My son 2.5 year and low t4, t3 since 1 year old, and lot of behavior disorders

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My son was born in normal delivery,  and everything was fine. But after 1 week his body covered with rash., then 1 month developed dry skin on his body. We consulted doctor they said “this is dry skin, and it will goes up once he grows up”.

My wife had some tiredness, so so we took thyroid for her ( that time my kid was 1 year), and consulted doctor said she has mild hypothyroidism. Then I go some doubt about my kid, and took lab test for my kid, it’s result was he has low t4, t3, and TSH was normal.

Doctor said it in normal range only, no need to worry on that.

Now he is 2.5 year, still not started speaking, and he has symptoms  like

* Dry skin

* Bloated stomach

* Brittle Nails ( finger, and leg finger)

* Not started speaking words, simlar age

* Less focus

* Food intake ( he has no interest in foods)

* Hair loss

His weight is normal only, I have been taking his blood tests for every 6 months. Last time I have consulted doctor again, and he said he has in normal range only. Please see the results from labs.

Lab 3, Date: 23/06/2016        

TOTAL T4  - 77.46 nmol/L    (Reference range 60.0 ~ 160.0)

TSH    - 2.297 mIU/L    (Reference range 0.270 ~ 4.20 )

TOTAL T3 - 1.28nmol/L    (Reference range 1.5 ~ 2.8)


Lab 2, Date:  09/04/2016        

TOTAL T4 - 6.38 ug/dL      (Biological reference 5.53 - 11,  **EC)

TSH, Serum  - 4.001 uIU/mL    (Biological reference 0.465 - 4.68,  **EC)

TOTAL T3  - 1.340 ng/mL   (Biological reference 0.97 - 1.69, Chemiluminesecence Immunoassay))


**EC (Electro Chemi Luminiscence Immuno Assay -ECLIA)        


Lab 1, Date: 31/12/2015        

TOTAL T4  - 6.17 µg/dL    (Child 1 yr - 3 yrs : 7.0 - 13.1)

TSH    - 1.4701 µIU/mL    (Child 1 yr - 5 yrs : 0.64 - 5.76

TOTAL T3  - 80.17ng/dL    (Child 1 yr - 5 yrs : 92.4 - 200.5)

Still now I didn’t diagnose him for anything. I am really worried about his condition. is he hypothyroid ? what kind of diagnose should I give to him ?


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    Personally, and I am not a dr, I would see a different dr and ask for a full blood test checking vits levels especially b,d,iron,calcium...and TPO which will show if he has an autoimmune problem. Some dr's tend to go only by results of tests - others will consider symptoms too.

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    Hello Vishalrajar:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease since 1987. 

    Many Mother's while pregnant who have either diagnosed or undiagnosed Hypothyroid problems  can have children who are autistic.  So some of what you describe fits Autisim or a form of it called Asberger's.

    Normally the doctors test the mother for Hypothyroidism and have her on replacement hormones during the pregnancy.  It can also be passed on via the DNA. 

    Children so young (toddlers) must be taken to a good Endocrinologist who knows children well.  His last labs look okay from 6-23-16, so that is good.  Symptoms he has brittle nails and dry skin and loss of focus, fit with Hypothyroid.  Some other Hypo symptoms are feeling cold, constipation, sleepy, low energy, bruising, muscles ache, brain foggy, unable to concentrate, low body temp and low pulse.  Some Autistic symptoms are, like routines, delayed speaking, being by themselves and no social interaction and will not make eye contact and learning disabilites.

    Have your doctor refer you to a good Endocrinologist and do some more blood work and also be seen by an Autisim specialist.

    I hope this helps,



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      Thank you for reply Shelly,

      If my son will start diagnose with hypothyroid now, will there any rescue from his symptoms. ?

      After reading your comments, I have lost myself .. I was telling about my kid symptoms to doctor's more than one and half years .. They are not listening to my words.

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      Hello Vishalrajar - I have had Hypothyroid for years.  I have cured myself by eating only organic fruits and vegetables.  I have also replaced all of my personal products (shampoos, lotions, etc.) with organic products.  I am no longer on medications.  You might try this for your son.  My guess is that he would start to get better within a month or two.  I also had fibroids very badly and they are now gone.  If you would like more details you can private message me.  Good Luck.
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      Hello Vishalrajar

      If your son is on Thyroid medication he should show signs of improvement in 6 to 12 weeks as he builds a level in his body. You must  push the doctor and if needed get a better Pediatric doctor.  Get a refferal to have him tested for  Autisim. 

      Please keep us posted on how you do.


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      Thank you so much for reply.

      I just like to to know, why my son t3 is low?

      Lab1, Lab3 and I also have old 1.5 year before test result ( in that he has low t3, t4).

      I have taken my blood tests too, in this case tsh is 1.9 and t3 and t4 are around median level. I have read through internet that, T3 and T4 levels are neither high nor low . please correct me, if am wrong ?


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      Hello  Vishalrajar:

      The body needs proper T3 and T4 levels.  As you have indicated above, your son has had some T3 (Liothyronine) low levels.

      This can come from damage to the thyroid gland.  You can be born with a problem or damage to the gland.  The body gets a signal from the brain (Pituitary Gland) to make more or less of a hormone.  T4 (thyroxine) converts in the thyroid gland into Liothyronine T3.  Some of us have a problem doing this. This is where thyroid disease happens and is very treatable today.  T3 alone is the hormone the body needs to have energy, be alert, keep the body temp correct, keep growth in children normal. keep the brain functioning, etc....

      Some of us have autoimmune thyroid problems, some also inherit genes that pass on thyroid disease, congenital (born with it).  Since your son is  so young, he was most likely born with it.

      Some people are born with a smaller than normal thyroid gland an the gland can grow as they age a bit. Some have cysts or nodules that bother the thyroid gland.

