Nasal Spray Treats Supraventricular Tachycardia! - Updates?

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Thoughts on this development?

Anyone heard more about this?

I for one am VERY excited!!!

This would be a dream come true - getting rid of SVT without the dreaded ablation.

Imagine carrying this around and never worrying again...

Opinions??? Updates?

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    Very interesting article, I to would be thrilled to see this become an option to treat my SVT. To be able to treat yourself anytime and anywhere would be just wonderful! 
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    Just what you wanna read after having ablation a few days ago haha! 😂

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      I’m doing okay thanks for asking smile they said the procedure was successful and I haven’t felt any issues with my heart after like palpitations etc but only had it on Thursday. I have been placed on 1.5mg beater blocker and 75mg of aspirin for a month. I had the procedure through both my groins left one is completely fine not even a brusie but I’m having a little issue with my right groin. It’s very sore and hard to walk rolleyes hopefully it will settle down or I have to go back to the hospital. Xx 
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      Both sides,wow.......and ouch.

      Can i ask why they went via both? They only went in my right groin...which was bad enough. Mine was 4 years ago, successful id say as im still kicking.

      One thing i regret, and a top tip for you is not to over do it early on.

      I was obsessed with building my heart strength up after years of SVT attacks. 240bpm recorded in A+E....and fat loss. So i was doing hiit ttaining on treadmill and when you look back i realise how stupid that was whilst my heart was sore.

      Hopefully that may not.

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      Thanks for the tip! I definitely won’t be over doing it! I hear it takes awhile for the heart to heal. To be honest I don’t know rolleyes on the day I was told they would be going through both and just assumed it was how it’s done. but out of seven patients at the hospital I was the only one that had two wounds, and the only one that had to be awake 0.o during. A few people had one through their arm rolleyes not sure what decides it haha! How was your groin after your ablation? I’m still not up and about and on the advise sheet most people are back to work/ driving after two days and I’m just managing to slowly move around haha! 
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      Hi, i also heard they can go via the keck. At least the groin is out if sight i suppose. But poor you, double the problem

      I remember distictly the groin took a while to heal. And even after the bruising, there was a hard lump which would be numb but tender...and a year later i was still very taught. Walking lundges was definitely a no go!

      The whole back to work think is a varible.

      Some people are off for a week with a common cold or a stiff neck. My GP signed me off fortnightly.

      I work for the NHS so sick leave is very considerate and 4 weeks was no biggie,others are not so fortunate. I would suggest taking 3 weeks minmum if you get paid, or longer if you hate the place lol.

      Its not just the wound that needs to heal. I mentally was traumatized on a mild standard as i too was awake through the entire process. It actually make me laugh now when people say they have heart burn...i say try a branding iron in side your heart then were discuss this further lol lol. But mental recovery is also important.

      I was on 2.5mg bisprolol for a week after which stop the whole fight ir flight thing...(my wedding was literally seven days after ablation). I remember the ambulance driver saying to me. Its the best excuse hes seen to prevent a marriage haha.....whilst im sat there bricking it.

      Having said that. My issue, much like others become controlling. Some days i wouldnt know if was my last as the flatline effect after the SVT felt like it was lasting longer and longer.

      And now its over..well lofe can continue normally

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      Yea I work in a government run school so time off is covered, seeing that I’m supposed to go back to work on Monday and can still barley walk i might just request more leave. Since I work in a nursery the kids will literally destroy me haha! 😬 

      Yea I’m worried about my leg waiting for a call back from 111 now. Might be nothing but I also have a  hard lump and I’m very anxious about medical stuff and worry about everything :O . The hospital explained lots of what to expect during recovery with your heart but didn’t really go into details about the groin rolleyes.  

      Yea the surgery was pretty tough and yea that feeling was just the weirdest feeling I have ever experienced. I’m so on 1.25mg of bisprolol and aspirin for a month. 

      Wow can’t believe you got married seven days after, congrats! 

      Yea I’m glad it’s over, they said it was a success so here is hoping we don’t ever have to go through it again 😬 x 

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      I have had only one svt that needed a visit to ER. I am scheduled next Friday but I can't stop thinking if I am doing it before it is really that bad, every other episode has gone away in less than 20 seconds. Also how was being awake for you guys ric and Rachel. That is my worst fear of this is that my doc says I must be awake, not that I am excited about being put to sleep either but I have panic disorder and anxiety as it is and wonder how I can make it through them giving me shots and playing with my heart. Would you guys have done it in my situation with only one lasting episode?

