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I had my Rezum procedure done on Monday afternoon and it is now Wednesday. I had Nitrous Oxide and that was trippy but that is another story. Overall I found the pain and discomfort of the procedure manageable between the NO and the local. My prostate was about 50 grams and I received 6 steam injections. Overall it too about 1 hr before I was walking out assisted with a Foley in place.

As the local wore off it was getting quite painful in the urethra and i was having spasms. I got no special drugs but I've had lots of kidney stones so i always have something stronger and i needed it for the first night along with some tylenol. FYI, I had a UTI going in so my urethra was already irritated and possibly that was what made it worse after all the in and out activity.

Probably the worst of the pain is when you have the urge to pee but of course nothing happens. I could not help but "push" sometimes which would result in a blood/urine mix coming out around the edges of the catheter and the pain would get worse before it got better but the worst of it would only last a few minutes every hour or two. I would also have some gooey stuff come out from time to time, maybe UTI related.

The urge to pee diminished the next day and really the discomfort almost entirely related to the presence of the Foley. I did not perceive any other pain. Most of the desire to actively pee had gone and I could control it pretty well. I did notice when I emptied the bag that would sometime cause me to want to pee. Emptying it in stages helped.

I have pretty much immobilized myself for the last 51hrs as I think that gives me the best chance of a quick recovery. Tomorrow AM the Foley comes out. I've done it before and it isn't that hard. My main concern is whether i will be able to pee. I've had 5 kidneys stones and two bladder stones removed and it has not been a problem with any of them.

I would say that the procedure is more uncomfortable and the recovery longer than the Rezum folks imply. I was told that some urologists will perform the procedure where the patient is completely out.

I'll post again tomorrow after the Foley comes out and I can have a shower.

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    After 67 hours on my foley catheter it was time to remove. Ive done it before so it seems a little scary but it is not too bad. The most important thing is you must remove the water that holds the catheter in place like a small balloon in your bladder. They will give you a syringe to use to remove the water. After that apply gentle pressure until it starts to move and then keep it moving until it is all the way out. For me there was probably 12-14 inches inside the body.

    Immediately there was some blood/urine mix. I was able to pee a small amount which had a lot of small blood clots in it. Flow was small and I did not feel like i could empty fully but I was happy with where I was at.

    As I write this about 4 hours later the status remains very similar. I can pee in small amounts but can't empty fully. Definitely some urgency, more than normal. Just a little discomfort when peeing, nothing too bad.

    I should have mentioned yesterday that although I was classic BPH the primary reason I had the surgery was that I have generated 2 bladder stones over the last 2 years, each over an inch in diameter (very uncomfortable). The surgeon who removed both of these said it would continue until my prostate was treated. Theory being that small stones can't be peed out so they form the nucleus of much larger stones. Won't get that question answered for a while.

    Hopefully the worst is over. I'll post again in a few days or if there is any unexpected development.

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      Within about 4 hours of removing my catheter yesterday I was barely able to pee. Nothing would come out by itself and I had push to get a dribble and it was a bit painful, but it was something. Made it through the rest of the day like that but when I got up to pee in the night it had improved to a slow trickle and is still like that this morning. I did take some advil before I went to bed so perhaps that helped reduce the swelling.

      So in summary, 88 hours after the surgery the catheter is out, I can pee although it is quite slow. I'm pain free 98% of the time but still some residual discomfort when peeing. The tip of my penis is wet most of the time, I don't think I'm leaking per se, but possibly some urine is trapped in the prostate tissue and slowly descends.

      I did test out the other function of the prostate and no RE.

      Probably be a few days or a week before there is sufficient progress to make it worth reporting on further.

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      Hi mate. It is rather very unlikely that there is pee trapped in prostate. Urine have nothing to do with prostate.

      Read my original post about prostate inflammation (prostatitis). If you never had your semen or prostate fluid tested....Well it could be the reason why you developed those health issues in the first place. You may be infected with a bacteria. I can't believe some stories here on this forum. People having TURPs and other prostate surgeries before consultant is able /willing to establish what is causing it in the first place . Shocking

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      It is now 2.5 weeks since my procedure. I had to check the calendar because it feels so much longer. When I left off I was still having difficulty peeing. That is mostly gone of late but some discomfort remains. What is more impactful is the suddenness of the urge to pee as well as the frequency. Last weekend it got so bad that I didn't even leave the house for a couple of days.

      This will sound strange but the action of peeing feels much more similar to taking a dump than it ever did before. I'll frequently pass gas or more if I sit down to pee. I must be pushing more than I realise. I will also feel constipated even though I'm not.

      I did go through a period about a week ago where I was developing hemorrhoids from all the pushing but that that has improved as the pushing. I do also have a mild pain\ache in my ass, annoying but not overly bothersome.

      Strangely the amount of blood in my urine has become more noticeable over the last few days and is accompanied by small pieces of tissue. So I'm wearing underwear to bed because the sheets are getting stains on them.

      I've had 5 kidney stones and 2 bladder stones removed and this recovery is much slower, more painful and has greater impact on your everyday life. Don't know how this compares to TURP.

      My follow up appointment is not until late May which would be about the two month mark. Hopefully by then things will be markedly better. I'll check in a few weeks from now if I remember.

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      I had the procedure due to the recurrence of bladder stones and my inability to pass them when they are small. In regard to my wet penis (still the same) I was just trying to convey that I don't think it's incontinence, but part of the healing process.

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      It has now been 1 month since my Rezum treatment. These last two weeks have been rougher than I expected marked by periods of intense urgency and significant pain on peeing some of the time, mainly at the end of stream.

      Seems like the amount of blood in my urine increased overall. Sometime its dark and if I have been active its more likely to be bright. Bit surprised to be actively bleeding even a month after the procedure.

      I'm typically getting up about 2 per night but last night I slept from 10:30 until 6:00 without going so that is a very good sign.

      The urgency\frequency is the biggest problem. Hopefully another month and I will be over the hump.

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