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Hello everyone. My first post on here was a short summary of my current symptoms and what I’ve been doing. However, i am beyond desperate for answers so I’d like to make one last post covering ALL of my symptoms and what I’ve been dealing with in hopes that someone can relate, help, give suggestions, has an idea of what’s wrong with me, etc.

  • November 2016-January 2017 (3 months) diagnosed with chronic daily migraines at 16 years old. For 3 months straight i had a severe migraines from the time i woke up until i went to sleep. I was prescribed multiple powerful NSAIDS and took up to 7 pills a day for these 3 months.
  • February 2017: developed bad anxiety for the first time. Also my stomach/ GI problems began.
  • stomach pain from anxiety & NSAIDS
  • Starting having Heartburn
  • Took Prilosec for a while
  • June 2017
  • started getting a ton of phlegm every time i ate no matter what it was
  • So much phlegm sometimes i would feel like i couldn’t breathe
  • Diagnosed with Crycopharyngeal spasms (bc of acid reflux) and was prescribed more Prilosec.
  • summer 2017
  • ate pretty much anything
  • Didn’t connect my diet to my symptoms yet
  • Pain was always in upper mid abdomen, also had chest pressure/ tightness, and a tight throat/ lump in the throat
  • Started taking Zantac daily
  • sept 2017
  • stomach pain off/on, nauseousness
  • oct 2017
  • Started experiencing the feeling of anxiety in my chest. Felt like my chest was going crazy even when i was sitting calm.
  • nov 2017
  • started nexium. (Now i was taking nexium and Zantac every day)
  • Jan 2018
  • stomach pain in upper mid abdomen the whole month
  • Randomly threw up green bile, had intense pain, and was given a GI cocktail at the hospital to numb my stomach.
  • Finally had an appt with a GI dr. At the end of the month
  • Feb 2018
  • Chest pressure/ tightness all month
  • March 2018
  • Chest tightness beginning
  • Stomach hurting
  • April 2018
  • stomach hurting in upper mid abdomen.
  • may 2018
  • Randomly woke up and threw up acid 3x, GI cocktail didn’t work when given to me at the hospital
  • June 2018
  • First endoscopy which came that i had eosinophils in my gastric mucosa.
  • Stopped taking nexium and Zantac
  • July 2018
  • Started Regurgitation of every thing i ate
  • August 2018
  • Skin food allergy test (came back overall normal, no severe allergies)
  • I went Gluten free but did not have celiac disease.
  • sep 2018- oct 2018
  • Started getting better, but had flare ups of my symptoms every once in a while
  • Careful eating
  • Stomach pain when eating anything
  • Took gaviscon after most meals
  • nov 2018 - present day
  • i am currently on a formula diet. I cannot eat anything because it won’t stay down and also causes intense pain in my chest (I regurgitate even my formula though, i just force it to stay down)
  • I have chest pain, pressure, tightness, and these symptoms often make me feel out of breath. My chest also feels like it’s burning inside
  • Along with regurgitation of food i also regurgitate acid that burns the back of my throat, or i regurgitate sour clear liquid
  • My throat is often irritated, but not necessarily painful.
  • My actual stomach never seems to be bothered, but my upper mid abdomen in between my ribs feels very inflamed.

    **** i had a second endoscopy in Feb.2019 that came back normal and no more eosinophils. Gastric emptying study in March and a barium swallow in April which both came back normal. I have been on/ off Prilosec but i don’t notice a difference either way. I have tried digestive enzymes which did not help. And I’m also severely underweight at 86 pounds. (Normally i am 104-108) My symptoms are now getting worse, more intense, and i can barely drink my formula i am so uncomfortable. Someone please help! Ask any questions i will answer in detail!

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    Hi and sorry to hear you're in such a discomfort. Have you tried going lactose-free too? I found that gluten -free diet was helping, but lactose free was even better (again, no celiac disease or lactose intolerance in my case, just giving a holiday to my intestine from difficult to digest food). More, when i stopped lactose, my migranes iterally disappeared.

    Another idea could be acupuncture - it did miracles in my case...

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    a few things ear small meals frequently! never go without eating! do not wait till you are starving to eat! No caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, tomatoes, spicy food, as they all make things worse! elevate yourself to sleep! I use three pillows! drink plenty of water. Take some before going to sleep. Keep water on your nightstand and if you wake up drink more! First thing in the morning drink water! Carry plain crackers in your purse and at the first sign of pressure eat some crackers. I took PPI's 2x a day for 2 1/2 months then slowly getting off them. took 4x a week, for 2 weeks,, then 3x a week for 2 weeks and lower slowly. I use pepcid now on occasion. Also get massages 2x a month. Anxiety makes everything worse. Walk away from stress. Take walks when you can! This is a long slow process but it will get better. Eat Yogurt every day! I also take vitamins Vit. C and B12! I had all your symptoms along with sinus issues and earaches. Hope this helps!

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    I had inner ear pain. It felt like a bad tooth! It would come and go! This went on for a year off and on! After suffering then following my gastro doctors protocol with the meds, It went away. My gastro doctor didn't see a reason this was related but he did tell me he heard this before from other patience . Stuffy nose was another issue. It was great to be able to wake up able to breath and actually blow my nose! hope this helps.

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