Nasal blockage through out the year. Please HELP!!

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Hi. I am 22 Male. I have been having nasal congestion problems for the past 3 years. My nose is almost always blocked and I can't breath with ease from my nose. I have visited sevearl ENT specialists and all of them told me it's a allergic problem. But none of them ever told me what causes this allergy which happens through out the year. 

I have taken Kestine 10mg, Myteka 10mg &  Avamys sprays 2 times a day for the past 3.5 months. I still haven't detected any noticable differences. Sometimes my nose is very open without any blockage and rest of the time its blocked.

I have come here to seek help as I am just very scared and tired of this condition and I can no longer bear it. 

* What should I do to figure out the reason behind this nasal blockage?

* Should I keep using Humidifier for temporary relief (sometimes I use it 3 times a day)?

* I am planning to visit a vacination institute but people have spread rumors that these vacines make people dependent on them for life and it's not a permenant solution.

Please Please Please help me!!

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    I had the same, blocked nose for over 2 years. I even had surgery which didn't help.  I was told I have allergies

    Do you live in a hot, humid area? Rural, or town? Pollution, dust? 

    Have they tested you for allergies? Skin prick test? It should give some indications what your might be allergic to, however even if you know it sprays most likley won't help you as you've already tried a few.

    There are Desensitization therapies, but they expensive, takes a long time, and no guarantie it will work.

    Humidity, temperature change could be an additional factor to make things worse.

    So if you have exhausted all the options, steroid or saline sprays, antihistamines, and nothing helped, here's what you should do. Very simple. Move! 

    Get out of that area, it should fix it. It fixed it for me. I'm 100% fine during the day, still a bit of trouble at night. 

    You need to stay away from that palce for a fair bit, don't expect immediate change, but after a few days, a week you should definitely some changes. It might be hard depending on your circumstances, but it's really your health on the line. 

    Meantime what you should do to get some relief, assuming you have tried all the natural stuff

    take pseudoeffedrine, it will clear your nose, unless you have heart problems, it should be ok, not for long term though.

    Pseudoeffedrine might keep you up at night, so take it during the day.

    For the night, -very unconventional, but I know exactly how you feel and how horrible it can be - take sleeping pills, maybe with 1/2 pseudoeffedrine. 

    I only take sleeping pills when my nose gets congested, usully just partially but enough to keep me up at night. so once in a while I take sleeping pills.

    But really the long term would be to get your nose fixed for good and if you can't achieve it with the usual treatments  mind you costeroid sprays are quite harmful on the long run, damage the lining of the nose - so if you have a chance to move at least for a while to some other place, do it. And that's not the next subburb, really far away.

    Hope it helps

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      Yes I live in a city and the temperature here is usually very extreme. We have 4 seasons here. Humidity is also present in location. These days the temperatures are around 29-30 C. 

      I did move to another city for a year but I didn't notice much of a difference or may be I wasn't caring or keen about my condition after I moved. It's been almost 3 years that I have this problem.

      I haven't been checked for the allergies but I am thinking to get a checkup soon. 

      I have become very sensitive to this problem for the past few months. In winter I had a gastric problem which made me even more sensitive about my health. 

      I am just fed up with this problem. I am seeking help here because may be the doctors of Europe and America which are considered very professoinal and sound in their expertise will be able to help me in figuring out the problem or may be just give me some sort of advice that has proven working.

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      yes, the first step is to get an allergy test, very quick and easy. Skin prick is very reliable. Forgot to mention, check if you are allergic to dairy. It would be maybe a good idea to eliminate all dairy products for a while, for some people it helps.

      If you have seen a few ENTs I assume you already had CT scan. have they fund anything? like Polyp? or Deviated septum? 

      would you be able to which city you moved from to which city? Maybe both cities have the same environment so could be that's why it didn;t make any difference. Like if you moved from a costal town to another costal city it would probably be very similar. 

