Nausea and other symptoms for 2 months,

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Two months ago I randomly got sick - feeling like I'm going to throw up. This is 24/7, and I haven't had a single minute of relief for the past two months. This combined with emetophobia - the irrational fear of vomiting - means that it's been an absolute nightmare.

And that's just the worst of it. It's come with a world of other symptoms like stress, anxiety, nightmares, sweating, diarrhea.

I've been to the doctor several times - he's prescribed me medication for gastritis, anxiety, nexium, vitamin D... nothing's worked. I've had blood tests taken and they came back clean.

They've put in a referral to see a gastroenterologist but they tell me I might be waiting up for FIVE MONTHS - and that's not even guaranteeing a diagnosis.

Needless to say, this has made my life practically unlivable - I can't go anywhere, do anything fun, focus on movies or games... and I don't know if I'll ever get better.

Should I just keep waiting and hoping? See somebody again? Ask at the hospital? Arranging transportation anywhere is a pain but I'm in a real bad place right now and I don't feel like I could 'stomach' five more months of this.

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    What a relief it is to find that others are experiencing what I am. I thought I was losing my mind. I've had kidney stones in the past, fall bladder removal, c sections and always a sensitive stomach. Last December I thought I was having another kidney stone attack and went into a panic. It passed thank goodness but the nausea has stayed with me. Lately it's been everyday and I'm losing weight due to not eating. Saw my doctor who ordered blood work and ultrasound on my stomach. Also, put me on omniprazle but that didn't help. Blood work and ultrasound showed nothing. Next step is t see a gastroenterologist. I was starting to worry that this was all in my head head. I know how you feel about being reluctant to go anywhere when you feel this way all the time. I've tried healthier eating, regular exercising, getting outside daily, yoga/meditation but nothing has helped. I can't imagine just accepting that this is the way it has t be. There has to be a reas
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      Hi, l truly empathise, l,m still battling nausea daily from waking, still not much appetite, one small plain meal daily, gone lactose free, take supplaments probiotics, other reccomended stuff, omprazole, nothing gets rid completely, l have had a week or so, or a few days its settled to moderate level, meaning l can eat a little  more carefully and be a bit more active, not much but better than when severe, which is just debilitating disabling on pushing myself re exertion, got to, no one else to do it re jobs, shopping, and it soon reverts to severe again, then l study what lve done, eaten, not done, and at times think is it possibly phycalogical, l try cognative therapy, re l,m not going to feel nausea,l refuse, doesnt work, l look drawn and pale, also still losing weight, that the only posative for me being l was 2-3 stone oweight now down a clothes size and a stone, got droopy skin on my legs.

      l had scope showed a bit of inflammation, not to account for severity

      Been transferred to another gastroe, still not heard, might be a fob off, l also had cystascope as l thought it might be connected to i.c. 

      but told not, So back to sq l, stangely my diabetic son had nausea for a few weeks, now settled. l also had csection,s, infections after   both, on wound with first, cysitus and internal with second, blood clots infected, adesions, wondering if it could be nerve damage, done at time of surgery, it can happen to some, also know diabetics can get nerve damage,  l,m really just throwing reasons around, when l dont get meds coming up with one, lve also long standing bladder probs, thats when my intersticial cystitus started following surgery, took years to diagnose and treat, wont have helped, l have a friend who had full bladder removal for same condition, is there connections, but l,m sure others have nausea whove not had surgery or bladder probs, lve endured it for near 9months 90percent of time, sleep aside, and l dont just accept it, l get times of depression, frustration, anger fury, lve put it complaints to gps, and cant believe it myself that it goes on and on without reason found or successful treatment, even told gp l was going to try cannabis next, l havent, yet.  At present biding time but pushing for new referral to supposedly more experienced gastro e, see what he comes up with. Does mobility exertion make yours worse, mine is, but did also have sensative tum before, not this bad. and not nauseous with it. You might be different to me, in on seeing gastro having scope reason could be found and meds that help you.

