Nausea, dizziness, stiff neck and shoulders, fatigue...

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I had a simple cold that lasted a couple of days and I felt better. The day after, suddenly I had a sever headache, neck stiffness and nausea. I could barely walk. I vomited. I got my period and it ended after 6 days, but the nausea, dizziness and stiff neck and shoulders as well as cold sweats won't go away (3 weeks now!)

I do not have fiver, I haven't vomited and I don't have diarrhea and I am not perimenopausal.

My blood pressure was somewhat weird. Not only was it low, but the difference between the systolic and diastolic was narrow, 96/78 with pulse around 90. It's been getting better in the last couple of days, but the above symptoms are still here, including fatigue.

I saw my GP and did some blood work, everything seems fine (including my TSH, so my thyroid meds are ok) except the levels of sodium and potassium which are slightly elevated. Usually my sodium is nearer the lower limit, while my potassium stays in the higher acceptable range. They never went above until now.

My GP gave me meds to treat nausea, dizziness, even possible allergies but I didn't react well to them - more nausea and dizziness. He also prescribed me Xanax because he said my neck and shoulders were stiff, but I told him that I wouldn't take it. A muscle relaxant I took once 10 years ago was taken off the European market a few years ago and ever since then they've been replacing it with anxyolitics. I had a bad reaction to them when they were prescribed for and episode of arthritis last year. (I took it twice and both times vomited and were dizzy).

What could this be? Should I see a specialist (neurologist, nephrologist, endocrynologist),? A year ago I had to take cortisone as well for the bout of arthritis (possibly Ankylosing Spondylitis) I mentioned and ever since then I've been gaining weight around my abdomen. I haven't checked my cortisol levels in a while.

Has anybody experienced similar symptoms? The nausea and dizziness are present even when I lie down. But it's worse when I'm up and about, especially on a train or on a bus.

Is there anything I could do? From time to time I take Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) which seems to help a bit.

I even thought about a possibility that the infection hit my ear and hit the nerve so to speak (vestibular neuritis). I had it and it is similar to what I'm experiencing MINUS (and this is very important) low blood pressure, stiff neck and shoulders. Also, the dizziness I feel now is different. The room is not spinning, it's more of a constant rocking. 

Thank you!

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    I had the dextramethasone suppression test and my cortisol is beyond low i also have to get the gall bladder out so get that test n go from there
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    Hi Masha,  I had similar symptoms last year...I had a bad cold, then a few weeks later awful head pressure.  Was told I had depression and anxiety...NO!  I ended up going to ER with a severe headache, neck ache and vomiting.  No fever.  CT scan showed a bad sinus infection.  They also checked for meningitis, mono and neuro Lyme...all clear. That was in Dec.  I am still having issues with vertigo.  Had mri, clear.  I get migraines too, but I am in perimenopause also, and we talk a lot about dizziness.  I am going to a balance hospital in a couple months.  I also have BPV. I am trying now to figure out if I have migraine associated vertigo, vestibular neuritis, or vestibular migraines... But, I find it an unbelievable coincidence that I have had vertigo since that sinus infection.  Get checked out and push for answers.  I am seeing a neurologist.  Basically, a neuro ENT.  Good luck, I have that constant is awful.  
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    That should have said neurotologist...
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    Do you feel confused? Disorganized?  Sounds like meningitis! They need to do a spinal tap. 
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    Thank you ALL for your advice. 

    I'll talk again to my GP. Something has to be done, I just hope that it won't take months!

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    Sounds like a vestibular issue. Vestibular migraines, vestibular neuritis ect.  The stiff shoulder stiff neck can be as a result of your body trying to stay upright.  Using your muscles more than usual.  This is what the PT told me and my new doctor an otolaryngologist.  You are using all your stength plus your movements may be exacerbated by moving your neck slower because you know you will get dizzy with quick movement. Look in your area for a dizzy clinic, otolaryngologist.  What I have found is that PCP know nothing about this.  Regular ENTs don’t know much, regular nuerologist don’t know much.  I had weird blood pressure, in the hospital it was low, potassium was off.  I had terrible sweats before a serious episode would come on, then the world would tilt.  I also would wake up drenched.  Regular doctor just want to say BPPV, that’s all they know.  Eventually my blood pressure was very high.  I was put on a beta blocker and norotriptiline because I started to realize I had headaches.  It has worked. The PT is now working on my shoulders and neck.  Find a dizzy specialist -otolaryngologist. The feeling of the room rocking or things moving in front of you is all part of it.  It doesn’t just have to be the room spinning. I had all of it.  Sometimes I walk in the kitchen and have to stop because the floor feels like it’s moving or I feel for a second things are moving in front of me. I had nausea almost all the time too.  I did have one spot that wasn’t bad, I also have vibration and ringing in my ears. Have you taken mecclizine instead of Dramamine? Have you taken zofran for the nausea?  You definitely should see a specialist one that specializes in vertigo, dizziness, vestibular clinics, an otolaryngologist.
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      Thank you so much for your advice!

      I will definitely seek more advice and see different specialists.

      In the meantime, yesterday I tried steaming/inhalations again and it has helped!

      I put some salt and eucalyptus essential oil. I did it 3 times yesterday and once this morning. I would also turn my ears towards the steam . I could feel some post-nasal drip afterwards and my symptoms somewhat improved. 


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