My Story with PI-IBS - fairy sure I have it after semonella poisioning

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Last Late October I contracted the worst case of semonella - involving severe diarrea for over 7 days (no vomitting - apparently its better if you have that with it) for which I was given Flagyl which didn't stop the diarrea until I took Gastro stop.  The diarrea stopped then but since then I have never had a normal bowel motion - well what I always had - to be quite descriptive - not a solid motion.  I have gone through different motions along the way - lately more like pencils shape but feel like I'm passing something huge - now it is slowly getting a little more solid but never one solid piece, but still not normal.  (By the way my stool sample did come back as semonella).  I went back to the doctors after the results came back as semonella which was about 2 weeks after i'd initially had it and i had told him that I was still not going normally and he said I would probably have IBS.  He said I could of gone on a tablet (to be approved by Canberra) called C Flox and that it might help but the side effect could be tendon damage - just what I didn't need - but he couldn't guarantee it would help at all.  I did not take it.


Prior to getting this I was under enormous stress - my sister had just been diagnosed with cancer and my mother was ill.  Apparently another reason why PI IBS has hit me hard - as anyone with stress prior to an outbreak is more affected.


My nerves have gone down hill as it's very upsetting being anxious to go to the toilet and hoping it will be as it used to be.  I lost 9 lbs in the 2 weeks I suffered with the poisioning and of course worried about that.  I have adjusted my diet somewhat - trying to keep away from diary, eating sourdough or gluten free bread - and not eating sweets as much.  I make my own treats with all dried fruits coconut oil cacao and coconut and that helps with my sweet fix.  Also have sea salt dark chocolate.  I have not gained any of my weight back - another worry but then I guess I'm not eating quite as much.


I take a probiotic which helped a bit in the beginning - cut down my bloating alot but have recently had the bloating again - probably nerves not helping.  As my stress levels are still high - I decided to go on anti depressants (which I'd tried twice - once during the poisioning (wrong wrong time) and when i thought i was getting over it (still couldn't take it) but now have persisted and even though getting nauseous and feeling shocking, I know for my own health sake I have to be in control of my nerves.  You get to thinking you have cancer as this ibs makes you feel so tired and unwell.  It's very emotionally draining.


So that is my story - I don't know if anyone can relate to the symptoms I am having - I'd love to hear if they do - if nothing but to make me feel I'm not alone with what's still happening to me.


I feel for anyone going through this.  It's terrible.  Cheers Rhonda (from Australia)


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    I am having a bad time with IBS at the moment-at least this is what I am hoping it is!

    It all started before Xmas and it was a constant pain,with burping and heartburn-I literally became convinced I had stomach cancer-everything I had was in the list for it(damn Google)

    I also lost weight-a combination of not eating through stress and worry and just not feeling well enough to.

    This just added to my worry over Cancer.

    I have been having ongoing tests to rule out anything and everything-before Docs can definately tell me its IBS.

    All this of course adds to the worry-waiting for results!

    So far everything clear

    Still waiting for CT Scan and Calprotectin test.

    Next and last test would be a Colonoscopy

    Then I feel I will have had a full MOT and if they do not find anything then I can stop this worry and probably my IBS will ease off.

    Have you had any tests just to rule out or in IBS for sure?

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      Mine was diagnosed as semonella and as such the doctor said it could be ibs. I got worried the other night had major panic attack after I had 2 episodes of diarrea again which I haven't had since my initial poisioning (even though my stools are not normal I haven't had diarrea) but it could of been the antidepressants I'm on. I would imagine yours will be stress related. It's very hard not to be anxious when having bowel issues. I haven't been back to get it re checked out but hoping being on anti depressants will make me be more relaxed so maybe the stools may regulate. Goodluck stay positive - you'll be fine.

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    Did your doctor give you a definite diagnosis of post infectious IBS?  I have stress related IBS but getting a diagnosis got rid of my health anxiety and my symptoms are a lot better.
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      Well he said because I hadn't settled after the attack it was highly likely it was. I asked another doctor as well and he agreed. My attack was extreme so from

      What I've researched I'm fairly sure it is. Hoping to hear others stories after an attack of semonella. My stress because of my sister isn't helping and worrying about my stools becoming normal worries me but I'm trying to not keep thinking it's cancer. I've maintained my weight if I'd continued to lose I'd be absolutely freaking out. I'll see how I go after these anti depressants kick in and then I'll get it checked again. I had a bowel test done earlier last year and that came back clear so that's a good thing and I had an ultrasound around the time of my poisioning of my liver spleen kidneys and ovary (lost the other years ago) all

      Were okay - and blood tests revealed low B12 and sodium and my anti nuclear factor was slightly high but nothing else showed up.

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    Wow you have been through the mill. I had a bad allergic reaction to sea food which

    Is how my IBS started. I went off diary and started to drink organic almond milk which seems to be helping with the symptoms. Also try beano before a meal Ana Imodium

    Good luck. I I this helps!

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    Hi Rhonda,

    Just read your post, sorry to hear that you are passing hard way.

    your sisted diagnosed as cancer, is it stomach cancer ? what about your mother what is her problem.

    I have heard IBS will run through family members also is it true ? did they also had IBS ?

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