Nausea for over 6 years. Low B12 & fatigue

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I have suffered from nausea for 6 years on and off more on than off. I had also been suffering with fatigue but my gp thinks i have cfs/me(i feel that just a way of explaining all my symptoms) i am so fatigued i can only work part time and it impacts everything i cant help wonder if there is something wrong and perhaps i could get treatment and my life back . Over the years i had had many blood tests which mostly came back normal. My esr was raised most of the time and I had very low B12. I get B12 injections every 12 weeks but have been told i dont have pernicious anemia. I eat fairly healthily and eat meat. Due to the nausea i have lost around 2 stones over this time. after many visits to my gp over the years he referred me to see a gastroenerologist. I waited over 6 months to see them. they chatted to me and decided thst they wanted to do an upper endoscopy which i had a couple of weeks ago. they tested for hpolryi which came back negative. they did other biopsys and i am still waiting for the results . i have erosive duodenitis & have been medication for that. he also said it might be gallstones and i am having an ultra sound for that. Along with the nausea i have a reduced appetite, often dont feel hungry and where as in the past i LOVED chocolate i now have no interest in it at all. i almost avoid. (not a bad thing but very strange for me)

any thoughts, advice and opinions would be very much appreciated.

Clara x

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    CfS/ME could well be a valid diagnosis, so I wouldn't discount it yet. 'An explanation for your symptoms' is your doctor giving you a diagnosis/possible diagnosis so this is no bad thing. It is better than them saying they don't know which is what they did with me.. The erosive duodentitis could well be causing your nausea and your medications may well play a part in this. All you can do is wait for your biopsies to come back and wait to see what your ultrasound shows. Maybe you need a higher dose of B12 or you need it more frequently; ask your doctor about that. Try a food diary to see if any foods are causing the nausea.

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    any update on your biopsies? ive had chronic nausea for a year and a half. im so sorry youve been going through this for 6 years! i really hope they can give you answers.

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      hi Ren, no not had the results yet they said it would take around 8 weeks for the results to come back. I dont have an appointment with the consultant until October! I have been told that my gp will also be sent the biopsy results so have made an appointment to the see them in mid June i had an ultra sound scan last week but when they did that they said the results would go to the consultant that referred me. So will not get all the results till October time by the sounds of it. A frustrating and long wait . Have they looked into what is causing the nausea with you? I hope they find a simple explanation and can give you something that will stop it. Its a terrible thing to try and with. it makes you feel so unwell. Clara xx

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      How are you? How is your nausea? i truly hope its settled. So was given medication when I had the endoscopy. It worked. I took a while but the nausea has completely gone and my appetite has returned. My hospital appointment got cancelled and moved a couple of times. Still not had it. Its meant to be April 2021 but with the Covid situation and lots of appointments not happening this year I am expecting it will get cancelled. So I still don't actually have any of the results but whats important is that the nausea has gone.

      Take care xx

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      Wow! you must be overjoyed to have suffered for so many years and it come to an end! I'm crying, you give me some hope. What medication helped you recover?

      Was it a ppi or acid reducer? How long were u on the medication before you became better? My nausea has been pretty consistently mild for 3 wks, but non stop. I'm at total 3mo. and 1 week for the constant nausea. I have a HIDA scan tmrw and a 2nd GI opinion oct 26th 2020.... all my tests have been normal except mild chronic gastritis and active duodenitis... I just want to feel normal again.

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      hey, i truly hope they can five you something that does the same. i was on raniditine. i am not entirely sure how long it took to start makijg a difference. It took a while. i remember thinking for a while that it wasnt working. From memory it was at least a couple of months. Yes I am just delighted that i managed to get rid of the nausea it is such a horrible thing to have to live with. It was always there and could never forget about i. i really hope they find something they can easily treat and help you feel better. Please let me know how you get on Take Care xxx

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