      Don't want to disapoint you but ENTs will just give you nasal sprays, some might suggest to get a surgery (even if you don't need it)

      I have seen zillions of ENTs. 


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      I have seen alot of ENTs. Thankfully nobody said I had any excessive flesh in nose or Mucus in face sockets. All of them told me it's alergy but I don't know what kind of allergy is it.. They did ask me to get an Xray and everything was clear. I don't know what's Deviated Septum.

      Yes both the cities have almost the same climatic conditions. The city that I am living in currently, thats where I was born and spent almost all my life here accept for that ONE year in another city.

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      septum is the line in the midlle of your nose, if it's deviated, not straight it could cause congestion. But it would be very clear from the CT if your septum is straigh or not. 

      Allergies can develop any time and anywhere at any age

      I'm surprised that any of the Drs you seen haven't tested you for allergies. It should be the very first thing they should have done


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      The doctors in my country are quacks. That's why I am seeking help here. Now I have come to know about an allergy center in the neigbouring city and I am thinking to visit that facility and get diagnosed properly.

      As it would be the first time so I would like to know how does the doctors perform allergy tests for nasal purposes? May be you can tell me as You have had this test already.

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      they put liquid drops on your skin, each drop is for a different thing, They testing you for the most common ones, not for everything.

      If your sking gets red, itchy, that means you are allergic to that particlular one. It's not too bad, won't hurt.

      It also shows how badly you are allergic, very simple, little redness, not a big deal, get really big red, you are definatley allergic to it. 

      You can also get tested by a simple blood test, but it's not as reliable and complex as the skin prick one. If you see your GP ask about it. 


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      no, it's not a testing for the skin. It shows on the skin.

      But your question is very relevant, it gives an indication. For ex. if it shows your are allergic to dust mites, that would  mean it is something which is the main or partial cause of your symptoms. You will never know if that is the only cause or not. You could be allergic to a whole ragne of things but there are no testing for it. 

      testing include some food, dairy, dust mites, different trees / flowers, things like that.

      But it's better than nothing. 

      The problem is how to treat it. Even if you know, what can you do about it, unless it's food which would be easy to eliminate, but it's nearly impossible to get rid of dust or dust mites or the flowers, tree around you. You can get some protection, like dust mite cover for your bed, but I doubt it would make a huge difference. 


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      I didn't have vaccination, but I had sublingual immune therepy. You put drops under the tongue, every day, I did it about 6 mnth, didn't make any difference.

      The vaccination is a big commitment, as it also goes for several month, maybe years. And I guess you get it weekly at the beginning, than monthly. 

      Yes, it does help for some. You usually notice withing a few month, if no improvment, not worth to continue with it.

      How bad is you congestion? You say you have it almost all the time. Is better during the day? 


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      My cogestion is usually the same day and night. Right now, my right nostril is blocked like if you breath through wet cloth. The Left nostril is noticably open. When I use humidifier when I can't bear it and it really helps and opens up my nostrils but the effect usually fades away after a couple of hours. I am also using Avayms spray for allergy - recommended by my doctor.

      What kind of allergy do you have?

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    I got allergy to dust mites, allergy tests confirmed it, but I new that for a long time. I never really had major issues with it, till we moved to a hot tropical climate, that's when it started to get congested and didn't clear up for about 2 years, no matter what.... Till we moved to a drier climate. Now it's not too bad, I still get one side congested when I sleep, and when the weather gets humid, rainy, it could get worse during the day too. 

    The last ENT I saw said that there is nothing he could do about it, another surgery wouldn't make any difference. 

    So basically dust mites are only part of the problem, what I think is that dust or chemichals from the fields sometimes blown out here, can cause severe alleries, and the humidity & changes to air pressure contribute to it. 

    Changes to posture also blocks one side, like when I sleep on my side the lower side always get congested and the other stays clear. I think that's because the blood vessels fill up. I got used to it, so as long as the other side is clear I'm ok.

