Mysterious bounding pulsation and shortness of breath for a year now..! I am giving up..!

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last year, i decided to quit binge eating and finally lose some weight, i was just 19M, yet almost 92KGs.

i started doing 20/4 intermittent fasting which changed everything for good, i lost almost 12KGs and started looking better, now as long as i can remember, i did not had any of these problems before, neither shortness of breath, nor heart palpitations / bounding pulsation.

literally, this is so far was the worst phase of my life, i am literally in a lot of pain, if anyone can help me with my problem, i am literally gonna worship you as the almighty..! because even best of the best doctors have given up on me..! i am going to write everything in good details below so that you can have more better understanding of my condition, lets begin.

after i lost 12 kgs, 2 months since starting IF, i started noticing shortness of breath, specially during night time and a lot of mucus too inside my lungs too, it felt like very bad mucus congestion + shortness of breath ( when inhaling, just feels like cannot get enough breath in, also feels a little bit of chest inflammation).

after few weeks i finally decided to visit a very well experienced Pulmonologist , i did specometry and yes i had around 40% airway obstruction..! i also had small amounts of phelgm.

he priscribed me one inhaler ( LABA) + montelukast as well as some supplements.

it initially did worked, infact montelukast alone was very well capable of controlling my asthma ( not even sure if i have it), but its side effects were extremely bad, i was able to breath but could not do anything else, i was fatigued to death, felt like received some powerful Anesthesia.

after using it for one month, i had to quit, and once i quit it i finally started feeling back alive and normal, but started having shortness of breath and allergic symptoms again, I ALSO STARTED TAKING ANTI HISTAMINES TO TREAT MY ALLERGY SYMPTOMS when i started IF.

for next one month i did not took anything and literally tried to cope/deal with my shortness of breath.

its not really like asthma tbh, its like a feeling of not having enough air in, inhalation is tough, it gets worse after eating, its mysterious, sometimes it happens, sometimes it just goes away entirely on its own.

its not very severe, just constant 24/7 feeling of air hunger, not having enough air in, it rarely gets bad, instead it is just very persistent, its just there all the time. i also did xrays and other tests to see if it not something else more serious like cancer or COPD, thankfully it was not.

after researching a lot, what i have found out that it may be gerd, went back to a gastrologist this time, he game me some PPIs, i think it only helped a little, and not completely, i am not sure if it is hitial hernia but i will get an xray for it soon too, PPis partly helped, but i still had shortness of breath even with it, its not 100% effective.

sometimes, inhaler alone works so great, like literally removes 99% of all SOB and chest tightness, other day it just does not works at all..! its super frustrating.

i replaced PPIs with Apple cider vinegar, which helped a ton actually, far better than PPis, but again shortness of breath was still there. but now GERD symptoms like heart burn or acid in mouth, low apetite were completely gone.

ACV > PPis for GERD, in my case, but not much helpful with shortness of breath tho.

so far, the problem of SOB still persists, no doctor is able to figure it out, they just told me to cope and learn to live with it, which is so frustrating because i am literally suffocating 24/7..! i cannot live like this anymore.

Any advice ? my last hope is maybe hitial hernia, maybe this is what was causing my SOB or maybe indigestion, fluid retention.

i also took all the supplements possible, high amount of d3+ vit b compex + k2+ omega 3 etc, even zinc and vit c, still none of them really helped that much.


as long as i can remember, this condition too started at the same time, i got scared, went to a cardiologist, he tested my heart using all tests possible and thank god there was nothing serious, he thought it was maybe anxiety so priscribed me beta blocker called bisoprolol, i took it for couple of weeks but again it did not really eliminate heart palps entirely, i could still feel pulsations all around my body including inside my chest, but it did made them weak and slow, it reduced heart rate and that powerful pulsation a little bit.

but that feeling was still there, i would say it was only 50% effective.

how exactly it is?

its not really heart palpitations or arrthmia tbh, just like my SOB, its just consistent/ persistent bounding pulsation, my heart rate and BP is normal too, it does not even feels like its anxiety or irregular heart beat or skip beat feeling, just persistent bounding pulsation, feels like heart is beating too hard i can literally find out my pulse rate with it, that is how hard it is.

i can feel it everywhere, legs, neck, chest, hands etc, just persistent hard bounding pulsation, because of it i cannot even relax for a minute, i have never relaxed since last year, i cannot sleep well because of it, cannot focus or calm down because its always pounding hard across my body, its super bad.

i tried everything possible tbh, i tried taking in enough magnesium, pottasium, reducing sodium and overall tried fixing my electrolytes, none of them helped, they were again only 40% effective.

