Nausea and Dizziness after Miscarriage

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I'm just wondering if anyone else has non-stop nausea and dizziness? 

I have been hypo for a few years but recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and PCOS after a miscarriage. my iron was also a little low and they found gallstones! I am on 75mcg synthroid and just started 7.5mcg liothyronine (2x day). 

I have had on and off dizziness in the past but since the miscarriage two months ago it has been constant nausea and dizziness to the point I can barely function. I completely understand the frustration of thyroid and hormone problems now after speaking with several doctors and getting nowhere. I've been told it's all anxiety to it's just my iron and even that it's all related to my cysts and there's nothing they can do so ride it out! Luckily I found a great doctor and got the T3 added after my diagnosis. 

What is odd to me is the severity and length of time I have been feeling dizzy/nauseous - is this a normal symptom? I haven't read about many people having it constantly so I'd love to feel less alone/crazy! 

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    Hi Jessica, many people report dizziness and other symptoms after starting levothyroxin. But you’ve been having it since your miscarriage. Besides the loss, a miscarriage is super traumatic to the body, as is the dnc. 

    I’m not clear on your question. Have you been having dizziness and nausea before you started meds? You may have an inner ear infection or excess fluid in the inner ear. I was s swimmer for many years, so I always look here first for dizziness. It’s more common than people think.

    Hypothyroid disease is often connected with PCOS. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include low blood pressure, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, low body temperature. There are many other symptoms- hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin...

    The low body temperature contributes greatly to gallstones, because the low body temperature causes fats that would be liquid in normal body temp, to begin to solidify and harden in lower body temps.  (Think of a stick of butter sitting in the sun vs in the refrigerator). When the fats start to harden they can partially block the gallbladder ducts, which can impede digestion, cause infection and worsen gallstones.

    With thyroid disease, it’s extremely difficult to troubleshoot your health because low thyroid has so many nonspecific health symptoms. Thyroid disease is autoimmune, so thyroid patients often have other immune system disorders. 

    In short, thyroid patients tend to have extremely healthy diets simply to avoid triggering autoimmune issues and to eliminate variables that result in symptoms.  

    Get yourself a good hormone book- I can recommend one if you like. And learn about natural solutions. They are easy, cheap and have little to no side effects. Also read the many posts here on thyroid disease and medications. 

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    Hi Jessica,

    It may be worth your while asking your doctor about vestibular neuritis (VN) or labyrinthitis as these are common inner ear infections that can cause constant dizziness.  I was diagnosed with VN 3 years ago and it can be a long term thing but most people get over it within 3 months.  I am also border line Hypo but the doctors in the uk don't treat patients with a blood result under 10 (mine was 7.8). 

    Anyway good luck in finding out the cause of your dizziness.


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    Hi Jessica,

    I came across your message after researching this online and I am experiencing the exact same symptoms. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos just after a 2nd term miscarriage as well. I have been having the dizziness/floating/disconnect feeling everyday since then. It started as smaller almost panic attacks with the dizzy feeling and then would come more frequent until just constant. I am on Synthroid and have bene for 4 months now. I am gluten free and clean eating, but wondering how to get rid of this dizzy symptom. I've been to ENT to check inner ear, GI specialist, had MRI, etc. and nothing. I know it's been some time since your post, have you had any relief with this? If so, what worked for you?

    It's horrible to live like this everyday, but everyone says time will make it get better as my body adjust to meds. Just so hard not knowing if it will ever go away!



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      Hi Michelle,

      I also had an MRI and all the checks and am also all clear in that regard. I haven't gotten 100% relief but I have seen some progress. My specialist believes I am stuck in fight or flight mode but I've also heard a lot of words/opinions thrown around from all the doctors I've seen. We are working to optimize my thyroid levels and I am only on Synthroid right now after going very Hyper about six months ago.

