My stool smells extremely foul, almost rancid. What could be wrong?

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So this is very embarrassing to talk about, but for the past few months, I've been having tummy troubles. These have included bloating, acid reflux, diahrhea, constipation, incontinence, cramping, etc Last month I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done which revealed over twenty peptic ulcers throughout my esophagus and stomach, as well as colitis/gastritis/esophagitis. I was given prescription strength heartburn medication and an antibiotic. I am still experiencing symptoms and lately have noticed my stool having an extremely rancid smell It is often extremely light in color and watery (sometimes clear/white), and there is often pieces of undigested food in my stool . Not like, a few bits. I eat very slowly and chew pretty thoroughly yet will often find full pieces of lettuce/other veg, herbs, like I can feel complete chunks coming out the other end. In addition, the stool appears to be oily. What looks like puddles of grease will often float to the top of the toilet and it wreaks extremely badly- not a normal smell. My mother has commented that the odor is bizarre and abnormal, and I have no idea what this could indicate. Anyone else ever suffered from this problem? What does the rotten (almost fishy) odor, along with greasy texture and lack of digested food indicate? Sorry for some of this descriptiveness here.

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    YOu need a very high strength probiotic, the small is due to bacterial toxins in your gut and you need to take me seriously when I say High strength probiotic every single day. Start eating veggies and fish mostly and not proccesed foods. ( Paleo style diet) the white stool is due to bile acid malabsorption and infectious bacteria. How did this start? You can take Cholestyramine to help absorb the acid and immodium to slow the food down. The smell is undigested food rotting in your colon. Being fermented by bad bacteria. DOnt drink kombucha or kefir until your gut and esophagus is healed. where you on antibiotics before this started?

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      Not sure what the paleo diet consists of. I eat very healthy and very little processed food (I prepare at least 90% of my meals) and I have to be on a high calorie, low volume diet because I'm underweight and can't stomach tons of food at once . I am going to pick up a probiotic and I've been incorporating yogurt in to my diet almost daily! 😃 I was not on any antibiotics previous and the problems have been going on for about six months but last month is when it got so bad that I had to stay in the hospital for a week due to gas, vomiting, and dehydration from the going to the bathroom . In the hospital I did okay on some IV meds but since i got home the incontinence issues started, and the rancid/infected smell 😦 . Thank you for the helpful reply!

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    It may well be related to the conditions you have been diagnosed with along with the medications you have been taking which can be harsh on the stomach. Was the antibiotic for h pylori? Check your medication leaflet for side effects and see your doctor again. Try yoghurt or other probiotic foods to replace good bacteria lost while taking the antibiotic. Antibiotics can upset your stomach.

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      The antibiotic was not for h pylori. I know in the hospital in july i was pumped with a lot of IV antibiotics but they had discussed the inflammation much more than any infection. What are some good probiotic foods besides yogurt? Been trying to eat more!

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    i have the same problem and its so bad I'm embarassed to use the toilet in otner peoples houses because of the strong odour. i have had over three colostomies in the past ten years and onky diagnosis has been diverticulitis. i also have a problem with reflux and take omeprazol for it. Any time i eat anything substantial i have to go to the toilet soon after and its very inconvenient when travelling

    I'm desperate now

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    Hi I would say your pancreas isnt working properly, this can produce floaty, light coloured, greasy foul smelling stool. For undigested food possibly food is being expelled too quickly through your digestive system before having chance to get broken down.

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