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I worked LONG and hard to find what works for me. And I sleep a good 8-10 hrs per night.....I'll share what works for me as I know sleep issues are HUGE for so many.

Getting the body relaxed as much as we can is key, I'm living and learning....the longer we live the more we learn, right?

During the day I take 500mg magnesium citrate, usally 2-3 times so most days I take upwards of 1500mg some days 1000mg...many say take to bowel tolerance....I've had a history of constipation so this mag protocol keeps me moving nicely.

Also, during the day I use Pharma Gaba which comes in 100mg caps. Some days I take a few thru the day.

The idea for me is to keep my body in a relaxed state vs tense state.

I also deal with Fibro which keeps the nerves stressed.

At 7:30PM, I prepare my body for sleep. I take 1/2 to 3/4mg Melatonin. With this I take 500mg Inositol or 250mg each of Choline/Inositol in one capsule. Total of 500mg....I've done both and these work.

Some need more melatonin and some do good with less.

When I'm getting into bed at 10:30/11PM I take one more 500mg Inositol and 1 Calms Forte' homeopathic tab.

Inositol is from the B family of vitamins.

These are all calmers for the body and I sleep in totally dark room, no tv in bedroom etc....

If I wake up at 3-4AM for bathroom and can't get back to sleep, then take an Inositol or Calms or both and right back to sleep until 8-9 AM.

Also, right before bed, it's 2 Ibuprofen and a DGL before taking them. DGL is a stomach lining tamer supplement which I bank on for stomach protection. I wouldn't be without it.

Years ago I ended up with a stomach ulcer from a pharma anti inflammatory so I found that DGL is a great protector.

Just thought I'd share what works for me....anyone can use all or portions of this routine.j

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    Thanks for sharing Joy

    I dont know half of the meds.....I'm in the UK.....not sure where you are but I can google them  wink

    I dont have a TV or any elctronic equipment in my bedroom either.

    I never waken up and cant get back to sleep. I waken to go to the loo and stagger there half asleep and back to bed without really waking.

    I do waken up a few times in the night but go almost straight back to sleep but its enough to disturb my sleep and leave me feeling unrefreshed in the morning.

    When I do waken up I'm in agony. Have pain most of the day but not as bad as when I waken. Its the pain that wakens me during the night even if it is only for a few minutes at a time.

    I have a history of constipation as well. I tend to drink a lot of prune juice which helps

    I usually get into bed about 10/10.30pm but have to read for a while. Cant get into bed and immediately settle down. I've tried it LOL

    I take a prescribed stomach liner as well.

    I'm prescribed paracetamol 2 x 4 a day OTC

    Naproxen {Anti inflammatory} thts is mostly why the stomach liner

    They are the pain relieving ones {supposedly}

    I take a BP tablet once a day

    I also take tablets for osteoporosis

    The main one that I will not let a gP change is for epilepsy. I've had it since I was 18 months old {68 now} I've been fine since for the past 33 years .....last one was during my last pregnancy......which means i lead a normal {as possible LOL} life, drive etc......and I'm not rocking the boat by changing them or coming off them or taking something that might be contra indicated.

    Most of the others I would be prepared to change if I could find something else for the pain. Dont forget this fracture........ I get a lot of pain from that .........supposedly acute but 6 months now and not much sign of improvement!!!



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      Eileen, all that I take are non prescription drugs, they are supplements....

      I take iburprofen 2 three times per day for the ongoing pain of OA and what I deal with re: hip surgery.

      I take BP meds which are a prescription drug.

      Thyroid med, Armour, which is also a script.

      Otherwise all supplements.

      Am I understanding that the UK does NOT have health food stores, supplement companies, etc.Here in the U.S. we are big on supplements, thank goodness.

      I know some other folks on a arthritis group and it sounds like not many supplements there but I've never asked that question.

      I've been taking grape seed extract or pycnogenol for 19 yrs soon, they keep my immune system strong, and both these originated in France.

      The fracture could be from not enough magnesium in your body/bones....there is a lot of info online about magnesium deficiency in our populations....Iodine deficiency as well. I supplement with both mag and iodine as well.

      I was in England back in my 40's when I was young and vibrant and working like a fool and had a grand time. The best baked potatoe I ever had was in England, must has been an Irish spud.

      My highlight thinking back was the train ride to the white cliffs of Dover and seeing so many interesting people on the train from all over Europe.

      And Harrods with those incredible wooden restrooms I have tons of pictures from that trip.