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      I was literally in the same boat as you. In jan I had my first SVT attack my heart rate went to 220/240 and lasted around 2-3 hours. A month later I was told I had SVT and my best option was to have an ablation. The last 3 months have been hell with me thinking all the same things as you, I did my research which scared me more and found this forum which also gave me mixed feelings. I also spoke to so many health professionals that where all so keen for me to get it done and thought I was crazy to think otherwise but it just seemed over kill, I had one attack my heart rate seemed to go up and down a bit but didn’t have another attack since. Also all my family were pushing me into it and my partner didn’t want me to have it. I was a confused mess and I Think I was in denial that I actually had anything wrong with me. When they called to tell me I was booked in I called the hospital demanding I saw some one first and even the day before my ablation I called the hospital to cancel but was told how important it was for me but also they can’t force me.... so I went and if Wasn’t until they found and got rid of my SVT did I realised oh s**t I actually had it :O  I was so convinced they wouldn’t even find anything.  But yea it’s scary and i have serve medical anxiety... to the point I can’t see a positive outcome and convince myself I’m going to die rolleyes. Even now I’m having huge anxiety over my groin and will probably go back to the hospital today. I will give you advice that someone told me, only you know what you want to do, don’t let anyone make the choice for you, you got to do what’s best for you. What made me do it in the end is not knowing when it will happen again also I was told because how I was last time the SVT wouldn’t kill me but because my heart rate was so high I could pass out... and imagine if I was driving etc...also I knew I would probably have to get it done some day anyway so I was just prolonging it. However there are risks involved which I’m sure the doctor told you but I was told it is 97% successful. I think I did what was best for me and you got to do what is best for you no one else. Think about How much it impacts your life and your anxiety etc. I’m going to be honest about The op. It’s very daunting of course every op is especially when you don’t know what’s going to happen and all you can think of ‘oh my god it’s my heart’ I can tell you is yes it is weird feeling and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt, they will give you sedation it helps. They told me it would be two maybe more hours, it went so quick didn’t feel like I was that long. I will say the typical thing here if I can do it anyone can considering my aniexty. I just had to ground myself and not let it panic me, know that they are in control and making our heart race and ‘try’ to keep calm and breathe through it. but the most important thing is do you! I can’t stress that enough so do what you feel is right. If you have any more questions feel free to ask just as someone about to have it done I don’t know how much information you would like seeing everyone is different. Hope this helps a little bit and sorry you are going through this I know what you are going through xxx 
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      Hi Rickper,

      Great name by the way😉.

      I would say go for it.

      I was having svt attacks from 14ish and only went to the docs about them when i was 21. I had ECG'S, casset recorders amd so on at that point. You know what they found? Nothing. I had people claiming that i was making it up etc.

      So , I suffererd in silence for what felt like forever. I wae wishing they would fix me but didmt know what i had. Coukdnt even google it as wasnt diagnosed. This forum was what i was praying for when in your situation!

      Anyway, i was not diognosed until my SVT attack didnt settle as per norm..instead i ended up in AF(like my tickover needed adjusting).

      Made me feel very odd . My wife forced me to go to A+E . They gave my some IV liquid which took an hour to regulate my heart rate. However, im now thinking? This is a quick fix whats stopping it happening again....

      They said yep, all clear back to gp etc etc. Anyways, as i stamd up , bang (with impeccable timing) svt attack.they rig me back up to the live feed pulse thingy majic and then it stops....stand uo again bam...its back. I literally could not stand up with out getting an svt attack. At that point they realised im a dead man walking unless they sort it. Blue lightend me to BRISTOL hospital and fitted me in just like that.

      Although i was stessed, i was also happy. The thoughybof being normal was amazing. Because i had no idea what i had or how to treat it i was completely oblivious to what ti expect. This is where your less fortunate in my opinion. You jave been diognosed, youve done your research....but now the worry kicks in.

      The awake part is definitely an issue. I completely get that. (I had another unrelated procedure through the neck in the arteries a 2 years later) amd i panicked as i knew that feeling of being awake and helpless.

      Having said that. The experience i had was out of this world. The electro stems inside the heart , over riding the heart was insane. They decided when i had an attack inorder to locate the problem area. But they will give you morphine , which i had after first ho on the laser....that was seriously hot inside. Pumped me full of morphine amd you sort of away with the fairies but still contious .

      You come out and no waking up required.

      Do it! Think about the after. Your groin will heal! I do weighted squats now and no issue. Allow a year for numbness to subside

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      How scary and panicky is it when they pace your heart and inject you with the adrenaline and all that. How long did you have to lay there after the procedure? and what do you do if you have to use the restroom? Also did you guys get to go home same day? Rachel let us know how your groin is. Thanks
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      Remember this is based on my experience and will be different for everyone.

      I felt that Because they talked me through it and i knew it was them doing it, that it wasn’t as scary as when I had one naturally. I just breathed through it. Also they give you sedation to help you relax. 

      You might be told not to drink a few hours before the procedure ( I was) and go toilet just before you go in. At my hospital I was told I had to lay minimum of 4 hours. However for me personally it was 6 and a half hours. Then they will get you up for the toilet or bring one to you (as they did in mine) I didn’t go home because of the time i came out and my hospital doesn’t like you going home after a certain time. But people do go home just depends on you, the time etc... personally I felt better staying over the night. 

      Yea my groin is fine thanks for asking , it’s ‘normal’ apparently haha! I just worry too much 😆 

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