Mystery - Lower right abdominal pain

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Hi Guys,

I have a constant very mild pain (similar to a burning sensation) on the lower right hand side of my abdomen since the past 3 years. The pain has never inceased or decreased over the years but i may have a spasm or two in the stomach once every other month or so while sleeping in the night.

I have had done a stool test for "HELICOBACTER PYLORI ANTIGEN" that came back negative and a "CT ABDOMEN/PELVIS W & W/O IV CONTRAST" test with no luck as the results of this test were unremarkable as well. No abnormalitites in the Pancreas, Spleen, Adrenals, Appendix, Kidneys, Liver and gallbladder all are just fine.

This has been driving me crazy ever since it has started. The mild pain becomes even milder after i eat lunch and i feel good in the stomach whenever i drink liquids such as cabbage juice, yogurt drinks or foods like  yogurt.

Can someone please help me what maybe wrong, I am afraid to go for a colonoscopy at the moment as i am worried that it may further increase my problems (such an error while performing the procedure).

Any advise is highly appreciated.


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    Colonoscopys are very your Dr. suggesting one?

    Did your Dr tell you what he/she thinks is going on?

    Isn't our intestines all away across our stomachs?  You could have irritated old are you?

    Colonoscopies generally are done after 40...but I requested one at 35 due to symptoms...and colon cancer in my was granted....if I had waited till 40....the polyps I had would have turned cancerous.

    BUT...that is because colon cancer is in my genes.....if you don't have a history in your family and  you have this bothersome symptom...its really not the same as different color poop and other identifiers of colon cancer.

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    If you have symptoms and a colonoscopy is indicated, take it! 

    Even children have colonoscopies if it was indicated, it is very safe! (My daugher had one)

    Also sometimes the cleaning out (make sure you get a non-cramping one like Picolax) sometimes is actually helpful.

    Go for it!

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      Hi sanya11314,

      I am not into the idea of inserting something into my intestines and actually i am not a fan of medicine and doctors. I am more into natural treatments and believe that there is something in nature that may help cure my situtation but i am not able to find it.

      Also with no cancer history in my family and only the mild pain in right side of stomach since 3 years, I am not sure what else can i do to fix this problem?

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      OK, just keep it in mind, that colonoscopy is very routine exam and no CT can replace the look macroscopically and microscopically inside.


      are you taking PROBIOTICs?

      Please take any other than the usual 'bifidus' 'lactobacillus',

      (I don't fear probiotic products with enterococcus faecalis, yoghurts are full with them, too)

       the good 'e.coli'

      (Mutaflor, strain Nissle 1917 very hard capsule, so that it does not dissolve too early).

      Yoghurt won't do the trick here.

      You can also trial Bacillus Laterosporus.

      Apparently - if you can cope with cabbage juice - also fermented juices (cabbage, kvaas) are very beneficial (I can't, I go so bubbly, that it hurts).

      I can tollerate freshly pressed (in juicer, fiber get's thrown out, not the best, but I have other sources for that, sometimes I just WANT the juice)

      green cabbage juice

      (togeterh with stalk celery and carrot)

      on a daily basis, taste is ok, but not the fermented version.

      Search internet, great recipes in there from 'fresh' to 'fermented'.

      Trial and error. ;-) I made beetroot kvass, 1 spoon wherever I would put vinegar is my upper limit.

      Then: castor oil heat packs. Again look in interent, it is actually much more soothing than a normal warm bottle. I was sceptical, but at least it cannot harm, if it didn't help. Bit messy with the oil, but very relaxing.

      Hope that were a few fresh ideas in it for trial. When something is chronic, there is time to trial.

      Triphala is maybe something you want to look into, too. (bit Ayurvedic)

      Some swear on L-Glutamine. (not to confuse with Glucosamine)

      Best of luck!


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      thanks sanya11314 for all your suggestions. i have been on a cabbage juice diet for 1 week and had a cup of this juice daily for a week. It felt good in the stomach but after a while i got nauseous because of the taste and smell of the juice even after adding an apple or some carrots to the juicer while preparing it. None of the symptoms changed though.

      But i will start trying your suggestions from next week or so.

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      only  a tiny wedge of cabbage will do and good dilution with celery and carrots and apples. The smell can put you really off otherwise. My cabbage trial was like a 1cm/third of inch of cabbage juice diluted with other fruit and veg to a full glass. Otherwise I would have had another effect. (vomit)

      I think cabbage is meant to be really good for stomach (gastritis), my gut does not really like cabbage, it goes all bubbly. 

      It's all about personal experience too, isn't it.

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      Sanya L glutamine doesnt work for you. I would like to know for I bought one very expensive I try a few times but then the doc tor told me that I have a little problem with my liver. so I am worrying and confuse. I like to try more but scare. So does Lglutamine work for you or not? You swear on it meant it causes you more problems am I right?
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      Nope, SOME people swear on it. NOT I.

      It was just a suggestion.

      I don't need extra L-Glutamine as I am all good

      (but my daughter isn't and we will try this one as soon my very special L-Glutamine is in. She has no kidney or liver function problem, so we will start with 1g (1000mg) per day, low dose, and see how we go.).

      Yes, glutamine supplements cannot be used when you have a liver disease. This is not because they will cause further damage to your liver but because a damaged liver is unable to properly process the glutamine.

      Then you have a glutamine build up and get headache and all sorts of problems.

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    Hi Misssy2,

    Thank you for the reply, I am 32 years old and there is no one in my family that has had colon cancer before or any kind of cancer history for that matter.

    There are no changes in stool color or any other symptoms but just the mild right hand side stomach pain for over 3 years.

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      Hi..anything that lasts that long that would be serious...would have already been known.  You have had tests....and all your major organs are fine.....So breathe....

      If you can't let it will ask for a colonoscopy and that will be the last test to rule out all of your fears....which I really don't think it is anything.

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    Could be an ulcer... Sounds like mine

    I have one in the duodenum

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      Hi laura27976,

      The h.pylori test came out to be negative so can we still not rule out the cause as an ulcer?

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      NO!!!! During my scope they biopsied my stomach

      Nothing was found not even h.pylori

      So it didn't cause my ulcer!

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    I have had cancer so I always get the ct scans with contrast

    It will not show ulcers only scope or ultrasound

    I had the scope done. Freaked myself out over it

    Was a piece of cake compared to things In the past

    Just go get it done.

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      If it were cancer, would it have been detected with the ct scan with the contrast test that i had? What are the chances that the doctor may have overlooked something while going over the test data? I got the results back within a day that I am thinking about this.
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      Oh good!

      Could just be like me... Gastritis and an ulcer

      I changed my eating habits.. The fodmap diet

      Today I'm feeling better, hardly have had those dull aches off and on

      Let us know how it goes!

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      Thanks Laura, I will let you know about my endoscopy results. On a side note, can you please tell me what type of cancer have you had before? Was it related to the stomach ulcer being a cause or was something totally different?

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