      My worst time is morning on waking its there immediately, near crawl to kitchen for drink, thirst with it. Sorry for long ramble, much of it thinking out loud, but hope you get to see specialist soon and get result that helps. Now to  sleep and an escape for a while. Best wishes.

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      I wake up nauseous every morning. Also find I get nauseous early evening and often times throughout the day. Fresh air helps a little sometimes. Motion sickness pills used to help but not this past week. Short walks outside don't make it worse but I just don't feel up to moving around sometimes. I've had 2 c sections too and and toxemia with both pregnancies...not that they have anything to do with this. I just want to feel normal again!
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      Ditto the feeling normal again, l woke up today nauseous, but it did ease off in afternoon, even thats a help, to have a break from it.  l usually wake up with it, sometimes settled sometimes doesnt. But wonder what causes it in the mornings more, as with pregnant women. Is it going without fluids, food, moving about a lot in bed, being horizontal. If anyone knows can you let me know, it might help to know or not, but curious. 
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      Had my endoscopy today. Gastroenterologist said I have gastritis (inflamation of the stomach lining and bile reflux (digestive fluids are backing up into my stomach when they should just be in my small intestine.) This type of relux is different then normal acid reflux that many people get because 1) it is bile that is backing up and bile is alkaline based not acidic and 2) it is backing up into my stomach from my small intestine. Said this could be due to having my gall bladder removed years ago. He also noticed some non sterioidal striads in my stomach possibly due to all the ibuprofen I was taking for pain. Doctor prescribed Sucrulfate 1mg 3 times a day (usually used to treat ulcers but said it would target irritated areas and work to heal them) and Omeprazole 40mg once a day 30 minutes before eating.

      Doctor had also ordered a stool test and that revealed a bacterial infection in my colon called clostridium dificile...probably the cause of my nausea. So I'm now on an antibiotic called Vancomycin Hydrochloride USP 125mg every 6 hours. He also suggested I take one Culturelle probiotic tablet every day for 30 days and try to eat small meals throughout the day.

      I go back for a follow up appt in 2 weeks and will ask him if he meds will solve the problem or is this something I need to correct with my diet.

      Don't really know if this will help any one but I thought I would put it out there in case you want to read up about any of it. I am thrilled to have finally put an end to my nausea and hope it continues to improve. Best of luck to you Lynne. I hope you get the answers you need soon!

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    try taking ondansetron pills . i also have the same problem,feeling nauseous literally all the time with stomachache.i had to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy and my doctor told me i had chronic esophagitis and he prescribed PPIs and anti nausea medications .during the time i always felt like there was somthing stuck in my throat.anyways now im a bit better.even though the anti nausea medication is not really working sometimes that i have severe nausea i just take one ondansetron and boom 30mins later im better.also esophagitis is usually by bacterial infections, and my symptoms happened just a week after i had a virus in with i vomited and had abdominal pain for about a day.Hope u get better 😉

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    5 months is not too long as I have waited 2 years to see a specialist. I recommend that you phone weekly to see if they have any cancellations.

    Consider gastroparesis

    You may need a gastric emptying study or capsule test to look at your motility.

    For any symptoms that you find are difficult to cope with inbetween see your gp.

    If you start vomiting blood go to A/E to be seen as you may have gastritis or an ulcer and need Omeprazole or Lansoprazole melts to help with acid reflux.

    Once you have been seen the hospital they may have the facilities to give you the tests or send you to other hospitals for tests of a specialist hospital. Most large specialist hospitals have up to a 2 year waiting list.

    For nausea try ginger either in biscuits, or ginger tea or flat coke.

    Try to sleep on at least 2/3 pillows so gastric juices have less chance to reflux.

    Small meals and no meals before bed.

    Any further symptoms keep your gp updated or phone 111 for advice.

    You may need a gastroscopy as well or barium swallow.

    I hope you find support soon

    My gastroparesis makes me vomit average 6 times a day.

    The GP can give you a blood test to check your electrolytes.

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