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I'm 44 years old and I wrote about my problems in another post. BHP in a small prostate but it was giving me a lot of problems because it pressed my bladder a lot. My urofluxometries were terrible (qmax 3 mL/s).

I was in tamsulosin for 6 months and I hadn’t any improvement, so TURP was the only solution in the country I live.

The surgery was made 2 weeks ago. It was bipolar TURP. They put me spinal block and the procedure lasted about 40 minutes. They cut 10 grams of the prostate. No pain at all. I was taken to hospital room with a 3 way catheter inside. No pain or discomfort at all. I had connected a big bag of saline solution that washed my bladder all the time and it was replaced when it was empty. From time to time, nurses had to empty another bag with the liquid coming out of the catheter and they examined it (looking for blood, residues, color and the urine produced by myself.)

They gave me paint killers and anti-spasmodic medicine all the time I spent in the hospital, so no pain or discomfort at all.

Next day, as everything was ok, doctor asked me to start walking. As I started to do it (and to go to the toilet for defecation) a bit more of bleeding was present in the urine but doc said it was as expected and to not be worried about it. Third day at the hospital they put the catheter off. I still was bleeding when peeing, but doc said it was normal. Fourth day I was sent home.

At home I was asked to drink a lot of water (3-4 L daily) to help with the bleeding and for cleaning the bladder.

I took ketoprofen for 3 days but I only experienced a little discomfort when emptying my bladder so I stopped taking any drug.

Bleeding has been improved day after day as I. Has done the pain. I expulse big clots from time to time and that it’s a bit painful, but nothing terrible.

After TURP I was a bit disappointed with my flow (I expected to be better) but it was because the inflammation and the clots. Flow has been improving day after day too and when my bladder is full and I’ve no clots the flow is really much much better than previous to surgery.

Biopsy was ok.

So tomorrow 2 weeks will have passed and I’m pretty happy with the surgery. I had control with the doc 2 days ago and everything perfect.

I do all my daily activities without problem (avoiding making strength) and I’ve been driving my car and going out for shopping etc.

I go to the toilet about every 40 minutes but doc gave a medicine that expands the time to and hour or more). Not urine leaked or incontinence.

Ah! And my erections are perfect. I had the first one the same night I had the surgery (it was a bit painful with the catheter inside urging) and I ve got a lot more all the days. I mean, my penis is working as god as always. No sex yet for a month, so we’ll see the performance. I know I will get (almost 95% sure) retrograde ejaculation, but I was advised before surgery and I was ok with it. Tamsulosin produced that effect too (most of the days and time, not always) so I’m used to it. My orgasms were just the same so I expect the same now.

Well, that’s all! I’m very happy with the procedure at the moment. I’ll tell you how it’s going for the next weeks.

Thank you very much for reading!!

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    Sounds like you are doing really well. I am happy for you. I have retro and it is not a problem. for me. Of course I'd rather be normal, but my wife doesnt care. Good to hear you are doing well. Always great to hear success storys.

    Merry Christmas.

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    Good morning.

    Glad to here that all is going well for you. You are the only one that has to be okay with the procedure

    At 44 I can't imagine having a Turp done. You said that this was all they had. What country are you in. I just read some post on another site that the men were not happy with there outcomes. There doctor did not give them the information on what will happen most of the men did not like the orgasms after because they were not the same.

    I'm happy you had a doctor that informed you of what is going to happen and you know about it. I hope all will be good for you.

    Happy Holiday's to you and your family.......................PS

    PS. I have to write this for some of the other men that are having procedures. Make sure you ask question and do your research before you go for any procedure.

    One of the consultants that was on the other site said that they had so many complaint from patients that had a Turp.. This is what was said. Doctors and Consultants do not talk about retro ejaculation in detail as it prolongs the process of getting you into surgery.

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    You had a doctor that brought back the gold standard to TURP. Everyone should be so lucky.

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      We can always hope

      That is why I have always said do your research on any procedure you are going to have and be aware of any side effects.

      This way you will not have any surprises after the surgery

      Have a good day...Ken

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      From what I read here retro is a BIG concern when having a TURP. Also, who wants to be in a hospital for several days? The new Olympus Medical instrument for bipolar TURP includes a plasma head that cauterizes and greatly reduces bleeding. I am scheduled for a bipolar TURP and my uro says I should be able to go home the same day. I had a PAE and it did little good. For a year after I went off Flomax, then had to go back on 1 capsule per day, now two. I am getting up 5-7x per night and I just can't take this anymore. I need something done so I can get some sleep. When I read about what men go through after Rezum and Urolift or other procedures they all experience various periods of pain, bleeding, catheters, and difficulty. So, there is no easy fix to this BPH problem.


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      The bipolar Turp is suppose to be better then a regular Turp. Less bleeding. If your doctor is good he can stay away from all the good stuff and get rid of all the tissue that is needed for you to have a better out come.

      I have all way felt men should not have to give up anything just to pee better That is not right

      I don't not know if you are concerned with retro but I do know that there is a less of a chance with bipolar Turp not to have it. The doctor has better control of what is being cut away.

      Did you voice your concerns with your doctor. If not you should tell him if possible it would be nice to still have the best of both.

      Good Luck and Happy Holiday's.....Ken

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    i too had a TURP earlier this year (july) and still having problems .

    i wasnt advised of any other procudures at all and nothing was said a out RE EITHER .

    im happy that your results are much better than mine .

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    Well, an update (because you have to be honest with the good and the bad).

    2 weeks after TURP biopsy was OK.

    3 weeks after TURP some small leakage. I made some urine test. Results: UTI. Taking antibiotics fir 7 days (cipro because the bactery was resistent to a lot of antobiotics). Everything better and the flow was excellent.

    4 weeks after TURP: tremendous pain during urination, not blood at all. Really, really small flow of urine. Almost total retention 2 days ago.

    Citoscopy today. Diagnostic: urethral stricture. I eas looking at it, it was white, blocking the urine flow almost 100%. It is in the bulbar zone, before the external sphincter. The TURP? the infection? what could be the cause to have an really, really early stricture? (usually they start between 6 months and a year).

    Tomorrow I will have an urgency surgery ( the infamous urethrotomy). The stricture is recent and it looks it has short lenght so the urologist said that could be sucessfull.

    Citoscopy was stopped because camera could not go through the stricture.... I pray that tomorrow they don't find anything more bad inside...

    So here I am, at the hospital waiting for tomorrow.

    I am really, really sad, crying... all has gone wrong. I miss my kids and my woman...

    I know Kenneth... but TURP was my only option, here and know.

    Pray for me please...

    Greetings to everyone...

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    Glad to hear everything is going well. I am 69. I had a bipolar turp this summer. No problems at all and all symptoms cured. Its good to hear someone else with positive experience. Turp seems to get a very negatively biased press on this site. I had read so many horror stories before I went in that I was pretty scared before the op'.

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      Hey Mike

      Very happy that all worked out for you. Sorry you had to read the horror story's that come with the Turp procedure but you can't go into a procedure with rose color glasses. Because the side effects are there and it can happen. A man has to be sure of what procedure he wants.

      Take care stay well..Ken

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