      Getting better sleep was an important factor that made a small dent in all my symptoms. Unfortunately, I currently have to get that sleep by taking Zopiclone at 3.75mg (half a pill).

      Although my specialist says there is a physical issue and the root cause is not all in my head the anxiety and panic are not settling down. I have no pattern of triggers and it's all very random. I began coping with that on my own by learning to calm the part of my brain called the amygdala - what controls the fight or flight response. No matter how terrible I feel I make the time to meditate, practice gratitude, journal, and do "brain training" exercises. This is not something I would've done in my life before - slowing down was not an option and I am very Type A. 

      I also want to mention that every doctor I have seen except my specialist has tried to put me on birth control. My specialist believes it will be a band-aid and not a solution. It especially doesn't make sense since I would like to try to conceive again if possible.

      I also had my gallbladder removed during all this and it extremely flared all my symptoms and felt like I went backwards months of progress. So physical stress (like a miscarriage) is a real issue for me and my body was not happy.

      My current goals are to:

      1. Optimize my thyroid levels through medication

      2. Continue clean eating

      3. Continue working on my mental health and destressing at home and begin seeing a therapist

      4. Begin taking Zoloft and wean off Zopiclone (this is something I have been trying to avoid but I feel like it may be time for).

      5. Check progesterone levels 

      I'm sorry I don't have more helpful information to offer yet as I'm still on this journey. I really hope you find a solution to your symptoms. Please keep me updated!

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      Hello ladies, I feel your pain! A couple of things I've been addressing may be helpful to you.

      1) I've been using dietary changes to treat chronic (subacute) pancreatitis. I believe the low body temp caused by hypothyroid disease causes liver/gallbladder/pancreas problems, which impede digestion and cause malnutrition. 

      2) I recently started addressing some longstanding sinus issues that I condidered more of an annoyance than anything. As I'm clearing my sinuses, it is obvious that I’ve had longstanding ear infections. 

      I know it sounds like yet another thing to troubleshoot, but so many people have posted about thyroid disease and dizziness, that having been a swimmer, their descriptions sound so much like a mild ear infection... its certainly worth investigating the ear/nose/throat connection in relation to thyroid disease. 

      I’m only in the first few days of addressing the sinus/ear issues but I’m  hopeful it will make a huge difference for me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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      A quick search on ‘Hashimoto’s and ear infection’ shows that the connection is very well established and there are tons of scientific research articles on the subject. 

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      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for responding. I am sorry that you haven't found relief yet. Wow, you went thru a lot with having your gallbladder out as well. I don't believe I have PCOS, do you think that contributes to the dizziness? How did you realize you had that?

      All my doctors are telling me is that after a few weeks when I am at an optimal level hopefully I will start feeling better, but they also say that they don't know why I am having the dizziness, and it's constant. I feel just stuck like no one will really help and I just have to wait it out, but everyday is a stuggle with the dizziness. I am getting my eyes checked and after that I feel like I have looked at all other possible issues, since I went to GI specialist, had an abdominal scan which looked good, had MRI, fine, ENT, which was fine, been to therapist for anxiety, had echo, ct scan, and all bloodwork is fine.

      So at this point I guess I will keep doing the same too, clean eating, trying to exercise when I am not too dizzy and just hoping my meds start to get me at optimal range. My levels were all in range last few blood draws, but not sure what my optimal level is.

      I will keep you posted. Hoping we both find relief. I've asked about other hormonal imbalances since it seemed to happen after miscarriage, but all doctors say that they aren't concerned.

      Hopefully I find some relief soon and you do as well.


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      Yeah, I had treated my ear infections with antibiotics years ago and  I thought the infections were gone.

      I had acupuncture recently and as the sinuses started to drain, it became clear that there is indeed ear infection. I’ve  had ear symptoms for a while and just thought it was a little trapped fluid. 

      I seem to be feeling so much better, dealing with the sinus stuff. I figure, the ears will take a few weeks to drain.

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