Mystery diagnoses?

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Before i go on, my blood test is normal and i have a slight herniated l5 disc.

BEsides that I am a healthy 27 year old.

However i am skinny everywhere else but my gut, all my life no matter how much i work out, i cant get rid of it.

I am alwasy constipated unless i take laxactives.

i have trouble with moving forward and i feel better moving backward.

i have breathing issues

i am always fatigued.

I dont have MS or anything.

Whats wrong with me?

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    Without much information here about you, are you male or female? As that could change a huge range of options of problems.

    if you have seen a female doctor to check for endometriosis that could be a huge cause of extreme bloating and or the diet if you might be slightly allergic to milk


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      Male, i went to every doc, no answer

      i also have the ability to absorb pills quickly

      like a medicine will hit me  in a second

      even though i have a slow metabolism

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      Male, i went to every doc, no answer

      i also have the ability to absorb pills quickly

      like a medicine will hit me  in a second

      even though i have a slow metabolism

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    You don't have belly pain, right?

    re constipation:

    Try laxatives that can be used long term and do no cramping, just stool softening (like Movicol, not senna please)

    Try probiotics - and I am sure you have.

    Stay well hydrated (pain in the patella if one is not thirsty, but that's the point)

    If you think the belly buldge comes more from bloating (winds),

    you can try malabsorbtion breath tests/celiac blood or different elemination diets.

    (Can't see if you feel bloated or as to why the belly)

    There is one thing that my skinny (but little belly having) daughter has,

    that I note here for you therefore (and might be completely irrelevant):

    She has a prolapsed transverse colon,

    it hangs down way below her belly button. As if it was far to long.

    So no matter how skinny she is, her belly will have a little bulge below the belly button since almost all her small and large intestine sits there.

    Just by pure arrangement of guts there is a belly.

    She is too sick yet to try any 'training' for belly muscles and yoga for organ lifting, that are meant to lift it a bit.

    From colon wash I stay away big times,

    but constipation is deffinitely to be avoided anyway and especially if colon was prolapsed which is a catch22. A prolapsed colon tends to more contipation. Duh.

    Have you had a look on your x-ray or MRI/CT where your transverse colon sits?

    It is always said to cause no problem re pain

    (I am not so sure since my child is in huge pain down there),

    but it is agreed to that simply the 'mass' of guts in one spot plus colon prolapse causes some visible belly even without bloating.

    Just a little tale from our experience just regarding skinny, but not around gut area. (even you didn't mention, if all of your gut area is 'bigger' like 'beer belly' or only below belly button like a buldge)

    Autoimmuneantibody screen (ANA) and thyroid are sure tested, right?

    Hm, difficult one.

    Let's see, if someone has very similar symptoms.


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      The prolapsed colon idea is very very interesting...

      I have a hard time sitting as well, is this an issue?

      I gain weight and really fast and have to workout extra and I also sweat very easily.

      Also for the life of me I cant fix my posture.

      My body can change in a week if i really workout hard.

      My doc also says i have like no muscles on my lower back which he finds weird.

      Also my toes always are curled up and i feel like changing my toe position affects my mood, motivation and genearal well being way too much.

      I am trying to see if there is a disease i have that mimics all this.

      Blood tests and all come up normal.

      Psychologically I am find besides the constant need to fix my posture because it gets strained in a certain position after a while.

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      actually she suffers from hyperhidrosis

      (excessive hand sweating, but thyroid is normal), but that can be just another issue unrelated to belly problems.

      Posture sitting is very hunched, but doesn't cause pain or is hard to stay sitting.

      We have just been diagnosed with hypermobile ligaments (e.g. thumbs can be streched to underarms, ellbows overstretch, knees a bit, but muscles can mask stretching as they actually should counteract the poor ligament fuction)

      This ligament malfunction can effect pelvic ligaments and intestine organs, viscera = visceral pain.

      Hence we go down the physio path now with pain specialist and go for gentle pilates to strengthen belly and back muscles gently.

      It will be a life long everyday little pilates workout with such ligaments.

      If it fully explains the belly pain (where everything is fallen down) in her case, we don't know yet.

      Have you found a name for a disease yet that would cover those symptom of yours?

      How are your ligaments concerning mobility?

      All the best!

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         Santa has some excellent ideas, and great starting points.

    i do have a few friends that had similar issues and I had them start daily with a fresh fruit blended shake, it consists of 2 peeled full lemons, one banana, pribotic yogurt, change between orange and grapefruit...

    you our can add kiwi or pomegranate juice and a hand full of ice, do this every morning and drink water thru the day... I have some of them add acai or protein powder.

    perhaps your body is lacking in nutrition but this shake will not only regulate you, which should help with pain but should help with bloating.

    i hope this helps

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