My oh so distressing tummy, what do I do?

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I am unfortunately having a lowest quality of life for two years now. My stomach issues started in August 2016, then a student. I was diagnosed with H Pylori and took a triple therapy kit for two weeks. They havent found H pylori since then, luckily. However, the H pylori did not die with my problem. I have been experiencing a very unpleasant stomach irritation (note NOT pain) ranging from mild to severe. I have taken Prolisec, then Zantac to no avail. I take antacids daily but they never do me any good. I am always sick. I also experience bloating, nausea, I also puke when my condition is severe. Recently I have been feeling pressure just above the stomach. This has been a headache, i need help,anyone?

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    What kind of irritation are you experiencing? Heartburn, reguritation of food, burping?  Is your abdomen ever sore at all?   Have you tried a food diary?.  H pylori and the strong antibiotics can leave your stomach irritated and often sore.  

    Ask your doctor about gastritis because h pylori can cause it.  If you can tolerate milk, give that a try too because that i great for soothing an irritated stomach.  I had bad reflux and indigestion last night and lots of milk really helped.  You could also ask your doctor for a stronger PPI or ask to be put on a higher dose.

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    Hi, I’m obviously not sure what can be causing this as you will need tests done at the doc’s/hospital. Try taking organic oil of oregano, it’s more powerful than antibiotics and is incredibly good at fighting of bad bacteria in the gut. You will find it on amazon, make sure it’s organic. 
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    Hi, this sounds exactly like my story and I started 2 years ago with this as well... So problem number 1... the h.pylori,, that probably ruined your stomach lining and your GI tract and that needs to be healed.. 

    problem number 2. the antibiotics... that killed your entire bacteria in your gut (all good and bad).

    I am sure you already  did many things and researched, but I can tell you how I got better and what makes it worse..

    So I am not drinking anything that irritates or stresses my stomach: so no caffeine, no sugar (no sugary drinks as well), no alcohol, nothing spicy, nothing fried (no chips etc.), stay away from red meet since it is hard to digest, no raw food, no processed food. I also stay away from white bread

    And I am trying to eat things that help my stomach/GI tract to heal: mostly cooked food (vegetables, fish or lean meats, rice, potatoes) , lots of water. kefir, oatmeal, kombucha, apples, etc.

    And make sure to balance your diet. That was one of my biggest mistakes.  Your body needs water, healthy carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins, minerals daily! You can get this easily with the right food (if you are not vegetarian or following any other diet) Check the DRI (dietary reference intake found on governmental sites) and there is a nice image of the plate how it should look like every day on myplate . gov . That helped me, too. (I can't handle much fat, so I drink fat free milk)

    Stay away from supplements since they are usually BS and just money makers. (if you think you lack any vitamins and minerals take an A-Z) I bought so many and nothing helped.. if you can avoid, do it..

    The only thing that you should take is a very good probiotic and if you think you are lacking eating fish, an omega 3 supplement. 

    And if possible stay away from medication and the antacids. This will just make it worse. Your body does these functions and regulates the ph levels and neutralizes acids of the food all by itself when fed the right nutrients. The body is really smart, but we are just giving it the wrong food to work with and then it starts to malfunction. It's pretty simple, but most of us are just too lazy and actually not enough educated on what the body really needs. And relying on google and other opinions that fly around in the internet that are not based on any real studies are very misleading. I fell for it so many times and went from one thing to the other and I was so sick of it that I starting studying nutritional science. 

    And I know it is hard, but for proper cell function everybody should exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Does not mean you have to go jogging or anything, but at least take a walk and that will even help you get some Vitamin D : )

    And know, this is not healing from 1 day to the other... 

    I am in the process as well and had many  fall-backs since I always thought I am better and could eat normal again or I was too lazy to cook or get the right food. 

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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