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Hello all,

Looking for some advice. About 4 years ago, I started having weird medical symptoms which have since, gone basically unexplained. Please forgive me for the very long post.

It all started out when one day, my appetite essentially disappeared. For about a week I had to force myself to eat. I went to the doctor who ran some tests and bloodwork and everything came back as “normal” and was told it was likely stress related. (Looking back, I had symptoms prior to this starting. A few times I would have early satiety and would be starving for dinner only to feel full after a few bites). Things sort of continued progressing from there. I started getting bad acid reflux all the time, my appetite never really returned and I started having issues where I was constantly constipated. I also had mucusy loose stools and at times still have oily stools. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy which all came back as “normal” with the exception of acid reflux and was put on omeprozole which helped my acid reflux, but nothing else. Around this time, I also started getting benign fascinations in my legs after going for long walks or running (tested negative for ALS or MS)

A few months later, I started having this full feeling in the upper right side of my abdomen, I got an ultrasound of my gallbladder which also came back negative for any issues. I started having issues belching because I had this fullness feeling. At times, I literally have to position my body so that I can burp. If I am slouching or not sitting straight, I can’t burp.

Fast forward a few more months and I started having cognitive difficulties. Severe brain fog, concentration issues, sensitivity to bright lights, memory problems, etc... my fiancé literally gets mad at me because I am so forgetful now. I also seem to have issues with my balance. When I tilt my head back and look up, I start to get dizzy. I constantly feel fatigued, and irritable. My cognitive issues seem to have progressively gotten worse since they started with nothing really helping.

A few months later, I was drinking with a few buddies and went to the bathroom, when I was peeing I noticed there was a little bit of pink in my urine. Went to my doctor the next day and was told it was “trace blood” and was nothing to worry about.

Most recently within the last 12 months, I have noticed my resting heart rate is very low (low 40’s at times according to my Apple Watch and always in the 50’s otherwise) I do work out but am nowhere near an athlete. I don’t seem to have any difficulties getting my heart rate up in the gym and can run 2-3 miles at a time without issues. Went to my doctor and had an EKG done which showed everything as normal. I have also been getting light headed upon standing. This typically is noticed when I am eating a reduced calorie diet and exercising. It is also accompanied by a faster heart rate. I have also become very sensitive to cold which never used to happen to me. During the summer, I have to walk outside in the heat because I get too cold sitting in my office.

Any ideas on what this could possibly be? My doctor has essentially written this all off as being in my head as all tests have come back as normal. However I can tell you something is absolutely wrong.

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    potential lyme disease

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      i have come across that and it sounds very similar to what i am experiencing. I asked my doctor about it and he said he didnt believe it could be that as Lyme disease is not common in Missouri where i am from.

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    Of course I'm not a doctor. So what I am sharing with you is only personal. I also experienced the weirdest symptoms, often in reaction to waves while on a boat, and then not being able to focus my eyes. (Nothing wrong with my eyes.) Strange dizziness when turning my head up. When driving the car it felt while turning a curve as if my head was left behind. And other, that I can't remember at present. O, memory also failed. Plus I was catching any flue bug.

    After ten years of these weird symptoms, and many visits to specialists, it was finally diagnosed as a problem with the adrenal glands.

    The above mentioned will not say that that is what you have. Just to tell you that it may not at all be in your imagination. I doubted also.

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    !!! Amazing, it sounds like me: everything is 'normal'... Have you had your thyroid checked? Feeling the cold is a symptom of hypothyroidism. It is interesting you have a combination of symptoms my husband and myself have ... I thought that lack of appetite was anorexia (I had it years ago when I was very distressed due to my private life problems) and I lost a lot of weight which is rare for me. I am having that pain on the upper right side of the abdomen on and off since Sept 2017. TODAY, in one hour I'll have my gallbladder ultrasound. (I bet it will be 'normal'). I have had privately, at a great cost a gastro-endoscopy which was 'normal' apart from diverticulosis. Of course my IBS did not show or they did not want to mention it? In spite of everything being normal I was given antiacid tablets or course. 😦 There are 2 types of endocrinologists: the progressive ones (they do not 'try to put the TSH result 'in the range', and the conservative ones who only care about your TSH being 'in the range'. Another symptom of hypothyroidism is a low heart rate. I am fighting doctors to understand that I do not feel well having a heart rate of 46. I do not know which country you live in. I live in Australia. I know that holistic doctors, integrative doctors and the like are the best to visit. Australia is a big country and one has to travel miles and miles to find what one needs. If you are old like me and do not drive, it is very difficult to find the right health care. Internet helps of course once one knows how to be discerning. I live in a fairly big city, not big enough though. Sorry I am going from one thing to another...: my husband who is also hypothyroid has the problems you have with his memory and cognitive impairment. He does a lot of mindful breathing exercises specially in bed before falling asleep but also during the day. I do to. It is important to sleep well. Before bedtime, we spend one hour listening to calming music and contacting with the universe. Drinking a warm glass of milk aftet the evening meal helps as well, we think. If you check a reliable Internet page with the long list of hypothyroidism symptoms you will see they are very varied. I seem to have the physical ones, my husband seems to have the mental/neurological ones if that is the name for them. Do you know what I mean? I hope it helps. I do not think your symptoms are from the adrenal glands. We both suffer from adrenal insufficiency here and I know the symptoms of that.

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