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A few years ago my mom told me, that I was not able as an infant to keep any food in me and that probably explains my constant fear of vomiting. I am totally afraid of it and it really became a problem, when I was about 14 years old. Every day I felt nauseous, especially during eating or when I got transported in any way. I avoided certain activities, just because I was afraid, something would happen. It wasted about two years of my childhood, becasus I was constantly scared, but then it suddenly dissappeared.

Now I am 18 years old and everything seems to happen again, but it is worse. I start the day off normally, but in the evening, especially when its dark I feel nauseous. Sometimes I even avoid eating. This should be an exciting time of my life, but instead I carry a plastic bag in my pocket, becasue I am afraid. During everything I do, I remember the times in my childhood, when I threw up and then I will do this action over and over again, until I do it and think about a time, when I felt good. For example I place a glass so many times on the table, until I can think of me feeling good at the same time.

The situation seems to be unimprovable and I lose all my hope. There is no way I want to spend my whole life like this. The medicine against nausea does not help. It makes me so sad.

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    There's no doubt you have emetophobia. I have it too, unfortunately, though not everyday. It also sounds like you have OCD. Have you gone to the doctor about this, and what medications have you used?
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      Some days are better, others are worse. Although the doctor could not find anything in the test results, he diagnosed an ulcer and gave me anti-acid pills. At first I was happy, but now after several months, it has not improved and I still show all the symptoms, like feeling full after a little bit of eating. He also gave me Promethazine against nausea, which helps a little bit. It would probably be a good idea to visit a psychologist due to OCD, because it seems to be the only way for my brain, to avoid anything bad from happening.

      Thanks for all the support.

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      I think a Psychologist would help, even a tiny bit at least. Maybe you can try hypnotherapy.

      I'm not a doctor, but I do know that nausea can also be due to the eyes and ears misconnection. Have you been evaluated over that? I don't really know tests about it. Though when I was younger, I'd get awful motion sickness and throw up all the time to the point where I hated cars and transportation. Closing my eyes and getting cold wind shoved in my face helped a bit.

      As for the full after eating, what have you been tested for?

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      You may be right, I should test, if the eyer or ear connection is right. The thing is, I hate bothering my family with my constant problems, that is why we did not visit a sepcialist yet. The doctor had a stul-sample and a blood work of me and everything was normal. After so many things tried, to make me feel constantly good, the only thing seems to be to figure out, what other people in my situation did and I am glad there are people out there with similar problems. Hypnotist sounds doable, because we know somebody and I hope I somhow manage to get to see a specialist. Sad to be such a problem kid. Right now I sit next to a open window, because fresh air helps in my case too.
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      I understand. I'm the only one in my family who has been having health issues all these years, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure they're tired of it, especially since there's been no diagnosis (only tests). And since we all live under the same roof, they gotta deal with my ranting lol.

      Anyway, the faster you get to the root of the problem and fix it, the less you'll have to bother your family about your issues. Once you take control and finally crush the root cause, all you'll have to worry about is maintaining it instead of worrying about specialists and if you have to ask your parents again for a test.

      So you have no infection and your levels seem fine if they're not promptly treating you for any. Are you having any other digestive issues, or is early satiety the only thing?

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      No, early satiety is the symptom, that occures pretty much every time, but normally, this feeling, depends on how filled I feel, disappears after a few hours or the next morning. Sometimes though, I wake up the next morning and it seems like nothing happened in my digestion and those are the days I bearly eat anything all day. Other days I have to burp like crazy and I can not stop it. There is also this constant sour taste in my mouth, that does not disappear, although I take anti-acid pills.
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      Have you tried taking digestive enzymes? They help digest food in your stomach and break them down, plus it helps with the fullness. My thought process right now is that it can be a lot of things. If the digestive enzymes help (they're usually around $10-$20), then you may be having digestion problems like with your gallbladder, liver, etc. Have you been checked for those (ultrasound, HIDA Scan, etc.)?

      (Sorry I'm bringing up a lot of possibilities, but it's kinda better than none at all.)

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      Thank you so much for bringing up all those possibilities, unfortunately though I have not tried enzymes, neither have I been checked on anything else than my stul and blood, because I have not been able to go to a specialist yet, but I am glad, that you are telling me, that there are amny other tests out thete, which could help. It builds me up.
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      You're welcome and I hope you get tested and find your cause smile Definitely try digestive enzymes, though.
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    I feel for you and hope you can get this problem delta with

    Have you ever seen anyone about this or had any counseling about your thought process.


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