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CarolynB123 CarolynB123

My Pityriasis Rosea Experience - Secondary Breakout on arms

When I first found out I had Pityriasis Rosea I came stright here and got some wonderful advice on how to remedy my rash.

I've had Pityriasis Rosea for about 3 weeks now and my original rash and herd patch have almost disapeared. However over the last week I have been feeling very under the weather and have broken out in tiny round bumps and blisters, most notibly on inside of my arms.  

These tiny round bumps have almost taken the place of my original PR rash that was flat, scally and oval shaped spots on my abdomin and back. These new little round pin pricks are also a bit itchy.

Has anyone else with PR had a secondary breakout during their stint? Or a similary rash in general? I'd love any feedback smile

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  • tracy0711 CarolynB123

    I don't know if I would refer to them as secondary rash bra aide the 1st set weren't gone yet, but they were smaller and itchier. I've described them as feeling like I had stickers in my clothes. It took me 5 months to completely be cured because a few more would appear each day. Hope you're feeling better soon!! Bless you!

  • Joyessbex CarolynB123

    Hi Carolyn, are the bumps painful? I developed large blisters in my armpits and these turned out to infected. I would see your GP as there is a possibility that your rash has also become infected. If this is the case they will prescribe you an antibiotic cream. Mine was so bad I had to take oral antibiotics as I could not touch them and they began to leak puss. My GP also suggested Daktarin at the time for the virus in general, this is a cream for fungal and associated bacterial infections of the skin. You can get this from the chemist for about £3.

  • VeraM2 CarolynB123

    Hi! Hope you're already fine. Can you tell me how this secundary rash evolved. Did it last long? I think I'm going through the same problem. Almost 3 weeks and all my patches have almost disappeared but a new rash of smaller bumps seem to be appearing in my belly. I'm getting desperate here!

    • stazstaz VeraM2

      I had it for 14 months. Mine never "almost went away", but there were waves of a little less and then "bam" more appeared. I ended up with the rash in my mouth (really gross) and from my neck to my ankles. I tried all kinds of stuff I found on Google after I was finally correctly diagnosed, by biopsy (my GP had been treating me for ringworm) at the 9 month mark. The steroid creams helped for the itch, but did nothing to get rid of the rash. I found Prreze on eBay, and that just took the rash away within a week. That was the most miserable year plus of my life. 

    • jg1129 VeraM2

      I know this is an old post, but what was the outcome for you with the second wave of smaller bumps? My initial rash and herald patch are almost gone, but now I've also got these smaller spots on my stomach...sounds very similar to what you described so I am hoping you see this and can update with what happened! Thanks!!

    • stazstaz jg1129

      PR is systemic- it moves around inside of you, so it can "pop up" anywhere on your body, not just spread out from the herald patch. That is just natural progression of the disease.

  • Katie L CarolynB123

    I had PR 2 years ago. Found a woman online who said get on a sunbed NOW!.... I had 6 minutes on an infra-red sunbed (good for skin problems etc)..... within 24 hours it was 70% gone..... a few more sunbeds and it was gone. I was nearly 4 weeks in and suffering terribly.

    Lucky's just returned..... well.... I have my herald patch. I've been having a few minutes on the sunbed here and there......seems to be suppressing it.....

    I will keep posted.


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