Myomectomy tomorrow

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Doing the last few things before I go into hospital tomorrow at 7am for a myomectomy to remove 1 large fibroid.

I've kept myself so busy this week in god lead up which has helped but now I'm feeling really anxious.

Joining this forum has helped a lot as it's so reassuring to know you are not on your own. I will message again in a few days. Thank you everyone!

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    Hey saw you post. Thinking about you going to surgery tomorrow and how soon enough I'll be in this same position. Is your fibroid interior or exterior of the uterus and what technique? Laproscopic? Hysteroscopic? And, if you don't mind, why did you opt for myomectomy and not embolization? Just curious as these are my choices and I have no idea really what to do. I have a large pedunculated (outside) one that is bigger than my uterus and one internal that is about 2x2x2 cm. I'm considering a laproscopic myomectomy on the large one followed immediately by a hysterscopic removal for the inner one. Thanks for any advice. 

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    Why not get embolism? I got it in Dec and I'm like night and day. It is non-invasive and you can go back to work the next day. Your fibroids might even grow back after you get that major surgery ( myomectomy). Doctors dont tell you your options and you can still have kids afterwards. Dont let them cut on you like a science project.

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    Good luck Rebecca!! Actually not luck, more like I wish you a super skilled surgeon, a super successful surgery and the best possible recovery.

    I'll be in your shoes a month or two from now so I'm right there with ya.

    All the best x

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    All the best, you'll soon find out that its not as bad as you think and you'd wish you had it done earlier. Never let fear stop you getting rid of those horrible fibroids. I had my myomectomy 1 year and 3 months ago and being fibroids free brings great quality to ones life. 

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    Best  wishes.  It is nerve wrecking but once you get there, if like me, all the anxiety seemed to subside.  The surgeons do this most everyday, but obviously for us it's a first, to them it's routine.  Hope you have a good recovery.  

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    I wish you well, I'm sure you'll feel much better in the long run.

    I have my myomectomy scheduled for the end of June, so not yet anxious but expect the last week I'll be very on edge!

    Will be interested to hear how you get on and any tips on how best to prepare for the op and get through recovery.

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    hey Rebecca,

    just checking in to say hope it all went well and that your recovery is going well! x 

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      Hi Jess,

      How are you? I hope you are ok.

      I was just wondering how you are feeling? Are you waiting for an operation or are you now recovering?

      Be good to hear from you.

      Take care!

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      Hi Rebecca, 

      I'm well thank you (considering!). I'm waiting to have my myomectomy. Have had a major neck injury that I've been waiting to sort out and as soon as I get the clear I'll be booking myself right in to take this thing outta me! Hoping it's mid June. I really hate waiting, and I can't wait until this is all behind me and I can move on with things! 

      You're posts have been great and I'm really appreciative of them! Hope recovery is going well and you've been able to keep yourself entertained and not go crazy with all the time at home!  

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    Sorry I've been quiet for a week but wanted to come on here and tell you about my operation on 28/4/17 for an open myomectomy.

    I can't believe a week ago I was waiting to have it done, time has gone quickly.

    I'll try and keep this quite short but wanted to reassure you as well as giving some advice on what I have noticed/done.

    Firstly, the surgeon I had was fantastic. He wasn't sure exactly where my fibroid (10cm) was so was unsure up to the morning whether he would in fact be able to to keyhole or if it would have to be open. He explained everything. He decided and told me prior to the operation that it would have to be open surgery and although recovery is longer, it would benefit me in the long run.

    The other person who was just amazing was the anaesthetist who again spent a lot of time explaining what she would do and when in the operating theatre, explained each step to the point where I fell asleep.

    The anaesthetist gave me a spinal block as well as a GA and I was so pleased she had as the spinal block didn't really wear off until about 12 to 15 hours after. The feeling in my legs etc came back very quickly but it eased the feeling around the scar.

    They managed to glue the incision rather than stitch it but I guess I have stitches inside. I did have a catheter and a drain and these were taken out the following morning.

    The operation was successful and the fibroid was removed. As I came round in recovery, I vaguely remember the surgeon coming round with a picture of the fibroid. He hadn't weighed it but it was fascinating to see a picture. Just wish I could see it again now I'm fully conscious!!

    Some things I have found out which I hope will be helpful to you are -

    Do exactly what your body tells you - if you are tired, have a sleep, if you are in pain, stop and sit down. I found it hard to think that my body would tell me but it does. I have been really surprised how tired I am considering I'm not doing anything except resting but I guess it's your body's ways of telling you it needs energy to repair itself.

    My appetite hasn't been completely back to normal yet but I would again say, give your body what it wants to eat. However, I can't eat proper size meals yet, I am eating little but often.

    I have got a v shaped pillow to put behind me when I am sleeping which is helping a lot as it's comfortable. I found one one amazon for about £5.50.

    Wear loose clothing, I usually wear pjs but have found nighties quite comfy in the last few days.

    I have made sure that if I am resting a lot then I get up every hour and take a slow, short walk around the house.

    Be prepared if you need to cough, sneeze or laugh (this is the hardest thing I am finding as my partner and I keep wanting to laugh at things) but it will hurt a bit so people have advised holding a cushion to your tummy when you need to do this.

    Finally, BE KIND to yourself. Look after you. Don't compare your healing to others as your body will recover in its own time. I'm beating myself up at the moment and thinking I should be able to do this, this and this by now but you will know when you can but also take guidance of time scales from leaflets etc. It's very early days and we have had major surgery.

    So so sorry! I said I was going to keep this brief and I've pretty much written an essay but hope this has been helpful.

    Thank you to you all for your kind messages on here. This forum has been brilliant and very supportive. It has helped so much and especially to know you are not alone.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions if you think I have missed anything.

    I will post a link to a leaflet that I have found on the internet which has been really useful information. I'll put it in a new reply once I have found it.

    Hope everyone who is recovering is doing well and good luck to those of you who are waiting - don't be afraid to ask your surgeon/anaesthetist/nurses any questions.

    Best wishes!

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      Thanks for the update Rebecca, really glad your op was a success and you are on the road to recovery.

      Don't worry about the length of update, it's so helpful for those of us in the waiting line to hear how things are on the other side (so to speak!). Any other advice or tips will continue to be gratefully received, so don't hold back!! smile

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