Mystery Illness. Thoughts?

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Around march 3rd I started noticing some pale yellow discharge, an odor, had cramping, bloating and was spotting a tiny bit. I went to my gyno and he was so sure I had bv he went ahead and put me on metronidazole without testing me for it first. I have had bv before so I was sure that's what I had as well. Well the culter came back negative for bv. So they had me finish up the antibiotic and scheduled me another appointment. So I go in for the appointment (with a different doctor) and she tells me she can still see discharge and spotting. So she tests me for all kinds of stds, sti's, even group b strep. Everything. And it all came back negative. I wad still spotting and having lighy discharge (no longer with an odor) so I went to the emergency room to see if they could help me. They gave me an ultrasound and said they found a small functional cyst on my left ovary, which is normal, and nothing alarming was found. My bloodwork was fine but they said my urine looked borderline infected but they won't know exactly what it is until they get a culture. So they prescribed me macrobid and sent me home. My last day on macrobid I noticed some spotting again but I had also just finished my period so I'm not too sure. I also have a lot of vaginal dryness and my vagina is completely numb during sex or hurts. Now my gyno wants me in again for another ultrasound and then a pap the following week. I'm 26 years old. I have a 1 year old son. I am so nervouse that they are looking for cancer right now. I literally can not tell you how much anxiety I feel not knowing what is happening to me. I know it's silly to jump to conclusions like that but it's hard to stay off the internet when you have no idea what's going on. Has anyone ever experienced something like thid before? Any words of encouragement? It woulf mean so much to me. Thank you

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    I am the King of worry and all it does is cause me undue harm. I can advise you to stop looking it up on the internet you will find the worst causes for what is going on. More than likely you have an infection or fungus that they didn't yet discover. Yeast can cause a lot of trouble but can be difficult to diagnose as they usually don't culture they just go by symptoms, so if your symptoms are vague then they may over look it. More than likely it isn't cancer. I am sure that a PAP would have shown HPV or cancer if it was there. So hang in there and don't stress. They will figure it out and it will probably be something they overlook. 
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    Hi jill31208

    Is there any change in your urination such as going more frequently. If the doc suspected cancer they would have taken a CA125 blood test this tests for carcinogens in the blood. This test is always done IF cancer is suspected as regarding the utrerus and ovaries as a precautionary measure......the vaginal dryness and numbness is probably due to you stressing at the moment and sex is not enjoyable right now because you are worried and stressed and can't relax so there is no lubrication. If you are very dry this could cause you to spot and cause abrasion. By the way my doc gave me metronizadole without testing first but it cured me.

    You must stop stressing and googling. I know you will prob look up CA125 test which is ok because it will reassure wishes...keep in touch....

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    I wish I could just skip all of these tests and just have them go in surgically and see what's going on. Something is not right. My stomach is distended, I'm having shooting pains, especially on my right side and tested postive for an infection previously when I went to the ER and STILL did not respond to two rounds of antibiotics. I can just feel that something is off. My last period was extremely light but the two before that were so heavy I could not leave the house. Which has never happened to me before. I'm hoping this is just a weird hormonal thing. Or maybe a fibroid? But the ultrasound I had didn't reveal much. Maybe my next one will. I have tears while typing this I am so afraid. Thanks for the input and letting me vent you guys.
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    Hi Jill....  Have you had any surgery or stiches in your vaginal or cervix area ever prior to this, you mention BV (I'm not sure what the means sorry, and don't worry about telling me)

    Just want to tell you a fiasco my dear friend went through for 'MONTHS'.

    You describe a similar lot of symptoms.  However my friend had the discharge begin to eat into her skin like acid after a few months.  Constantly changing pads 24 hrs a day..  and showering.  No amount of tests or antibiotics halted touched it.  Doc after Doc at the general practice tried everything.  Even the Hospital were at a loss for awhile.

    Finally a doctor put two and two together.  She had a surgery whilst under the effects of a previous viral flu or something, and the surgery was postponed till she was over the worst of it, then they completed it.  As she was still under the weather a tad with the flu bug, after her surgery she had become unwell again and had to stay in for a few more days than one usually would.

    APARENTLY after completing some 'specialised test' it showed up that she had a 'Semi dormant infection in her internal soft tissue up near to her cervix after a surgery she'd had'.  Normal swabs of course will not show it up the type of infection it is.  It is nasty.  And she'd had this infection sitting semi dormant, just waiting for a 'trigger' to set it off ever since her surgery almost a year and a half before it did blow out.  It was all due to a combination of 'not being well with a viral flu type infection, combined with surgery when still unwell and infected with the virus'..  So hence one should not have surgery if unwell already with Flu's etc.  NOT just because of lungs and anesthetics (excuse my spelling errors)..

    Just another odd scenario that did baffle the doctors for months before 'one doctor switched on a light bulb when looking back in her history!...   I remember when she had to stay in after surgery because she relapsed with the flu and took longer to snap out of the nasty... However the actual Surgery itself was fine.

    So there you go....  food for thought.. 

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      By the way they did finally sort out her issue, and it's all fine now!  It was really horrible for her.  She was having huge difficulties whilst working to! The constant pad changes, the acid burning, and raw tissue made being mobile difficult to!! (walking)  So, so drained her out, and the worry also began taking it's toll.  However a little later the did rule out the nasty C.  Thank goodness.  BUT as I mentioned she is A OK all good and healed up!!
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    Just wanted to give a little update on the off chance that someone is going through something similar and comes across my post.

    Just had my ultrasound done and they won't review my results with me until next week. I am semi familiar with what I'm looking at during an untrasound given the fact that I've had about 20 done in my life. There were tiny black dots, some white, some had blood flow and some didn't, on one of my ovaries and in my uterus. She said she didn't see anything too abnormal but she also darted away from me like I was the plague afterwords. So who knows. I'll find out in a week. Trying my best to stay calm and looking foward to the weekend. My anxiety has been out of control for a month now so I'm trying to just let go of my need to control the situation and take it for what it id. I hope this is helping anyone who reads this

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