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Hi!!I am new to this group, I'm looking for some help or answers.Sorry for my bad English..

I have been suffering from sinuses pain at last ten years.I'm 48 man from Croatia.

In January i went to my ENT and i have been diagnosis with vasomotor and allergic Rhinitis and chronic laryngitis!!

I also have reflux under therapy.

22.02-I have the flu,badly sinus congestion,and bronchitis.I was constantly getting post nasal drip and coughing up phlegm.Sinuses pressure was very painful.I did try inhaling 2-3 days with Essential oil in boiling water (buy in my drugstore)and I felt consistent relief from sinuses pressure.

25.02.When I went to the doctor I was given Antibiotics for bronchitis.That day I discovered that i unable to smell!!

Unable to smell hardly anything for 5-6 days.After 5-6 day my smell are slowly beck.(30%)Taste is OK.

I have tried 2 different ENTs after flu and I have been diagnosis with chronic rhinosinusitis,edema of the nasal mucosa..

Therapy:Nasonex 2x2 for first 14 days than 1x2 another 14 days..From 08 March..Saline nasal spray,Rinse nasal passages,B vitamins!!

18.03-CT scan show that my left turbinate is swollen,no nasal polyps,retention cysts 7x10 mm at the bottom right Maxillar sinuses with edema mucosa.The left Maxillar sinuses have thickened edges on the mucous membrane.Rest of my sinuses look normal.

I'll be an allergy test 18.04 (I've never been allergic to anythig)

28.03 I went my ENT and after he seen my CT he told me to continue with Nasonex 1x2!!He said The cause of the discomfort and the diminished sense of smell is in the swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasal shells

I suffer from burning pain and dryness in my nose with pain in the bridge and behind.At the moment, I have no mucus on my nose.Often i feel blocked nose.Constant "clamping" and crackling feeling on my right nostrils.No sneezing or running nose!No Headache.Pain under my left eye..Cigarette smoke and pollution are huge triggers..

I tried pretty much everything to overcome,steroid sprays-nasonex (4 weeks-) nasal sprays,nasal irrigation.I'm taking a break from nasonex,6 days now to see what's happend.I think the

Still I have not found any consistent relief. My anxiety does play a role in making me feel worse.I've been experiencing fatigue,stuffy nose (worse at night when lying down,mainly in the right nostril)where it feels mostly blocked and pressure,congested,dry mouth exspecially night,loud constant tinnitus (left ear).

I also planing go to a neurologist..

I can smell properly when i put my nose close to something that i sniffing.

Will be my smell be better once when all the inflammation had gone and Tinnitus much lower?

I feel that i that my sense of smell is poorer since i stoped with Nasonex.

Is it becuse swlling??

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    I I have the same thing but mine's been going on for 15 years and to boot it causes blepharitis too along with tinnutis ..and I can't taste or smell either. I cook Indian dishes if you can't smell or taste them very much hope. I tried steroids, antihistamines decongestant to no avail. I get upper respiratory infections too. and the post nasal drip is horrendous it's either choked to death or vomit. I have a medication that stops some of it it's called imtropium bromide maybe you could give it a shot. only thing left to do is to move to a dry climate.

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    Hi Lardy...

    Thank for your replay.

    My taste is OK,i feel food properly and i can smell properly but i put my nose close to something that i sniffing.Although i still get some slight congestion in my nose which decreases my smell sense

    especially when i am outdoors.(swollen turbinates??)

    I suffer from a blocked right nostrils (especially at night-my mouth is so dry,I often get thirsty) with constant "clamping" and crackling feeling on my right nostrils.

    My confusion is about Nasonex!!

    Do i need use Nasonex more for one month or not,

    3 ENT said YES..

    I'm taking a break from nasonex,8 days now to see what's happens..

    I think when i use Nasonex my inflammation is less..And i can better smell..

    But i read about many Nasonex side effects which which frightened me..

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      I have had sinus issues which have got worse over the last 15 years or so. I have just had a second sinus FESS operation.

      If 3 ENT say yes to your use of that spray then it would not be appropriate here for anyone to suggest otherwise, they are the experts and have personally examined you. AFAIK these things need to be constantly used over time to see benefits. But talk to those people to let them know how you feel when using it, it might not be good long term for you.

      Have you tried to use irrigation at all....? For me that has been a game changer in helping with mucous production and also to help to keep it moving. It seems to be beneficial in also helping to soothe the nasal passages.

      I had a bout 50% sense of smell since my first surgery. After my second I have none at all. Hopefully it will return one day. Taste for me is OK, although compromised due to the smell issue.

      Best wishes

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    Forgot to add in my last post (no editing allowed) I have issues also with my ears feeling full or muffled. This has been ongoing as well for a couple of years. Ear pain is also present at times. Tinnitus does happen but often that is in the background and has gone on for so long that I ignore that, mostly.

    My speech can sound a little nasal, or at least it does to me. That could also be due to the muffled sound tho.

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    Hi Vimes!!

    Thanks for your answer.

    I'm I agree with you about Nasonex and suggestions 3 ENT..

    I was a little afraid because I was reading a lot of side effects of Nasonex

    .I used it for 4 weeks since march 8..

    After allergy test 18.04 I'll be back to Nasonex because I breathe easier and I think my smell sense is better.

    I use nasal irrigation daily .I also use Isotonic Saline Spray..

    My sense smell is now 30-35%.

    Taste is OK,thanks god..

    The third ENT has said that my mucosa is relatively okay and that i must to be patient.Today is 50 days for

    No issues with my ears now exsepct tinnitus in left ear .

    Since 2001..

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