My parents think it's low blood pressure, but I'm not sure

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recently it keeps happening even when I'm sitting doing nothing. It feels like the world gets drawn back if that makes sense, sometimes my vision goes black and I like seize up (not a good way to phrase that but it gets the point across), and when it happens I have memory issues like I'll forget what I was doing in the moment or think that I was doing something that I wasn't. don't know if this is something that I should be worried about. I personally think it has something to do with my migraines, but i really have no idea. I take lexipro, Vyvanse, and sometimes an over the counter migraine medication.

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    I am sure your parents are concerned & its really hard when there is so much info online that may or may not be true & your parents just wanna fix it....but, as the PATIENT its up to you to talk to your doctor & know exactly what he/she thinks is wrong with you & you need to know why you are taking the meds you are anti anxiety med & a med for attention deficit hyper-activity, sounds like you have other issues, this is an uncommon route for treating diagnosed Migraines, did you have these symptoms BEFORE the two meds? Both meds have side effects & can cause lowered blood pressure(like your parents said) also some Meds trigger Migraine in some people....what you describe sounds like a possible Migraine, it also sounds like anxiety, possibly focal point seizures(not a diagnosis, just sounds similar) or side effects(all can be treated)...its YOUR body & if you aren't satisfied with treatments or don't understand whats wrong & what the Dr is treating you for, you need to talk to your Dr. directly, if you are old enough to take these types of medications, & deal with side effects they can cause, you are old enough to be INVOLVED in your treatment, definitely talk to your doesn't mean they're wrong & they just want to see you feel better(as a parent, feeling unable to help is terrible)...tell them exactly how you feel & how disruptive it is to your life, if you want more answers or have questions, if your parents can't answer...ask to go back to the Dr. (even a second opinion or a neurologist) if your main Dr. is a family doc, or if you have a family Dr. & psychiatrist, request another family doc or specialist(non-psychiatric)as a second opinion, my concern as a parent would be to make sure there is no underlying diagnosis that gets overlooked, because Dr. are focused on anxiety & personality/mental health issues(using THOSE diagnoses to explain all your symptoms) can have BOTH, I think you will find a solution working with your parents, the Drs, and maybe some trial and error...if the Migraine meds helped, maybe you are on the right track(see if anything seems to trigger them) Best Wishes to you & your parents(you are a team)...feeling like you do is extremely hard, I know, it is also really frustrating...try to relax & distract yourself in the mean time, laughing is good...take things a day at a time(or an hour a time) if you get too stressed, your symptoms could increase, a counselor can help sometimes, just talking & helping you find ways to feel calmer/relax...I can answer some questions & am here for support if you wanted...take care & hope you feel better soonโ˜ฎ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’•

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      i do really appreciate someone actually responding to this(didnt really expect anyone to) but i have a neurologist appointment on Tuesday next week so hopefully i can get some answers there.

      in the past ive had an ekg and that showed that i had a hyperactive spot on my left motor cortex (i cant really find anything that answers why this was) but ya i was diagnosed with adhd and migraines and depression before this started happening and honestly it kinda scares me. a lot of the people that i talked to about this (family doc, school nurse and my aunt who is a pediatric doctor) said that it sounded like i was about to pass out or something of that nature.

      ive done some poking around and I think i get temporal lobe seizures at least the symptoms of that match closest to what i am experiencing.

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      Hey Sean, The neurologist appt. is great sure to ask him/her to explain what he thinks is going on and ask any questions you have, dont miss an opportunity like this to get ALL your questions answered and discuss any further testing or at least what the treatment plan is...I didnt want to mention seizures before but, there are many kinds(like ones we both mentioned) and it sounds like whats going on....Good Luck at your appt. maybe bring a list of symptoms, Questions & anything else you want the Dr. to know, sometimes you get side tracked(off topic) in the office and realize later you still had things left to bring up...I really hope you can start to feel better soon...anything i can do, just respond on this thread or start a new the Migraine section...I am here pretty regularly....wish i could be of more helpโ˜ฎ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ€

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