      If he is on medication to replace the hormone then he will build a level and hit all hi milestone goals.    He should improve,  so if he is not on meds for the thyroid ask the doctor why not?  We need both T3 and T4 to be normal.

      So we need good levels of both thyroid hormones and I would get him to an Endorinologist who knows children.

      I hope this helps.



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      Thank you so much for reply.

      Finally got consulation with pediatric endocrinologist on last day. Will take 5 days for results. I am praying to identify his illness. 

      One thing noticed is he has mild lymphocytosis on previous test.

      Lab :

      DIFFERENTIAL COUNT (Automated Flow cytometric)

      Neutrophil L 25.0 (40 - 65 %)

      Lymphocyte H 66.8 (20 - 40 %)

      Lab 2 (old):

      LYMPHOCYTES 47%  (Adults:20-45%, New born: 25-35%, Child <4yrs:35-65%, Child 4-10yrs: 30-50 %)

      NEUTROPHILS 46% (Adults: 40-65%, New born: 30-60%, Child <4yrs: 25-45%)

       Please pray for him, I will keep updated.

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      Hello Vishalrajar:

      I am hoping and praying for good news about your son.  If he has had any infections recently like a COLD virus or tonsil problem or ear infection, childhood viruses,  etc.... that could explain an increase in Lymphocytes or explain why that is.

      Is there any family history of Lymph problems? Lymphoma ?

      Keep me posted,  God Bless.


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      Please ignore previous reply I am not sure how to delete it,

      Thank you so much for kind reply.

      I have consulted my kind to pediatric endocrinologist, and lab results is.

      Lab 4, Date  09/July/2016 



      FREE T3 SERUM 0 FT3 6.0 (3.0 - 9.1 pmol/L)

      FREE T4 SERUM 0 FT4 20.8 (12.3 - 22.8 pmol/L)

      TSH SERUM 4.00 (0.70 - 5.97 uIU/ml)


      WBC TOTAL COUNT 11430  (5000 - 12000 /cumm)

      R.B.C. COUNT H 5.15 (4.10 - 5.10 million/cm )

      HAEMOGLOBIN 13.7 (11.00 - 14.00 g/dl)

      HAEMATOCRIT/PCV 39.0 (33.00 - 43.00 %)

      MCV 75.7 (74.00 - 89.00 fL)

      MCH 26.6 (24 - 30 pg)

      MCHC 35.1 (31 - 37 g/dl)

      RDW H 14.4 (12.00 - 14.00 %)

      PLATELET COUNT 320000 (150000 - 450000 /cumm)


      NEUTROPHILS L 29.8 (40 - 70 %)

      LYMPHOCYTES H 62.5 (20 - 40 %)

      MONOCYTES 3.3 (2 - 10 %)

      EOSINOPHILS 3.7 (1 - 6 %)

      BASOPHILS 0.7 (0.2 - 1 %)


      Neutrophils abs 3406.1 /cumm

      Lymphocytes abs 7143.8 /cumm

      Monocytes abs 377.2 /cumm

      Eosinophils abs 422.9 /cumm

      Basophils abs 80.0 /cumm

      Doctor says that he has mild autoimmune thyroid disorder as his "TPO" is high, and no need of treatment as my kid TSH value in reference range. and he told to revisit after 2 months. I felt like a really losted. 

      is it ANTI - THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES  high, is reason for his physicall and mental conditions, any other way to treat him for that ?

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      Hello Vishalrajar:

      Normally it means the start of autoimmune thyroid problems when the TPOA  ( thyroid peroxidase antibodies) are over the limit.  The normal treatment is Levothyroxine to replace his hormone. His other blood FT3 and FT4 look good.  His TSH is on the higher end of normal and that would be from the early start of thyroid disease. 

      Ask the doctor if he can have a trial dose for his age group of Levothyroxine.  I think they want to wait because his FT4 and FT3 are okay.

      You can ask the  doctor  why he wants to wait 2 more months?  Maybe you  can explain more the symptoms since they match with Hypothyroidism and request that trial dose asking that his symtoms be taken into consideration more.

      Keep me posted on how he does.


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      Hello Vishalrajar:

      Sometimes lymphocytes can go high with early phases of autoimmune thyroid problems like I have. It  is called Hashimoto's thyroid disease. In the early phases it makes the immune system go a bit haywire.  That could eplain why his Lymphocyctes are high. the lymphocyctes are part of that system.

      Does anyone else in the family have autoimmune problems?   Because it tends to run in families and be passed on and even skip a generation.  My sister and I have it and so did my father's sister (our aunt) and I had symptoms at age 12.

      Autoimmune conditions are: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroid disease, so if any of these are in your family it can be passed on via DNA.

      I hope this helps.


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      Hi Shelly

      My wife also have high in lymphocyctes, but she didn't diagnosed as Hashimoto's thyroid. Doctor is refused to treat him with levothyroxine, as my kid has TSH in range. Doctor asked me to revisit after 3 months.

      Is there any other alternatives for treating Hashimoto's thyroid? I have reacently heard of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone), is it safe for my 2.5 year kid ?

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      Hello Vishalrajar:

      I figured that the doctor was going to say that as his TSH is high normal.  Many doctors do not like to do much when the TSH is still in that so called  NORMAL zone.

      Can you seek a 2nd opinion?  Hashi's is passed on  the DNA and having a high white blood cell level and lymph count go along with that.

      No I do not recommend using Naltrexone in a child.  Avoid gluten in his diet, as new studies ha shown Gluten a food binder can aggravate Hashi's and autoimmune problems.

      Make sure his eating is healthy and that his weight is normal for his age.   Can you see a Nautropath ?  They can help with natural vitamins and diet.

      Keep me posted.


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