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My son has had a hearing problem on and off since he was a toddler. He is now 5. After starting school last September, his hearing and his beahviour have gotten noticibly worse. Today, we have just been advised to have grommets fitted. At first it was a relief to think that something was finally being done for him, but I was suprised when I saw the comments on this site, that people have undergone this operation three, four or more times. Is this common? I was hoping one op would sort it. Has anybody out there been fine after just one op?

Worried mum!!:?

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    My 4 year old daughter is due to have grommets fitted next month and I also thought what a relief that she will be able to hear as her hearing is very poor but I have to agree with you about the comments on this site. As I have read more comments I have the same concerns and woundered if you had had any feed back to your question 'has anybody out there been fine after just one op?'another worried Mum!

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    My 4 year old son had and adenoidectomy and grommitsfitted 2 months ago, the improvement in his hearing was tremendous. You could visibly see that he was now hearing sounds differently. His tonsils are like golf balls and our gp has advised he will grow into them! He had a really "green"runny nose 2 weeks ago and the gp didn't give him anything. I have just this morning discovered a horrible sticky discharge from his right ear. I really thought the operation would be the end of our problems. Having visted this site I'm now beginning to wonder if its just the start. ( I too tought the operation would fix everything):?

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    Hi. I had grommets fitted when I was only young due to a hearing problem. I can't remember anything of it, but from what I am told, the improvement in my hearing was amazing. I went from not hearing the vacuum-cleaner to screaming when it was turned on.

    I'm nearly 19 now and I only ever needed the one operation. I did have to have one removed when I was 10 or so because it didn't fall out.

    I still get ear infections and sore ears a fair bit and I can't get water in my ears without having pain, but my hearing is fine.

    While it seems that a fair few people HAVE needed more than one operation, I just thought I'd assure you that there are exceptions.

    Good luck, I hope all the best for you and your families smile


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    Hiya worried Mum

    I understand your concern as it is not only a worry when we know our child has to have surgery but if there seems to be a possibility that they might have to have it again or even again it would be very upsetting.

    I have a positive story, my daughter whom is now 8 had not only grommets fitted but had her adenoids removed along with her tonsils.

    She was 5 years old and had become more and more withdrawn with the build up of fluid in her ears she couldnt hear clearly in Class and even when sitting at the front still wouldnt get involved with any classroom activity it was really sad for me to see my little lively girl becoming more and more withdrawn.

    After she had the operation it was life changing, almost immediatly she was the first to put her hand up in class and her teacher couldnt beleive it. She became my bubbly fun little girl again.

    My 18month old son is due to have grommmets fitted in 2 weeks time and although as with any surgery i am nervous i am confident that it is for his benefit. ( he has had fluid since birth and cannot speak very well at all ).

    We will of course always hear horror stories for any operation - of course because we are human and we make mistakes and because all our bodies are different and react differently to surgery.

    I do know one little boy who had to have the surgery repeated but it went well and he is a chatty 6 year old.

    It is a very very common problem and a very very common operation and we have to remember that for every horror story you will get many many more successes so sometimes it is good to put it into perspective.

    It is of course important to know both sides and to educate ourselves of all possibilities.

    Sorry this is long but i just wanted to try and reassure you.

    Keep asking questions and build a good realationship with the surgeon when you see him/her,

    Sending all my best wishes to you and your son.

    Jo :D

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    Hi I am due to have t tubes inserted in my ears again in October having seen my ENT specialist last week.This has been on going from the age of 7 and I am now 29.I had t tubes inserted in July 2005 and one is causing a few problems,it has apparantly fallen over causing discomfort so I have been advised to have them replaced. Also I have polyps-I am not really certain about these as never had them before in my years of having grommets.

    I would like to say that I requested my last set of t tubes as my hearing has been very erractic over the past 22 years (more poor than good though).The grommets have helped with my hearing greatly as I do struggle without them.I have had approximately 10-12 grommet operations and each one has been very successful in helping with my poor hearing.A word of advice-keep the ears dry, I wear earex plugs for washing my hair and they are great.I would get them in again if I had to and judging by my past history I think that Ill not be seeing the last of my ENT department.

    Hope your son's grommits help as much as they do for me.



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    Update to previous comments - its now August and my son's hearing is great - no furher ear infections - even after a holiay abroad spent in the swimming pool and sea water (although we did take precautions with cap and ear buddies).

    Grommits are still in place and everything now going really well.:D

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