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peeky peeky

nasty condition

i suffered from this nasty condition for a number of years still do in fact a number of years ago i started to use bio-oil as a moisturiser it was a week or to before i wasnt rubbing my eyes every night in life then it clicked it was due to the bio-oil i use it every morning and if i wash my face say at teatime i reapply i havent looked back since then i have already posted this a couple of years ago but i dont know if anyone has tried it if you have could you please let me know i had been to the eye clinic on an number of occasions and all they said was wash my eyelids with baby shampoo it was no help whatsoever i had heaps of lotions potions wet wipes ect ect you proway over the years bably could buy the cheaper oil out of savers and the like come on give it a go it hasnt affected my eyesight in any way over the years i even carry it in my bag as even the air conditioning in the car can trigger it of go on treat yourself and buy the oil and apply it to your lashes when needed regards

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  • mary72917 mary72917 peeky

    Hi. Thanks for that Peeky. I'm desperate. Instruct me how exactly to use this.

    • peeky peeky mary72917

      hi mary just rub the oil into your eyelashes you will probably feel little bits of crystals on your finger do not wash the oil of reapply when you feel the need but keep the lashes topped up so you always have some oil on them it has been working for me for a few years and as i said my eyesite hasnt changed at all in the last few years so no damage to eyes and i am 68yr old give it a try mary because i know it is not good to suffer from that give it a week and let me know how you get on as i said it doesnt cure it but it sure makes you feel more comfortable you can buy the cheaper make in savers and such but i use the bio-oil but have used the cheaper one like you i was getting desperate regards

    • mary72917 mary72917 peeky

      Thank you so much. Will buy and report. I'm using blephagel. Doesn't seem to be doing anything.

      Feel so sorry for all the fools talking about wet ones. This company has been reported to the powers that be. They had the cheek to discontinue the forty pack for £2 09 and are charging 12 pack for £1.  Over  3 times more profit, and they don't even WORK!!!!

      Companys are riding on the band wagon. Hope Bio oil is not one of them.

      Again, thanks for information, and I definitely will let you know.

    • peeky peeky mary72917

      bio-oil knows nothing about this mary i just happened to come across that it helped my eyes by accident bio-oil only profess that it helps stretch marks and helps scars to fade that is all so they are not on any bandwagon hope they dont find out it does help the nasty problem or (they will put up the price ha-ha )

  • hopeful too hopeful too peeky

    The wet ones didn't work for you? I'm trying them now and have some relief. How long did u use them and how many times a day?


    • peeky peeky hopeful too

      hi you got me mixed up with someone else I DID NOT MENTION WET WIPES IN MY POST TO MARY i have been using bio-oil for a few years now rubbing it into my lashes and leaving it on  topping it up if need be as the day goes on

    • peeky peeky

      i only used wet wipes not THE WET ONES as i heard people say they were no good i used i.e. pampers huggies wet wipes not the wet ones the ones to clean babies is what i used regards

  • mary72917 mary72917 peeky

    Hi. You did not mention wipes. You recommend bio oil. I'm totally confused!

    • peeky peeky mary72917

      hi mary i never mentioned wet wipes she got it all wrong and i think she has made a mistake yes its bio-oil for me all the way re-read my post from yesterday NO MENTION OF WET WIPES i mentioned baby shampoo hospital reccomended but is rubbish regards

    • peeky peeky

      i meant to say no mention of WET ONES i used wet wipes that you use on babies just to clean my eyes but they dont do anything for the nasty condition try the oil but give it time and make sure your lashes always have oil rubbed in dont let the lashes dry regards

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