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so some of you may know me or i may have written some ideas over the last 2.5 years.anyway i think i may have solved my reflux riddle and i want to share my story so it may help some of you.

2.5 years ago i started getting sore throats and earaches. i went to an entologist to get checked out. funnily enough he had checked me a few months before for something else and everything seemed fine. this time round he found that my les was open. he gave me a list of food not to eat some tablets and sent me on my way.

i took the tablets and my chest nearly exploded. i only took one and thought im not gonna take anymore. we spoke to friends with reflux and one sent me to a doctor in Prague (im an expat living  in the cz republic). he did a ph test and told me that there was reflux gave me different tablets sent me on my way. i kept going back to this doctor who was also a surgon and he said that he could operate. i said i didnt want a fundo he said why not . I said that i wanted to pick up my kids in my arms. he asked how old they were i said 2 and 7 and he said that they were old enough not to be picked up. i left never to go back again.

the sore throat and acid in my mouth was up and down over this period. i asked a doctor friend of mine for some help and he sent me to see a wonderful doctor in praguue who did another endoscopy and he pulled it out slowly. (this was november 2013) he said my les was fine. i asked about cancer he said no just some reflux scars. but he said you have inlet patches in yopur upper eosophagus that is causing the sore throat and maybe acid taste. he said many entrologists dont notice because they remove the camera too quickly.

so i asked what can i do. he said nothing take the ppis and enjoy your life.

inlet patches are cells from your stomach that mirgate up your throat at birth we nearly all have them but some create problems and for otehrs they dont.

 i took different ppi's and for a while they worked. i had up's and downs but slowly the pain in my chest came back more than just a sore throat and acid in mouth but like proper chest pain. i got depressed and down. tried different food. old wife remidies. each worked a little then none then a little then none. all the time i was getting lower and lower. i thought i had progreesed to full reflux. but sometimes i was fine why? i wrote to the doctor what can u do.

we can remove but very dangerous to abligate them no success garanteed. so i left it. but didnt know what to do. i kept looking at my kids getting very upset.


about two week ago  my whole famioly went down with a stomach bug throwing up etc. i couldnt take the pills for about 5 days. when i noticed... my chest pain had gone. the origional sore throat was there but no reflux sensation in my lower eosophagus at least not like before.

over this last few days ive started eating bread drinking alcolhol choc the works with very very very very few side effects. so it must have been the tablets all along. I worte to a dr dunn in the uk who is using the halo to abligate inlet patches in the throat and he says i can pay to have them out it may help. the most importnat thing is that the risk of cancer is very very small. i am so happpy. i am actually spending time with my kids and wife and being present with them and not thinking about my problems.

hahahaha  i have a little sore throat now. Hopefully i can keep this under control until the halo becomes available in the cz republic.

so i have some advice that may or may not help you.

1. beer really stopped my reflux symptoms and lots of doctors here said yes because it is alkaline and so try it if it helps. (not for everyone i know)

2. get your entrologist to try for inlet patches you may have them however rare they are.

3. going off wheat is good (but i have really enjoyed eating bread these last few weeks) smile

4. alkaline water helped me a bit to relieve my symptoms.

5. loads of things i tried didnt help.... dont get down you will find something out there keep looking. dont get angry with people if they found something that helped them but it doesnt help you.

6. dont pay for people who have the cure...... 99 percent they dont.

7.dont get depressed.... i know its hard. try to relax.meditate.

8,. dont sit in front of the pc all day looking for answers speak to professionals and don't take no for an answer.

9. good luck to you all.

10. there are soo many new surgeries and therapies coming im sure one will work for you.

11. try low carb or paleo (if anything u may find some new recipies to enjoy)

12. for god sake move. get outside breath the air if you can. get away from the pc. if ur depressed then ull only find bad things i promise.

i hope i have helped one person. if i have then i will be happy.

there is very little about inlet patches on the web but there is a littel information out there.

good luck all and thanks for all your help in the past i have been reading a lot. and will continue.


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    Good stuff Greg,

    think you meant "ablation".? ..

    you stated you stopped the tablets and within the 5 days symptoms vanished for the most part...what tablets?

    thanks for the beer off to have a beer...haven't had one since era Hypocretes...


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    hi sorry spelling bad yes i did mean that. i dont know what the first type of tablets were but my most recent were 20mg of emanera twice a day. ( i only took them once a day. i also want to say that i think you really need to take your meds half an hour befopre food to an hour before food i wasnt always good. I had 3 doctorsd telling me about beer or at least agreeing with the way it helped me.

    i dont know if the beer helped due to my inlet patches or if it helped with the reflux but i could drink then be ok for 2 - 3 days


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    Great when someone gets a result well done you  I am working on  the diet and no meds myself at the moment and sometimes I am ok sometimes not  currently have sore and phlemy throat ,like a cold but not ,so finding the food way helps xmas has not helped with lots of goodies tempting me . will ditch the red wine (not that i drinks much these days just one at special times )  and go back to beer which I always drank for years and see if it makes a difference at least for an occssional treat . Again well done you.
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    I have problems with spelling and "thoughts" while typing..kinda suspected you knew.

    The beer went always seemed to burn my throat a tad but very brief..Wine does the same..immediate then lingering affects...and with this very minor exception, no other issues.

    The contaminats in red wine often give me minor problems..intollerance vs use resveratrol as an alternative...have lost the enjoyment for beer and wine however? age?

    I "guess" the inlet types secrete the acid you experience?

    Ablation appears to be the best course..rfa at 90% and better, and perhaps newer tools and procedures like an "almost" office visit.

    Our best to you from coastal california today...Claudio

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    The beer in the Czech Republic is alkaline, specifically Pilsner Urquell.  However, beer everywhere is not.  Just an FYI for others reading this post.


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    ok. i thought i would update. i have been fine. i have been reading up on rebound horror stories and i have to tell u i have had non at all. (again this could be due to the fact i have inlet patches and not gerd)(if the docs are right lol).

    i have had a bit of a cold the last few days and the phelgm is sitting on my throat. i have been cophing and coughing up a bit of phlegm but im hoping thats the cold. last night and tonight after dinner a bit of my food has tried to come back up but im hoping thats connected tot he cold. seeing doc on tues will let u know.



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