Nasal Polyps. Fight Back!

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I'm new to this group. I hope this helps.

I first developed nasal problems when I was 15 years old and have had on-going nasal trouble for the past 40 years. The medical profession in the 1970's & 80's just kept prescribing this new magic bullet, antibiotics.

I developed asthma in my thirties, this time steroids were prescribed. No one ever discussed my awful (Scottish) high sugar/yeast diet at the time. In the spring of 2011 I had really bad Rhinitis with my polyps swelling up causing a blocked, runny nose, headaches, loss of sleep etc.... You all know the drill. Medics put me on stronger antibiotics, stronger steroids (spray/drops, didn't work) & antihistamines (3rd generation) there was an improvement but polyps came back with a vengeance once the treatment ran it's course. I had the inevitable operation in July 2011, my fourth (free). Thank god for the NHS. However my sinuses were still blocked so I was prescribed the usual steroid spray & antihistamines.

I began to suspect that my Polyps were a symptom and not the cause. So I decided to fight back! - my strategy:

  1. I discovered that I had an intolerance to yeast. I waited till my nose had settled down as best it could and mixing bakers yeast into a glass of warm water. I drank it down and waited, it didn't take long, within 1/2 an hour my nose had seized up, was running and I had a sneezing fit with a wheezy chest. Not scientific I know, but good enough for me. So I cut out yeast from my diet. No alcohol, especially beer, wine, cheap white processed bread, cheap pasta, cakes, biscuits etc. Blue vein type cheeses, mushrooms, convenience snacks. No alcohol (till I get fixed).

  2. Cut out E numbers, sulphites, artificial colouring preservatives & additives. Not as hard as I thought. Avoid brightly coloured artificial looking, highly advertised/promoted foodstuffs. Check the labels, anything that sounds like it's from a lab probably is. If in doubt, avoid it, you won't die as a result. No convenience, fast food, fizzy drinks, snacks, sweets. Etc.

  3. Cut down on sugar. It feeds the over-active yeast in the stomach. I reduced my sugar intake by about 70%. I used the darkest, rawest sugar I could find or honey/maple syrup (pure, good quality) if I wanted a sweet taste. I did find that over time my craving for sugar decreased. I avoided processed white sugar at all costs. Drank vegetable juice and water only. I found J8 veg juice drink was very good. Dark coloured good quality smoothies as well. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.

  4. Neilmed Nasal flush system - a life saver, helps shift that awful thick sticky catarrh without having to blow my nose so hard. It takes up time but stick with it and read the comprehensive instruction book that comes with it. I bought an additional pack and kept it in my car with a Thermos of warm water. I practised relaxation and anti stress techniques. Stomachs hate stress and worrying.

  5. I avoided coffee, pineapple (found out I was allergic) drank tea with a small amount of dark organic unprocessed sugar, no milk.

  6. Control the yeast in your gut. I take pre & pro-biotic foods, yoghurt's, organic no added fruit, I add my own berries/fruit. Dark chocolate min 70%. I eat only sour-dough bread.

  7. Use natural anti-inflammatory foods. One clove of garlic daily. (Cut it into little fingers and put them inside seeded green olives). 10 mils of cod-liver oil daily, oily fish, vitamin c with zinc daily. Avocado's. Tea Tree oil is also good. I used the Buteyko breathing method, co2 is a natural anti inflammatory. I find it works and it's free.

  8. I used anti snoring nose strips, to help me sleep. It took about 4 months but slowly my sinuses started to clear and I cut down and eventually stopped taking the steroids. I cut down dramatically on my inhaler and stopped taking daily antihistamines. So more than a year later I hadn't used steroids. No sign of my polyps coming back, my nose is clear and I can even have a small glass of wine now and again. I can drink vodka & gin in moderation and even a pint of beer occasionally. I only eat locally baked sour-dough bread now. Occasionally I feel my nose itching up and take one antihistamine tablet that soon sorts it out. I've lost about a stone in weight as well! I hope this posting is useful and wish you luck with your self help.

Please contact me at; if you have anything you would like to share with me.

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    Hello Manwithanose

    My husband and I have found your post very interesting.

    My husband has huge problems with not being able to breathe through his nose. One side is constantly blocked, inflamed and painful. It drives him to distraction. This has been going on for years and in that time he has tried all sorts of remedies. He was referred to an ENT consultant who put a camera up his nose and told him that he has a lot of polyps. He has been prescribed Flixonase and told to use the Neilmed rinsing solution.

    It has been nearly a year since his first visit and he is still experiencing a blocked nasal passage. He reports that it is painful, that he feels there is a lot of congestion which he can't move and he just cannot breathe through that nostril. The Neilmed rinse cannot penetrate to flush the nostril due to the polyps.

    Just last month my husband felt that he might have a sinus infection and visited the doctor. She looked up his nose and told him that she could see a large polyp and prescribed Prednisolone. We were amazed to learn that there was a large polyp there, especially after using the Flixonase for nearly a year. We are wondering whether the Flixonase is actually working.

    We are now trying to work out what we can do ourselves to help him with his problem. It is mighty encouraging to come across your post and see that changes to your diet and lifestyle have made a positive effect.

    We shall be trying your recommendations out for ourselves. Thank you for sharing.

    We will let you know if it is successful.


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      Dear Marie , Thanks for you informative feedback. What you have to remember is that Polyps are a symptom of an immune system under stress. The Steroids that he has been taking work by suppressing the immune system and therefore the nasal swelling. But we are all different and your immune system will fight back as it's designed to do. He has to SLOWLY get his immune system back to normal by a complete (no cheating) change in lifestyle & diet. Some of us are just more sensitive to the modern way of living than others. Let's say about 20% of the population are sensitives, that's about 1 billion people world wide! He has to keep at it, good luck, he will prevail in the end.

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    Hi ,

    thanks for the really helpful post .

    I have had nasal and sinus problems for over 20 years now . I have had 3 operations , which have not helped in any way . I have no taste or smell apart from sweet and very salty foods .Steroids used to give me a few weeks of taste and smell , even up to a month or so . However my last course I had a few weeks ago gave me half a day . So really not worth taking anymore. Its interesting to hear about foods that could help , will try and see how I get on . I also developed asthma in my forties . I dont know whether connected but I've had tonsils and adenoids out(I 'm one of the generation that took tonsils out even if it was just a cold )

    I have very large nasal polyps in left nostril which flares up I can feel and see up there. So the sprays and netti pot (nasal rinse ) really sting . So sorry for long rant , but it does spoil the pleasures in life, baking , perfume flowers etc. even changing grandchildren nappies .

    Once again thanks for info.

    (actually I saw my doctor this morning , as my ears are not right , feel like ive just got off a plane all the time , she told me about a new treatment ,an inflated balloon procedure , ? dont know if you've heard of this ? not available on NHS

    But if it works.


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