My pain in my abdomen is getting worse - and nobody can tell me what is wrong!

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Hi all,

Two weeks ago yesterday I started feeling extreme pain in my upper left quadrant (just below my ribs next to my stomach). I went to the GP (not my regular GP as she was sick) and was told I had gastro and to go home with some buscopan. By that evening I was so sick I got a friend to take me to the Emergency Room. They did a pregnancy test (no need but you know I'm a woman so they always do), full blood tests, and a contrast CAT Scan of the abdomen and everything was clear but my pain was chronic. I stayed in hospital for 4 days and my specialist sent me home saying it was likely "fatty tissue" that had broken off causing pain and to come back if I'm in any more pain after day 9. It got worse on Day 8 and he booked me in for a gastroscopy on Day 9. I haven't got the results back from the gastroscopy yet (I don't se that specialist again until October 13 but surely if he found something he would get me to come in)

He also told me to speak with my rhuematologist (I have fibromyalgia) who informs me that it is absolutely NOT fibromyalgia and that I need to go back to the gastroenterologist. I can't get in to see anyone in his office until October 8 at the earliest and as I said I can see him on the 13th.

Problem is - the pain is now also in my lower right quadrant (I think bowel area - it feels like it did when I had campylobacter in Feb but the diarrhea isn't as bad). I was constipated for two weeks but the past three days I have light diarrhea and no fever. My fibro is playing up majorly as a result of this. I'm desperate for answers.

I've had four surgical procedures (stomach, gall bladder and two gastroscopies) in the past 2 years - but have never felt as sick as I do now. I don't want to go back to the ER and be sent home with the "we don't know what it is" again.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?!?!?! Are they just missing something? The pain is stabbing cramps every 5-15 minutes. It has me doubled over. Yesterday, I ran out of endone given to me by the hospital last week - so today I'm really noticing the absolute agony.

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    Are you vomiting or have diahhrea? Are you eating? Are you sensitive to medications? The medications you are taking medications, have you taken in the past? If yes, did you tolerate them well before? When you went to the GI Soecialist, did the tests you did require you to clean out your system? If yes, did the pain subside when you were empty?
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      I have had days of vomiting since the pain began but they gave me medication to stop that. I did not open my bowels for 8 days and it's painful when I did - then not again for 6 days and it was "normal" and then the next day 15 (today) diarrhoea.

      I can eat Fine and get hungry still.

      On all manner of medications - mostly vitamins (multi, vitamin d, hair skin nails, b12 shots) but also - the pill, somac and endep (to help me sleep) pre pain - post pain he had me on Endone and Panamax as well. Although the endone has run out and Panamax does nothing without it. They tried buscopam but it did nothing for the pain. All were tolerated well.

      Didn't require an empty out no. Feel the only empty out has been after today's diarrhoea and I still feel the pains

      Thanks so much for replying! Any advice?

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      I'm am no doctor by any means...I can only share my own experience. My system is VERY sensitive to all medications. I had surgery on my leg and knee and the anesthesia and meds sent my system into a tailspin - I was soooo sick for almost 7 weeks. I went for tests and had to clean my system - started feeling better with that. Started taking probiotics and felt improvement every day. I am now 9 weeks post op, and although I still cannot put any pressure on my leg, my stomach/digestive issues are so much better. I take a mixture of 1 tablespoon each of (all of which need to stay refrigerated):

      Acidophilus (live good bacteria); aloe Vera juice, and pure lemon juice. I also go to acupuncture every week.

      Try eating bland foods and chew it very well so it is easier for your system to digest. When you have diarrhea, I used liquid Imodium (I am in the U.S.). Liquid allows me to control my dosage. For gas (belching) I took liquid Gaviscon. If you don't know what these products are, google them for an alternative that is available to you.

      I pray for your recovery

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      Thanks for your suggestions Susan! I'll definitely look into whether my meds could be causing this and also try taking some probiotics and Imodium (I'm in Australia - we have both Imodium and Gavisvon here too)

      Will see if they help! Thanks heaps!!

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    Please look into adhesions. If you have had prior surgeries and are having pain and NOTHING shows up on Catscans, x-rays or MRI the cilprit just might be nasty adhesions. Adhesions are connective tissue that form in response to trauma such as surgery. They can grow and adhere to different organs and structures in the abdoment. Mine became so bad that I had what is called a Frozen Abdomen where everything was connected. I was bed bound for a couple of years. I had to go to Germany from the US to finally get relief. In some countries the surgeons are actually tracking abdominal surgical patients to try to see just how many are developing the problem. Ireland is one of the countries trying to remedy the situation, Surgeons know that the problem exists, however, they do not give much information concerning the problem. The more surgeries a patient has the more adhesions form. Talk to your surgeon.
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      Thanks so much renee! Someone at my work suggested it could be adhesions - would they be seen in the gastroscopy?? I'm seeing my GP on Friday so will ask her about them too. You've convinced me. This pain HAS to be SOMETHING because it's too much to bare for it to be nothing!! I'm literally doubled over! :-(

      Thanks for responding. Do you have relief after your surgery in Germany?

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    You are very welcome! No they will not be seen unless they open you up and look with a laporoscope. Yes I did get relief in Germany. They had given up on me here in the US.The adhesions had become too thick.  In Germany the doctor who is having success does not use C02 for the pnuemoperitoneum(when they blow your stomach up for surgery). They also instill several liters of Adept fluid(approved in the US) into your abdomen following surgery. You then turn over every 30 minutes for 3 days as it helps to prevent adhesions from reforming. They then go back in for a quick peek(again without CO2) to make sure no regrowth has begun.  Some people are worse than others in the department of growing adhesions. I happen to be one of those people. My abdomen was so bad that I have been twice and I have had 2/3  of them removed. I am now able to get up and enjoy life. I still have some difficult times. Just remember more surgery causes more adhesions the tradidtional way.. So, to disrupt the mechanism of growth by the contstant movement of fluid aids in healing without the reformation. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it logically. Problem is surgeons are taught to do things one way and until there are enough of us who have problems and raise awareness concerning the problem, it will niot change. I do not know if this forum allows me to give names or I would. Let me know what you find out. If you google adhesions especially on US site you will find lots.
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      Thank you so much for your story! I'm definitely going to do some research around this and talk to both my GP and my surgeon. Fortunately my surgeon is the loveliest man alive so won't at all be arrogant about raising the question. At one point he did say if the gastroscopy shows nothing he's happy to do a laparoscopy if the pain doesn't subside, even though he's convinced it's my fibromyalgia. He's very good and wants me to have peace of mind. From what you're saying we would know once and for all if a laparoscopy is done so I'm going to request it when I see him in two weeks. Until then ... Endone (OxyContin) it is!! Thanks so so so much! I'll definitely be in touch if it's adhesions!
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      Please be VERY careful with OxyContin - IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE!

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