BIG OBSERVATION : what i have noticed that when i do not take any anti histamines, my heart palps are generally very weak or non existence, they are still there when i sleep tho, but still quite less, but again its not confirmed, because sometimes they go away entirely, even when i am on antihistamines ( usually when my inhaler works too, it fixes heart palps + SOB, again sometimes i just get lucky).

is it possible that maybe anti histamines are making my lungs dry, which then results in SOB or air hunger, and anti histamine is also responsible for bounding pulsation too?

i cannot even live without it tbh, its impossible i sweat like hell, my face and sinusus also swells like ballon and generally it is impossible to live without anti histamine in my case, tho not taking it reduces heart palps and SOB by 40%, its not worth it because it still makes me useless.

what i am trying to do now is maybe microdose on it, like just taking 2.5 mg of citerezen than taking a full 10 mg, maybe it will be better? i am currently testing it out.

i also have tried every single anti histamine out there, nothing worked other than citerezen and levo citerezen.

ANOTHER OBS: whenever i feel my bounding pulsation, specially when i goto sleep, i try to goto bathroom and try to take bowel movement, it actually even fixes my bounding pulsation to some extent and helps me relax, again not fully but by 50%.

both of these conditions are happening at same time, they are also very similiar, one year of my life has been ruined trying to fix these conditions, life has became a living hell.

i also started drinking coffee since starting IF, and that is when i first felt my heart palps tbh, like that jittery feeling, now i feel heart palps more when i do not drink caffeine, interesting enough, so i am think about quitting caffeine entirely for one month to see if it helps, its going to be hard but lets try it out.

i think i have shared all the important info. up there, if you have any questions, please do ask them.

thanks for reading if you made it till here so far, you have a very good attention span.

what you all recommend? What should i do now?

My final tests will be

1: quitting caffeine

2: fixing gut and indigestion as well as GERD by taking probiotics along with ACV or maybe Betaine HCL supplement.

3: getting tested for hitial hernia

4: microdoing on anti histamines to avoid dry lungs and other side effects like drowsiness.

5: avoiding foods i think i am allergic/ sensitive to like gluten, dairy etc.

6: keeping proper electrolyte + supplements + continuing IF to further reduce weight.

i feel like going to mayo clinic tbh, i am very young, just a teenager.

i never had these problems even when i was super obese, funny how they started when i tried to better myself.

TIA, eagerly waiting for your responses.

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    Hey Stein, sorry to hear you are going through this... it sounds awful. Odd that your symptoms started after the IF... I developed an odd set of symptoms after trying IF, different from your's but still. And you went hardcore starting at 20/4! Anyway, I doubt your symptoms were triggered from IF. I am no medical professional just my best guess. I would suggest you get a CT scan of your chest/abdomen regarding the pounding feeling throughout your body. Docs may suggest ultrasound first of abdomen. I think I read your whole post carefully... have you had any kind of scans besides x-ray? It's good everything looks good with your lungs/heart. An abdominal ultrasound and/or CT scan of chest/abdomen would probably be my next step, depending on if the ultrasound of your abdomen shows no abnormalities. If both those show nothing, then yeah either an x-ray or upper endoscopy to see if you have the hiatal hernia (not sure if a CT scan would show that?)... I have read stories that those can cause a slew of issues that you wouldn't believe! Best wishes to you in finding and resolving the cause. If you want... keep updated here I love hearing people's progress. 😃

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      thanks for your response alexis, i already did ECHO of heart, xrays of lungs, my lungs are clear, heart is pumping blood fine too, its been happening for over a year now so i highly doubt if its anything serious.

      one more important observation: whenever i take iron supplement, it actually almost fixes both of my issues..! i am guessing i may be low on iron? i barely get any of it from my diet anyway.

      i have also quit taking caffeine, reduced anti histamine dosage. i am sure that GERD and indigestion is playing a big part in it, my GERD started after doing IF.

      its been two days and it seems like its getting better tbh, specially after taking a pro vitamin supplement with iron in it, it had like 7 mg elemental iron, what is interesting is that when i did a CBC, it showed normal haemoglobin lol.

      anyway, let me try everything for one more month, if nothing works then i will go back to a good hospital and get a full blown CT scan or MRI, to make sure if something more serious is not present, i am relatively young, just 19 years old.

      losing weight due to IF fixed a lot of my problems, i look better, feel light, no brain fog ( when i was at 91 kgs, i had massive brain fog and fatigue, i felt bad all the time, IF also fixed my blood sugar and BP, everything was going right, this SOB and Bounding pulsation halted everything.

      anyway, i am still super optimistic, i am sure i will figure it out and fix it

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      Stein that is so good to hear! Glad it seems like you may be figuring this out... and I was gonna ask your age but I always second guess asking people that haha but wow yeah you're very young! I hope everything works out for you and you continue to feel better. A year is a long time to be in the dark when it comes to our health. Best wishes 😃

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    hi I'm sorry to hear this I'm getting some of them symptoms to shortness of breath is the worst .I got the endoscopy which showed up I had a start of a hiatus hernia and min of gastritis 2 years ago I take omeprazol and gaviscon getting treated for gerd still feel out of breath its like its coming from top of stomach and pain goes through my back alot of acid

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