Nausea? Anxiety?

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I have been suffering with intolerable nausea for 2 to 3 monthes.

The symptoms are only prominent when standing or walking, moving around the house.

When I sit down the symptoms diminish more or less emediatly by 60%, when I lay on my back they diminish by another 30%, when I lay on my side they diminish by another 5% leaving me able to sleep with reasonable comfort although not perfect! This I have tried many times so prove this to myself..

I can only comfortable stand for long enough to make a cup of tea, BUT NOT A MEAL.

And walking to shops is more or less OUT of the question.GP agreed to me stopping statins 5 weeks ago because of aches and pains in lower limbs and exhaustion and nausea. Since then the aches and pains have virtually gone

(3 weeks ago)

Now I can not make a cup of tea with out feeling sick,

I do not feel dizzy, giddy,unstable and have never actually been sick.

Any ideas please


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    I think you need to see your GP to be honest. It sounds to be like it could be an inner ear issue, particularly since it eases when lying down, but the only way to know for sure is to visit your doctor. How long where you on the Statins for? Since you mentioned aches and pains and your doctor took you off them I imagine you weren't on them very long? Did the nausea start before or after you were put in the statins? Is it possible it is just a side effect of them that is hanging around a bit?

    Whatever it is, and it could be any of 101 different things, the only person who is really going to be able to help is your GP.

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      Been on autovastin for 5 years, been in hospital recently and they changed me to symvastatin (hospital protocol) basically its cheaper.

      I donthave any other symptoms that go with inner ear



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      Sometimes sickness that happens with movement is the only issue of an inner ear problem.... but there is a fairly qick way to check. Try getting some travel sickness tablets and seeing if they make any difference.

      But as I said, your GP really is your best option here, they will be able to do the appropriate tests and help you best. If you are finding your current doctor unhelpful then you can always see someone else.

      I know how unpleasant chronic nasuea us, I get it for about 3 months every time they increase the amount of morphine I take daily. Except with me I don't get relief when I lay down and I do throw up.

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    i started getting bouts of nausea 2yr ago, bouts would last 4-8wks, from waking to bedtime, moderate if just sitting or laying, became more severe with movement exertion, l,d try to do jobs l0min at a time and need to sit due to severity it would settle after l0-20min,, l looked pale and drawn with it, felt tired and off it, napped a bit, was off food, lived off tea and a biscuits, lost weight, near 2stone over months. l never threw up, or felt a need to, but think if l,d eat normal meals l could have but no appetite for meals.  Then it would settle for weeks, and flare up. It became constant from Oct, saw gp, later gastrologist, had scan, scope, a bit of inflammation seen but not thought enough to cause severe symptoms. Put on omprazole, after 3 wks no improvement, l stopped taking them also the daily anti b l,d been given as preventative for intersticial cystitus flare ups taken for several year, Started using probiotics, milk thistle,  bio yogurt, drinking spring water only, take ginger in tea,had already tried gaviscon and usual chemist stuff, but it had gone on for months and is very debilitating, disabling at worst on exertin, l,d no partner or family to help,poor me, 2 sons live distance away, so it was a nightmare trying to get the essential shopping, and household jobs,l had groceries delivered, big help, chemists also delivered, grateful, so  just did essential jobs best l could, l thought gps and gastrologist had little empathy, when it really does get you down when its every day from waking. l got info and advice on here with diet, supplaments, as a few others had simular.  l did slowly start to eat a bit, had to as l was getting no vits, mins, protein, diet mainly carbs. l had an aversion to many previously eaten foods, went off all processed ready meals, tinned foods, even soup, went off milk eggs

    it came down to tea with ginger. cereal biscuit, evening a small meal pots, hash brown, fries, all baked, most veg ok, but went off salad which l,d loved, little chicken or fish, also rice, pasta, noodles, always small portion and plain, previously l,d swollen up after meal felt bloated and belched a lot, discomfort with it, so even when feeling a bit less nauseous, usually eve on low active day l,d still have small plain meal, but could still eat chocolate. Its now been settled a few week, but still feel it mildly but can move about, do jobs, go shopping without being overcome with nausea, big relief physically and mentally. l do get pelvic pain, think due to bladder inflammation bouts, adesions from surgery, maybe nerve damage, but anxious about using pain killers, do use heat patches or rubbing gel. l,m relieved its settled, be it always the mild feeling but can live with that ok, Still dont know what causes it or what settles it, flares it,  maybe long term anti b use stopped, light plain diet, drinking just spring water, using pro biotics, dont know if allergic reaction to something, in food, water, l am an allergic person anyway, rhinitus long standing, few skin probs,  also penicillian and a few other meds, and get tinnitus along with it,  l wish l did know, but gp and gastrologist no wiser than me. Doesnt seem to be any quick fix for it, for me or others on mbs l read, but think you need to see gastrologist to check youve not gastritus or stomach bug, Sorry l can offer more pos advice, there is quite a bit of info on gastritus thread, but see your doc and best wishes.

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    Hi, I think you should go to see your GP as soon as you can.  Their are lots of things, like balance, ear problems, food intolerence, well the list goes on!  

    You need to get to the bottom of this, before you loose too much weight or a simple condition becomes serious, I ignored feeling sick and pain for a while, then had peritonitis from an ulcer, which could have been treated before it burst!  If you don't get on with your GP maybe see another in the practice.

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