Nausea and belching

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hi, i recently was scoped and told i have a faulty les and to keep taking ppi. most of the time this works but every now and then i get belching and nausea. does anyone here get that and found a cure for it?

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    Hey Gary, my advice to you is to go see another Dr. PPI meds are not the way to cure those things. All they are, are band aids for the issue. You are not solving the real reason you are getting those issues. Depending where you are located, there is a device that can help with the belching or any other gerd issues. It is called the Linx. It automattically stops those issues if you are approved to have the procedure done. The PPI meds are a multi billion dollar industry and that is why they always push these pills on people. PPI meds do more harm to your body than good. Yea you get relief but in long run you develop hip issues, you are more likely to break bones because the pills deprive you of getting calcium for your bones. I am not sure with you live but if you can go see someone that specialises in the LINX.

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      U may have had a sucessful lynx surgery. U may have needed it.

      We dont know what exactly u were diagnosed with.

      Lynx is a fairly new procedure and no one knows that much about it.

      Gary had a scope with some findings. Scope itself doesnt tell that les doesnt work properly. He needs more specific testing for that.

      Also lifestyle changes and meds for some time be what ud consider first before any surgery.

      No drugs are amazing. Ppi can help and hurt.

      There were times i was grateful for their help. There are ppl out there who take them for many yrs and are fine.

      Id rather take ppi for a few yrs if need be with lifestyle and diet changes and find out what exactly is going on with me that surgery.

      Drugs are a good earner to companies but so are surgeries.

      Surgery should be the last resort once all testing and else fail.

      I would never consider surgery after one scope.

      More other testests needed and repeated scope after lets say 1-2 yrs to see what is gappening. Most unwAnted mucosal changes are visible by eye so until then there is no need for surgeries.

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      The specialist knew exactly what was wrong with me after some testing and scoping. I tried everything to cure my reflux. I did a diet, watched what I ate and nothing was happening. My upper esophageal sphincter was not working and it didn't matter what I did, I still got reflux. Dr's put people on PPI because it is a quick fix. They don't do the research and figure this is the easiest way to handle the problem. I have had no issues along with 3 of the people I work with to get tested and have the surgery done. Everyone is happier, they no longer have to watch what they eat and best of all no longer are taking PPI's. Not everyone gets approved for the surgery. They do a scoping to see how bad or to see how much damage is done to your esophagus. A micro chip is then placed in your esophagus to see how much acid you have coming up. Another thing with PPI's you may thing your not getting any reflux coming up but all it does is lower the acid level in your stomach. Your still getting reflux, your just not noticing it. Long term usage of the meds can lead to cancer. I had a bad liver for years. My liver levels were high and once I got off the PPI's my levels dropped and they are just about normal now. Drugs my be a good earner for companies but those companies don't care about you. They just want your money. Surgeries are meant to help you.

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      Surgery is definately meant to help but unless doctors tell me i have to have a surgery it would not be my first choice straight away.

      Oesophageal valve Les is normally tested through Manometry.

      No medication is ideal they all have something which could do harm ...

      I had the medication as needed it for some time. Im grateful i had it as it allowed me to heal.

      I battled reflux fir aporox 2 yrs.

      Lifestyle changes, diet etc helped me. It took time to calm down but it did.

      Ive been off meds nearly 2 months .

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    Hi Gary.

    If u dont mind me asking. Are u in the UK or USA?

    can u tell us a bit more about yr experience. How or when u got ill. How old are u. If yr body weight is in normal, under or over ect...

    More details of what uve done to help yrself. This condition is very individual and everyone has diferent things they may respond better to.

    We all here trying to help. 😀

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    Yup, those were two of my main symptoms. I wouldn't say I'm "cured," but eating a very low carb (almost keto) diet has helped a lot. The theory is that some people's bodies have a hard time breaking down certain carbohydrates, so they end up being fermented by bacteria in the intestines. Those bacteria create a ton of gas which either gets trapped in the gut (causing painful bloating and nausea) or gets released one way or the other, including through the LES causing reflux. Lots of stuff can cause bacterial issues like a small interstine bacterial overgrowth including stress, food intolerances, low stomach acid, etc. Try eating a very low carb diet for a couple weeks ot see if you feel even a little better. I bet you will...

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    hi. ive had the symptoms for at least 7 years and been on lansoprazole for most of that. I'm forty years old and perfect wright. i suffer from anxiety also.

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      Its very good that ure keeping yr weight healthy.

      Getting down yr anxiety would benefit u as anxiety,stress... can increase digestive issues.

      On positive note is that yr medication works most of the time and u only get gerd symptoms at times.

      Have u noticed any foods which cause u discomfort?

      U can test yrself by avoiding the main known groups for a while and then slowly start introducing them individually.

      Someone above mention low carbs diet. Yes lots ppl respond to that well.

      I combined foods low in acid, lower and low carbs and lean. Often i had veg soups when my gullet hurt.

      Anything to get nutrients down.

      Smaller portions and drink after meals. Sleep on inclined bed. Do not lay down sooner than 3 hrs after food. Keeping a good posture and regular exercise such as brisk walks aid digestion too.

      U can find all these tips online.

      Are u going for any more tests?

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