Mystery abdominal pain?

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Hi there,

Last Wednesday (it's Saturday now) I was at work going about my normal business when I began to feel a bit hot and nervous (I suffer from quite severe anxiety so this is pretty understandable for me!). Decided I'd go for a walk to calm myself down a bit; went to the toilet and did a wee all fine. I went to walk back to the office and suddenly started developing quite significant pain in my lower stomach area.

So I went home, the pain subsided a little but it was still noticeable. Managed to eat and go to the toilet just fine.

However, the next morning I woke up (stomach pain was very low upon waking) and went for a wee. After urinating, experienced absolute agonising pain in my lower stomach, to the point where I could hardly move and had to lay on my bed in the foetal position.

Called 111 and the doctor spoke to me on the phone and told me to come in for an appointment. Appointment was fine, heart rate and temp normal (37.1), did some poking around of my stomach - pain felt like my bladder area. Docs couldn't decide so made me do a blood test and urine test.

Spent the day in pain across my lower stomach/bladder area; it felt uncomfortable and could feel the pain in my stomach if I went for a wee but no burning and no agonising pain. Woke up Friday, still in pain, feels more like I've been punched in the stomach now, very tender and sore around the lower areas, both sides and just under my sternum. Still hurts to move but I can walk without doubling over.

Doctors rang me back and said both blood and urine tests were normal (they thought it could be a water infection but apparently not).

Went back in to see another doctor who again couldn't decide what it was (he did a urine dip test which came back negative again).

Now I am onto Saturday, still in discomfort and pain (especially when I move) with no idea what could be causing it.

Suggestions that had come up were Mittelschmerz (though my last period ended the 12th of October, which puts my estimated ovulation around the 20th October (the pain started Wed 2nd November)).

My mother suffers from IBS, I've heard that can be quite bad but the initial pain really felt like my lower stomach/ bladder area.

I also think I should be about due to start my period but personally I have never experienced any pain quite like this before (I get cramps which are bad but nothing like this) and I am definitely not pregnant.

I'm a fairly healthy 22 year old female. I probably don't exercise as much as I should but I am a healthy weight (about 58kg and 5"7).

The doctor said just wait and see what happens as he doesn't know what could be causing it, which is fine, but personally I would like to know at least what caused it!

Anyone have any ideas?

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    Sounds like IBS if you suffer from anxiety.  IBS can affect your bladder and if a close relative has IBS, you are more likely to get it.  Do you get change of bowel habit and pain that moves around your stomach rapidly?  I started with stomach pain, nausea and constipation.   Later, I developed loose stools.   I began to think it was periods because It happened at the time of my cycle.  Then I thought it was a bug.   It wasn't.

    The doctor thought it was urinary but I tested negative. Precautionary antibiotics did nothing for the pain and I felt worse on the medications.  I had a stool test for h pylori and fecal calprotectin, celiac blood test and an ultrasound.  All was negative.  No doctor knew anything for three and a half months.  I went to different doctors eight times. On the eighth occasion I was diagnosed with IBS.  My anxiety was sky high until my symptoms were recognised.  Your symptoms sound similar to mine.  Go back to your doctor and push for the tests I had done (urine excluded as this was negative).  Perhaps see a different doctor for anorher opinion.  Do not wait and see.  It is important you find out what is wrong.

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      I was thinking IBS, however I don't feel nauseous, the pain isn't moving around and my bowel movements are all normal (no constipation or diarrhoea).

      I figured if it doesn't go away in a few days I will go back and get another opinion or demand some tests because something is definitely not right!

      It's just annoying as paracetamol is not doing anything. Going to try buscopan and see if that helps.

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      Everyone's IBS is different.  Not all IBS patients get nausea or respond in the same way to medication.  However, bowel habit change is a main feature of IBS that doctors will look for,  The location and pattern and type of pain is also an important factor.  Try Nurofen along with the Buscopan. It worked for me.  Another key symptom is that painkillers and antispasmodics will merely reduce pain but will not get rid of it entirely.

      If you have no improvement definitely see your doctor for further advice.

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      Everyone gets different symptoms with IBS and will not respond in the same way to medication. Bowel habit changes are very common with IBS.  Definitely ask for further advice and tests from your doctor if your symptoms continue or get worse.
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    Had a fever earlier on so got sent to another doctor who still doesn't know what it is!

    Been told to wait until Wednesday and if I'm still in pain/have a fever, ask the doctor to arrange an ultrasound scan.

    Fingers crossed, hate not knowing! rolleyes

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