is more than one or two problems with CS.

    Your op is totally different to mine. your op wll take place via the front method, mine was done from the back, in the middle of my neck approx 1\" into my hairline and 6-7\" downwards. It isn't noticable anymore, according to my hubby, I've never actually seen it.

    My op is called a multi-level laminectomy.

    It has taken a loooooong time to get to this point, but I'm feeling flippin brilliant!! I'm off the Ami and Diclofenac, I can manage the pain with OTC para's etc. I now class myself as a CS sufferer as opposed to a CS sufferer with stenosis and myelopathy.

    These operations are not offered lightly and indeed avoided if neccessary. so listening to your Neuro advice and not others is the way to go :wink:

    Good Luck Jassy

    Emxx :D :wink:

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    Thank you for replying, Aunty Em...... :smooch:

    I knew you had a laminectomy, but i wasn't sure if it was done from the back of the neck or not...Yes...mine will be done from the front, right side of my neck...about 2-3cm cut from what i have read. I feel like my Neuro knows what he is talking about so i am putting my trust in him!!!! He also explained all the complications that can happen in this type of surgery, but he also gave us all the statistics of how frequently they occur. I feel that it is worth the risk for less or hopefully no pain!!!! :wink:

    Now its just time to wait......Im not good at waiting...... :roll:

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    I had a 2 level ACDF done last May (C5-6 and 6-7). Mine was the same as yours - in from the front.

    My scar runs horizontally, from the centre of my neck off to the right. It is still visible but is fading as we speak (it's about 1 1/2\" long).

    I was off work for about 3 months but I think it took longer for me to recover as I had to have 2 operations on my lower back the year before. Each time I go under the knife it seems to take longer for me to come out the other side, you would have thought I'd be used to it by now!!

    I do still get some tingling in my fingers and hands at night but the pain in my arm has gone. I've had an mri done recently and that shows that some disc fragments have been left behind (he should have gone to Specsavers). There are no plans to go in again just yet but watch this space ........

    Good luck with your op, I hope you don't have to wait too long. I have no regrets about having mine done. My surgeon used PEEK spacers, they are like little Polo mints with spikes in them.


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    Thanks for all the info, Doof..... :D

    I really need to see my Neuro again, as I don't know enough about what he is going to be doing...... :roll: I was too emotional to take it all in.

    I got some news from Workcover the other day...They now want me to go and see one of THEIR Neuro's to confirm what my Neuro is suggesting (surgery)....... :evil: Of course that appointment is not till July 27th, so another month of waiting..... sad Im not so good at waiting....even worse when pain is involved...and i hope they agree to me having the surgery!!!!!!!!

    The pain has been awful lately and its wearing me down...I try really hard to remain positive, but sometimes i really just want to curl up in my bed and stay there!!!! :wah:

    Love Jas......

    In the mean time, my GP has suggested some aids for around the house to help me....of course we have to put that in writing to Workcover....done that...Now waiting for a reply. They have said that they will probably send out an OT to assess me in my home....I really hope they do!!!!!

    My daughter (who turned 19 today...:D ) gives me a smack on the hand every time she see's me bend over to pick something up...... :roll: :wink: So I need one of those picky up stick grabber type of know what i mean???? :wink:

    Anyway...I should try to sleep...its 12.41am here....way past my bed time..... :nahnah: :wings:

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    hi everyone well i have my appointment with my new neurosurgeon, it is 25th august, as it has been 13yrs since my last consult, i'm not sure what to expect or ask. any ideas or info to jog my memory??. also i have an mri in four weeks which i am dreading. so if anyone can help please get in touch. thanks chris xx
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    [quote:20fdc50c11=\"chris215a\"]hi everyone well i have my appointment with my new neurosurgeon, it is 25th august, as it has been 13yrs since my last consult, i'm not sure what to expect or ask. any ideas or info to jog my memory??. also i have an mri in four weeks which i am dreading. so if anyone can help please get in touch. thanks chris xx[/quote:20fdc50c11]

    Hiya Chris :D

    Really pleased you have a Neuro app in August, it'll soon roll round. Please don't worry about the app. the docs are usually pretty good these days and won't give you any BS.

    Will you pm me and let me know which hospital you are going to.... please. Hopeing you are going to the one I went to smile

    You'll be ok in the MRI scanner, if you're anything like me I asked them to leave the mike open so I could talk to them, :D some play music too. :D

    Take Care

    Emxx :D

    Doof, good luck for end of July, hope it's a success for you, please make sure they've been to specsavers this time :x ... good god!!! :x

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    Thats great that you have a Neuro appointment, Chris.... :D I know its hard to wait for them, but it does come around quickly...I have my Workcover Neuro appointment on the 23rd of July and them MY Neuro on August14th...hopefully we will get a date for my surgery then..... :D

    I am terrible with MRI's so don't ask me about them...I have to be sedated for them.....Im very claustraphobic!!!!! :?

    Soooooo we will both be sitting around waiting for appointments..... :roll:

    Take care....Jas..xx.. :wings:

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    I thought i would start a countdown till my Neuro appointment

    [size=18:e19498f98c][b:e19498f98c][color=indigo:e19498f98c]9 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!![/color:e19498f98c][/b:e19498f98c][/size:e19498f98c]


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    [size=18:41a6fc6067][color=red:41a6fc6067][b:41a6fc6067]8 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!!!!![/b:41a6fc6067][/color:41a6fc6067][/size:41a6fc6067]

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    [size=18:23c9fb598f][color=orange:23c9fb598f][b:23c9fb598f]6 sleeps to go!!!!!!!!![/b:23c9fb598f][/color:23c9fb598f][/size:23c9fb598f]

    Am I annoying anyone yet...????? :wink:

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    [size=18:c24281cb9b][color=indigo:c24281cb9b][b:c24281cb9b]4 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!!![/b:c24281cb9b][/color:c24281cb9b][/size:c24281cb9b] :lol:
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    [color=violet:d2fd8feb33][size=18:d2fd8feb33][b:d2fd8feb33]2 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!![/b:d2fd8feb33][/size:d2fd8feb33][/color:d2fd8feb33]

    Im getting very nervous!!! :roll:

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    [quote:c704632955=\"Aunty Em\"]Jassy, :D

    Do ya only sleep alternate nights?? :D :shock:

    Emxx :lol: :lol: 8)[/quote:c704632955]

    LOL...mostly, Em....

    BUT>>>>>> [size=18:c704632955][color=darkred:c704632955][b:c704632955]1 SLEEP TO GO!!!!!!!!!![/b:c704632955][/color:c704632955][/size:c704632955]

    I am an absolute wreck...I am sooooo nervous!!!!!! I am trying my best to stay positive, but this is my future wellbeing...and its in this Neuros hands...If he decided No to agreeing with my Neuro, then I will have to fight....and im not sure i have the strength for mind is racing a million miles an hour!!!!!! :roll: I think i need to go sleep and try to sleep in tomorrow before my appointment at 3pm Eastern standard time.

    Wish my luck, prayers...everything!!!!

    Love Jas..xx.. :wings:

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    Well...The Neurosurgeon i saw was an A$$!!!!! He was rude, abrupt and I ended up in tears before i even left the appointment....I have spoken to my Workcover case worker and she was lovely and apologised for his behaviour....They will get a report from him in 5 working days, so i will know not long after that if i will be having the surgery...Please keep everything crossed for me that I get a YES from them.....
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