    If humidifier helps you, you can use one in your room. There are qute good and cheap ones out there. 

    I tried awamys and many others, none worked for me.

    You don't use decongestatnts, right? It causes rebound effect if used over a weeks or so and you definitely don't want that.

    Have you tried saline rince? It's more efficient that saline sprays. If you haven't it's another easy and cheap thing to try. 

    I have also tried capsicain spray, but didn't work for me.

    I have also an infrared lamp, it's good for all kind of sinus infection, something you might want to consider, not very expensive at all. 

    if you chose to go for immuno therapy, and you don't mind to pay a little bit more, you'd better off with the sublingual drops, than vaccination every month.

    This allergy thing is very annoying, and the problem that poeple and DRs think oh well, not a big deal, you not gonna die from it, so just get over it.

    Therefore no research, no treatment besides the sprays which helps only for some. :-(


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      Don't you use sheets and carpets designed for dust mites allergic people? That might help. I don;t know if I can get that in my God forsaken country but you can easily get them in US, Europe etc.

      Oh by humidifier I mean the decongestant spray. I don't know where to go because my whole damn country is hot and humid!

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      sorry I didn't get that, what do you mean using decongestant spray as humidifier??? 

      It doesn't make any sense, furthermore why you would need a humidifier if your area is already humid. But your said before that you have four seasons, so can't be humid all the time. 

      What decongestant sprays are you using? 


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      I confused decongestant with humidifier. I am using decongestant spray XYNOSINE. No matter what season except Winter, the weather here is always humide and winter doesn't last longer then 3 months max.
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      OMG! XYNOSINE is a decongestant, it shrinks the blood vessels


      How long have you been using it??? You probably have a rebound effect from it, it means no matter what you do it, your nose will get blocked. But this rebound effect can be fixed just by not using the spray at all. YOU MUST STOP USING IT!  

      The other problem you have is the constant humidity. 

      You can try a dehumidifier - quite expensive, and for severe cases might not make any difference. 

      My advise if you stuggling to stop with the spray, swap it to pseudoeffedrine tablets. 


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      ok, 1 week should be still fine but you you can't use this spray any longer. Trust me, you really don't wanna end up with a rebund effect. 

      Pseudoeffedrine if very effective, does the same, shrinks the blood vessels, but has an effect to the whole body. It can give you a bit of heart race. Not to use it forever, but should be ok to use it more often that the decongestant. However as it's not something you can take forever, so it's still a temporary solution.

      If you take it once in a while it shouldn't be a problem.

      But get that allergy test done and than we'll see. Get yourself checked for acid reflux or GERD, it can also cause nasal congestion. 

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      Thanks. Can you please provide tips other then medicine. May be home remedies for helping with congestion? I will visit the allergy center next week but until then I want to have something to help me keep going.
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      the most common one is saline sprays, use it as much as you want

      Saline rinse / nasal irrigation: more effective, but do not use it if your nose is fully blocked, the water can get into your ear and can be very painful.

      There are many tips for food & spicies which might help but really you just need to experience with it. Google natural remedies nasal congestion. 

      There is also a natural form of pseudoeffedrine, not sure if you can get it in your country: it's called effedra tea or Ma Huang. It's very mild, doesn't have as strong effect as the tablets you get from your chemist. But natural :-). It still gives you a heart race if you drink too much of it.


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      if you rinse it, that means you need a rinse bottle, (cheap) you put the water in the bottle with the saline solution, you can buy it or make it yourself. Probably better if you buy it at first.

      hen you push the bottle the wate goes into your nostril and should come out on the other side. When very congested it can't come out and ends up in your ears. Not a big drama, just painful

      If your nose is very blocked up, just use the normal saline spray. 

      However it's not a decongestant, won't clear up your nose straight away, but maybe using it on a regular basis it can help. Worth to try anyway.


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