NAFLD? Any similar experiences and views on this...

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Told in May suspected NAFLD but despite dropping weight slowly at about 1 to 2 lb a week from 18 stone to 15 stone 9 (114 to 99kg).. as 5 9 bloke aiming for 90kg and on a low sugar low carb liver friendly diet..cut out all white breast rice and processed foods etc and swimming lengths 5 days a week for exercise (have toned up a lot) and stopping all alcohol the following has occurred...


23 May

Alt 133

Ast 44

Triglyceride 3.5..

Serum cholesterol 6.5

Had ultrasound ..liver normal size looked perfectly healthy..kidneys spleen also scanned and told looked ok

30 June

Alt 108

Ast 44

Triglycerides 5

Ggt 77

Cholesterol 7.6

Fibroscan 6.98 19 Sept 17


10 Oct!!

Alt 193

Ast 67

Ggt 95

Bilirubin okay

Alkaline phosphate ALP 155

I had completed 5 weeks of ciprofloxacin followed by 3.5 weeks of trimeprothin for a uti 3 weeks before this blood test but told this would not affect the results.

Getting very worried because despite leading as healthy a diet and excercise programme as I can...bloods seem to be getting worse and seem high for fatty liver!

Wondering if anyone has any similar experience or view on this as hearing very mixed things via google... wondering if this is fatty liver?

If it is...can fatty liver be cured or reduced to the point it's not presenting a long term liver and cardiovascular health risk..?

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    I am in a similar situation. My triglycerides and cholesterol were off the scale, have lost weight and brought both back to normal but the alt and alp have got worse. 

    Had ultrasound yesterday and liver is fine. Waiting to go back gp and see what they are going to do now. Usually I can work out what things could be but I haven’t a clue anymore 

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      I am having another scan and bloods to see hepatologist end of nov.

      Will let u know what they say as sounds like we are similar. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

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      Got told all must be ok by the gp if the scan is clear, but a standard repeat blood test to check my levels which she thinks will now be normal. Not quite sure how they will be normal again as nothing changed. Oh and my scan report has gone walkabout.
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      Well I guess no bad news is good : ). Having similar issues with my hospital that lost my scam as well!...tyen organised a new one but the hepatoligist forgot to order it so chasing and that was a month ago so I am now going to pay for private consultation and whatever scans and go from there. Don't really have the money but the nhs seems very poor down in brighton so no choice. Still losing weight and bloods still getting worse so god knows what is going on.

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    Are you in the UK. I also have fatty liver and my Alkaline phosphate is 270 my cholesterol is 4.7 and my Trigs are 1.1 so apart from Alkaline phosphate being high my cholesterol is fine. Im 5.2 and weigh 8st so don't have a weight problem.  I also exercise regularly I don't drink alcohol it is very worrying but try not to worry as they are keeping an eye on you ive got to see a gastro bod in December im told by friends that the liver is good at repairing itself so hoping that's the case with mine, your liver make take a little time to repair but at least you are doing all you can in the meantime to help it on its way

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      Hi Christine I know this is not your thread but thought I would answer yours, as you say your height/weight etc is fine, could it possibly be your exercise regime, as my partner was a non steroidal body builder his LFTs were all over the place, he no longer fully does this only lightly and his are all normal now, we eat fairly healthy not cranks and agree don't exercise massively, so is liver effected by Influence's from other activities.

      I have high GGT but everything else in all my tests are perfectly normal, we both take 10mg of atorvastatin a day and I take vit d as I did have extremely low vit d but kept normal now on low dose, so are liver function test always illness or could it just be our general life styles, my mum never had a blood test so what were her numbers, or didn't it really impact on her life, she died at 77 from heavy smoking.

      Just a thought

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      Thanks Alexandria any input is welcome. I have sjogrens and lupus and was on steroids for a long time along with other meds so they may have damaged my liver I don't have a clue ive been tested for Hep A B and C as well as jaundice and as far as im aware all were fine autoimmune diseases can cause liver problems. Im off all meds now to give my liver a rest and hopefully when I have my gastro apt in December my bloods will be fine or they may decided I need to go back on steroids its all very worrying, 

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    These numbers aren't worth being 'worried' about. Your fibroscan and ultrasound are fine. Your liver is obviously struggling a little bit though. Fatty liver is completely reversible. You just need to continue what you are doing. Weight loss is key. Wouldn't get too concerned about this one set of numbers. Keep doing as you are, keep up the weight loss and stay off the booze. Then see where you are at your next set of bloods in say 3 months time. 

    Things take time and blips aren't unexpected. Maybe something was just going on that day, liver enzymes can fluctuate quickly. 

    all the best 


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