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HI All. I'm 60 and have suffered nasal polyps for a very long time. They got worse and a hormonal spray was prescribed, ultimately surgery suggested as they were hanging right to the end of my nose, visible to others and breathing through my nose went out the window years ago. There's a lot more to the story but I don't want to bore people, so I'll cut to the chase.

It was getting me down and I did a bit of online research, and after about three weeks have made progress I never thought possible. I have never been a fan of alternative (natural) solutions, but this has changed my mind.

If you are in a similar position be aware this takes time, i'm NOT a doc, but it has shown tremendous results. You do need to be disciplined about it though. 

All ingredients available from mainstream chemists.

MORNING: Either side of breakfast,

1) A steam inhalation for 10 minutes adding very small amount of Vicks vapour rub to the pan.

2) A teaspoonful of turmeric mixed with warm milk or water.

3) Mix in a glass; 3-4 drops tea tree oil; 6 drops of castor oil and a tablespoon of water. (Tea tree oil can be a little nippy - not sore - hence the mix). If you have a sneezing fit as I did the first time, add a little more water. This amount you have made keep the rest, will also do for evening, see below

Apply small amount of this with Q-Tip cotton buds (or cotton wool) directly onto polyps.

You will have good and bad days, times you think you are making no progress but gradually overall you will make progress and be patient, as with any course of medication it can take a few weeks.


1) Mix teaspoon of Sea Salt into warm water and spray or apply by hand into nostrils. If possible have a 20 minute continuous walk, this helps clear the tubes.


1) Repeat morning applications.

If you are really determined, then it's worth it, and avoids surgery which is clumsy and many people's polyps grow back after 12-18 months as badly as ever.

NOTE: Some sugary foods, and drinks (sadly for me including beer and whisky) cause me flare-ups but after 24-48 hours the polyps settle down again and overall progress isn't hindered in my experience.

I'm just under three weeks in and intermittently breathing on one or other side, but feel very close to "free nasal breathing". And the polyps have without doubt shrunk substantially, near the back of my nose now.

I'll keep updating my progress on here and would be delighted to hear from fellow sufferers, of their experiences. Do ask any questions I haven't covered!

if your nose runs after treatments, that's good - it's clearing your tubes!

Good luck if you try it

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    That sounds very interesting. I too have been using castor oil + tea tree oil warm in a dropper up my right nostril. I also take origano oil capsuls that were recommended on here. I had a large grey discharge since using this greetment. I am still taking the Fexofenidine antihestamine tablets and Sterimar nasal spray (this is a salt water spray givenby GP). I can never have a good blow out of my right nosteil, I have to remove by sniffing that into my throat, and spit out, which is rather gross. Doctors do not take sinus problems seriously, they dont see how it effects our lives. I miss being able to smell my roses, as lost my sence of smell three years ago, I hope you have luck with your treatment. 


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      Hi Maureen, thanks for taking time out to reply. Agree with everything you say, especially docs not taking us seriously, and we seem to be on a very similar track with our remedies.

      I feel like I've had mine so long that I'm having to break the door down to 'get into' my sinuses, and once I do then hopefully will unlock the breathing. 

      I took a steroid spray for years, but in the end all it did was control, not shrink, my polyps and I developed a (benign!!) lump under my nipple. It's very common in men 'of a certain age...' just that 'we' don't talk about these things as easily! Took nine months to dissipate and I had to come off the steroid spray which it was clear ws the cause (nasonex i think it was called). 

      So it was I started hunting many many sites and the above was what I concluded might work best. The fact it has shrunk my polyps means I'm 'winning' already! 

      I also put a little cayenne pepper with some meals as luckily i rather like it, a few drops of vinegar where I can and (yuk...) a small piece of raw garlic daily which I have also read helps. I'd definitely put these in the 'voluntary' category though smile

      But the main 'medication' is as in the first post. Turmeric is also supposedly very good for many things apparently and I've got used to it after first day or two turning my nose up a bit (no pun intended).

      I'm going to add the oregano capsules thanks to your recommendation, where did you buy them Maureen, a pharmacy, online, or a health shop?

      Keep me posted on your progress!

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       The Oregano capsuls I got from a well known online delivery site. I feel like sticking a fire cracker up my right nostrel at times. I have on occasion been able to blow my nose on right side of late, but always feels blocked. Next year will push foe surgery. Hope you get some improvement. 


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    Have to say last week wasn't great, so over the weekend I upped the concentration of the dosage, just tea tree oil and castor oil in equal measure without water, and this time the results have been a lot more positive again. I also take it three times daily instead of twice (still do the others, and added 1 drop of peppermint oil to the steam/vicks mix. It's all you need, one drop, as your streaming eyes might verify!).

    Always suspected it would be a tough go for me, but I am definitely making progress again and will keep the thread updated. More contributions would be welcome.... Let's get better together!


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      Hi again, so volatile! I have added a nasal over-the-counter spray, and was recommended to use 2-3 times daily for 7 days, so experimented in one nostril and breathing is better, (maybe 20% of the time possible); polyps a little less intrusive than before. It is a non-hormonal spray, importantly, for me.

      Incidentally one side effect of the turmeric has been to improve my bowel movements, less 'mushy' than before. It can reportedly shrink/demolish benign polyps there too, and I think that might have happened.  (sorry too much info...)....

      Anyway everyone keep posted on your successes against these nasal nasties!

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    Hi Jim

    Thanks for sharing! Since it has been 6 to 7 months since you originally posted regarding your treatment, could you let us know how you are doing? What is working and what isn't.

    Thank you for your time



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      Hi Lynn, thanks for asking smile

      I have since posted another thread since, and simplified the treatment. in short, after 'testing' each of the treatments for a week or two at a time, separately, to try to figure out what worked best, ultimately I have gone with garlic! 

      i remove a small piece from a fresh clove each morning (about the size of a very small tablet), wrap it in a little loo roll to 'filter' it, like a slow release, and pop it in each nostril.

      I know you'll think I'm crazy, but been doing it for a few months now, and the relief is immense. Way better than the more expensive treatments I was using. Family have been very understanding, because if it can be seen it does look silly sometimes... (though you might be able to keep it small enough and get it far enough back in the nose that it can't be seen), 

      I know this is a fairly far cry from what I started doing, which did help a bit, but the garlic treatment is a lot better than the steroid sprays i used for years (and had to give up as I started developing side effects), or indeed anything else i have tried. It does probably help, being garlic, that I have virtually no sense of smell, even now!

      Would love to hear how you are doing smile


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    Hello jim76414

    Hope my email finds you well. Just happened to go through some webpages and saw your blog. May I ask how is your progress on with your sinus polyps? I am currently suffering from a polyp and was wondering if there is anything new that you are doing apart from the castor oil plus TTO application. Also any dietary tips from your personal experience would be very helpful. Many Thanks and god bless

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