My symptoms seems like they keep getting worse-

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I have been house bound for most of the last year...The weather has been warm, hot many days lately. I just remain in my dark house with the A.C. on 68!

I only go out at evening or night to shop for food (can't drive anymore)! And, the day only for doc appointments.

My migraines have been real (head-bangers) to say the least! I feel like I am falling and my balance is terrible! Along with my dizziness and nausea is ever presant-

My sleep is horrible...hard to sleep in pain. I did start Magnesium 500mg/day...will let everyone know if it works-

I feel like crying often...just makes me much more sick, so really try not to.

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    I totally understand your pain.  Although I can sorta manage mine with Imitrex often I am awoken at 5AM with blinding pain.  Weather is a huge trigger for me and here in Southern California it is a nightmare how the weather can change hour by hour!  Also it is highly polluted here and I find that makes my head pound!  I also have become depressed from the never ending battle of trying to find some relief.  I am going back to acupuncture again. You might want to try that.  It does help    Good luck,God bless    hoping and praying for you to find some relief soon
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    Rocketman have u tried Amitriptyline? Sick as a dog here also...I started taking them a few days agao, it has eased it by 50% anyway
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    hi Rocketman

    ,Your really going through it right now I'm so sorry for you pain with little relief is exhausting and demoralising.I presume your living InThe USA?

    From what I've read on this site medics over there have different approaches to the UK.What kind of migraine do you have.? Triptans are really effective for some migraines but should not be used for HM and Basilar Migraine.Ask your doctor or research on the web if your meds are Triptans in relation to your specific case just in case they are not appropriate.Over medication as you know causes worse migraines continuously recycling the symptoms and severity.

    Do you keep a diary recording like a spread sheet which records  your meds your attacks your grade of pain .Mine records month by month on a daily basis .The consultant records and reviews the results every three months .If symptoms deteriorate and the pain gets more severe I arrange to see him before the three months and he responds again at point of need.

    Having a diary is arming yourself with evidence that can help the doc refer you to a consultant if the reality is that the docs knowledge of the condition is limited.iVe not tried the magnesium because I'm on Botox trial does your doc know about it? Only asking as it might react against the drugs he gives you or it might just compliment them.I do hope you find some relief soon.

    Im not surprised how down you feel right now, I'm often awake half the night when I have Hms during sleep which the pain wakes me up .I try to drink as much water as I can .iTs hard to put your head down on a pillow when it's banging so I often prop myself sat up on the settee .Sometimes a cold compress (frozen peas wrapped up in a tea towel) placed carefully across my forehead or back of neck helps relieve the pain.Its by no means acute but it can help alittle.I also wear dark sunglasses even in the dark and open a small window alittle to get some air.sOmetimes a ginger biscuit or milky cinnamon and ginger drink helps calm my stomach.A friend suggested cayenne pepper in small doses in warm water.I can't take it because of a sensitive mouth and stomach but it is known as a herbal help to circulation 

    in relation to blood flow of the brain during an attack.

    Do you draw or sketch or paint? When your feeling down I find painting with acrylics a good way of releasing stress, or watercolour Oils smell are more expensive and demand more time to dry etc,Or writing things down, even just word poems in patterns or shapes your experiencing in your aura help you to let go when you can't cry.Basic crayons, chalks or even materials

    in collage shapes and colours you like or what you feel glues on a board or even square of cloth helps you try to focus away from the pain.

    vIsualising the sea and sound of waves , sky or clouds , open meadows or somewhere you have been that has happy memories with trying to slow down your breathing can help.Its hard to do at first it doesn't get rid of the pain but can help you manage it if only for a few minutes.I have paralysis of the arms and legs so I don't go anywhere even unable to get to the loo at times , or even unable to ask for help its then when I try to self talk myself

    into visualisations and slow breathing.It sounds potty I don't take any drugs

    other than cocodomol and the Botox every three months.No alcohol or smoking I'm sure helps minimise the severity even though research into prescribed limited  Canabis is still in progress I'm hopeful for the future.

    You may be alone physically but your not alone in your suffering .Good luck

    and keep in touch .Everyone on this site has at sometime been where you are .iT does pass and it helps me knowing others feel the same.My faith helps me aswell as the consultant whose knowledge and understanding is a blessing to his patients.Dont be afraid of crying at times it releases the stress .Sleeplessness due to pain can be helped by Diazepam prescribed by your doc (short use age only)' for a short relief span .God Bless.Yvonne

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      I have been told by my neurologist more then likely my migraines are from a neck injury when I was younger.

      All together, I have seen over 15 different specialist in the last 5 years when this all began. Many test, sinus surgery to remove a large cyst in my cheek (sinus area)...most painful surgery!

      Here's the funny part migraines do run in my family...not so funny really...eek

      Several doc's even thought I had Meniere's disease and they put me on a special diet low salt, no caffiene...almost like a migraine diet.

      Had dry needling (Painful)...helped some until my insurance said no more! Now I am going to try muscle manipulation...will let everyone know how that turns out.

      Have also tried most all the typical migraine go! Horrible side effects!

      Last few days been tough with the weather changing cool the hot....rain oh boy!...

      God Bless  you Yvonne!

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    I am going for acupuncture tomorrow.  I used to go a few yrs ago and it seemed to help. I dont know why I quit going!  I hope it will take away these everyday headaches.  Its so weird, I didnt have migraines until I was in my 40's.  Doc said lack of estrogen (menopause) doesnt help.  sad
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