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      Hi Joy

      I take naproxen which is the same as ibroprufen....same family anti inflammatory. I get it prescribed which means its free rather than buying it OTC  wink

      My BP's area prescription and Epilepsy {you take thyroid} there are some things we have to rely on prescription for......I dont know what you call the medicines. Lots of people talk about alternative but we call them complimentary WITH prescriptions.

      I dont know where you got the idea that we dont have health food stores we have lots of them.  Look up Holland and Barratt its one of the biggest chains

      As for the fracture...they found out afterwards that I have osteoporosis {brittle bones}

      You thi k you know what caused my fracture but my problem at the minute with that is have you any suggestions to relieve the pain of it?

      I glad you enjoyed your triop to England...

      Would you believe that I've lived here most of my live and never been to Harrodsbiggrin

      Why is it that you get to less places closer to you than when you're in a different country  LOL

      I live in the North East and Harrods is in the South.

      I probably saw more the 2 years I lived in Australia {of their country} than my own  LOL




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      Eileen, Naproxen can elevate blood pressure more than Ibuprofen. So caution there....I'm on BP meds so check everything as don't need to elevate what I have under control.

      Do you take magnesium, great help for bone health...most don't take enough as the recommended dose is lower for the general public....there is a lot of info out there on mag deficiency.

      I've heard from many that your health system is in trouble,,,,for so much is free, but people do payer higher taxes in Europe I know.....we have enough health insurance issues in the U.S. with our 300million+ population. We pay enough for our health protection and get a low low Medicare when we hit 65. Still we pay $100 per month with small annual deductible, but still MANY are in need of health protection.

      We have to do so MUCH for ourselves to keep healthy and not depend on drugs....I depend on my supplements like mangnesium for one.

      My thinking is that alternative or complimentary support needs to be #1 to address our health issues then if necessary a drug.

      I Know everyone does not think like me but a lot do.

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    Hi Joy,

    Wow thats amazing combo I worked in health food store at sprouts in vitamin dept.

    Im on disability hoping to be able to go back soon I love my job The supplements you take are alot of the ones i would suggest to my customers Im so happy to here thatbiggrin I do believe natural is the way to go awesome combo

    Thanks for sharing



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    Hi Joy, What is DGL?
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      I would post a link, but someone said we cannot post links here.....if you google DGL you will find a LOT of info on this deglycerized's not a candy and does not elevate blood pressure as licorice can. It's been deglycerized.

      It's a supplement that coats the stomach lining to protect us from the many meds and even foods that can cause gerd, reflux,. ulcers, etc....

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    Well sleep to be a HUGE issue on so many of the groups, but I get tired of talking about what WORKS for many.   and especially for me.

    The other night after turkey dinner, and turkey contains L-Tryptophan an amino acid to aid sleep.    I slept from 11PM or so until 6:30AM, straight thru and I know it was the turkey with the L-Tryptrophan amino acid....

    One can buy this amino acid and work with it for sleep.   One chemist who has a site I go to says L-Tryp does not give the vivid dreams like Melatonin does.....I like my dreams so stick with my combo.

    But I  hadn't slept thru that long in YEARS.....J 


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      Right now there is a sleep program on National Georgraphic called Sleepless in America and some 40% are sleep deprived.....deprivation can lead to many diseases, cancers, alzheimers, obesity and more...

      I may get some L-Thyptophan as I like that 7.5 hrs straight thru sleep..


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      Just talking to my good friend who taught me so much of my alternative healing work starting in 1994 when I met her....and I was telling her about my great night's sleep after turkey dinner last Thursday.....and she brought up 5HTP which is a precursor to serotonin and also a derivitative of l tryptophan...this can also be used for many issues including:

      Serotonin has many profoundly important functions, including a role in sleep, appetite, memory, learning, temperature regulation, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, and endocrine regulation.

      I've taken it off and on for some yrs but not lately, I have some and will try it with my sleep combo close to bedtime and see how it might work....another girlfriend has taken it for years for depressive issues...5HTP is sold everywhere in the U.S.   .J

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    I'm bumping this up as I will direct some of the Fibro folks here as SLEEP is the one great vital critical necessity in the Fibro Syndrome.   Good deep sleep is so so important for the nerve healing of Fibro.    J
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      I've talked about the homeopathic tab I take with my sleep combo and for the heck of it, checked the 100's of reviews online on this little miracle tab and EVERYONE gives it raves.....

      Why folks don't work on their sleep is mind boggling to me.   And yet many many talk about no sleep in their sleep = no healing.  J

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