Nausea is it mirtazapine?!?

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I've been on 15mg now since Nov. For last 3 weeks I've been cutting a tiny bit off as I am trying to come off the drug but slowly. I want to know if anyone is suffering severe nausea and lack of appetite through the the day. I didn't have this when I started it made me hungry which I needed but now I find i have nausea all day from waking and have to force myself to eat by lunch. I take ranitadinne twice a day and have gavisgon but nothing working. Surely cutting such a tiny and I mean tiny bit off tablet wouldn't cause this?

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    Hi Kelly.

    Don't know if this will help you but anyway - I have been on Mirtazapine 15mg since middle February. After approximately 5 weeks I started to feel mild nausea. All the day. I do not know what caused that. I have also been on Cipralex (Lexapro) 10mg since middle January. Maybe this med causes nausea. I do not know. Anyway I am also trying to come off Mirtazapine. I directly went from 15mg to 7.5mg two days ago. So far nothing significant happens. My sleep is a bit worse now with a plenty of vivid dreams. Let's see. Keep us updated here! Take care

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    Hi kerry

    Yes it is withdrawal but one of the milder side affects

    I find it really difficult to eat during te day have to wait until the evening. Anti sickness tablets help some but not me because my tummy is so gassy and that's what's making me feel sick

    Gaviscon helps a bit but not much

    Gets better once you're completely off so I've been told

    I also felt sick the whole time i was on it well the last 3 years of it anyway

    Hope this helps good luck to you

    S x

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      Suzannah - what exactly do you mean by "felt sick"? I am not native english speaker and this is really confusing for me. Do you mean you felt like you will be vomitting? Or felt like coming down with some cold, flu, or whatever?
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      Hi neogenx

      Yes like im going to vomit but i never do!! Like I've picked up a stomach virus

      It's just our bodies rejecting the meds

      S x

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      How did you get on with mirtaz tapering?

      i have had nausea since the beginning and it has never completely gone away.

      it is worse since tapering.

      will it go away once i am off the drug

      you are the only person i see who has had these problems.

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    I have been on mirtz since last October, first 4 - 6 weeks I took 15mg, then went up to 30mg. It increased my appetite, which I can't wait to finish them altogether as I don't want to put more weight on. I have just started tethering off them slowly, the only thing I have noticed is that my sleeping is not as good as it has been, but I only started cutting down last Sunday 1st May. I also take
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    Hi, I am also coming off as of 2 days ago. Been on 15 for 17 months.DOc gave me liquid

    Mirt which is making life easier.i am doing 10% every 2 weeks and we will review

    After 4 weeks.So far I feel as if I have bad flu and eating is a problem.Last yr I was well on

    Mirt but this yr I think it has just been making me ill -terrible tiredness,aching legs weight gain

    Time will tell how my taper will go....

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      Hi plainden - did this ill (flu) feeling started with that decrease of 10% 2 days ago? Or you have this feeling this year?
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      You might want to slow it down to 10% every three to four weeks based on the previous dosage, due to the level of symptoms you are having.  20% per month is fast, and as you get lower that big of a cut will really hit you harder.  Just a suggestion, as only you know whether you can tolerate that level of symptoms.  Know that if the symptoms get too severe you can always up-dose a bit and then hold until you feel fine again.

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      Hi,and thanks for advice.I am going with 0.9ml then 0.8ml for 2 weeks each then a review with doc to see how things are going.I must admit i did want to go a bit slower but felt I could do the cut as doc wanted.He gave me mirt in liquid form  which costs 66 pounds a bottle whereas blisterpacks of mirt cost pennies and many docs will only give liquid if on private script.Having the liquid form really makes life easier.
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      hi,it really came on after the cut to 90ml or 13.5mg
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      Hi Plainden

      Now you've tried 10% you will know whether you can handle it or not, but bear in mind that if you are getting insomnia it is best to slow down, this is the worst wd symptom and a sure sign that your nervous system would be better off with a lesser drop of Mirt' and therefore a healthier withdrawal.

      I'm doing the same method as you, it does take a long time, I'm doing between 5-7% every 2-3 weeks, depending on how I feel/recover, if it helps you to gauge it at all.  

      The other alternative to the liquid/blisterpack is Mirtazapine Sol Tabs which Betsy is using to taper - see the instruction just in case you ever need to switch, especially if your doc' says no to the expensive nectar !

      Best wishes x


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    Nausea and apptetite loss are common withdrawal symptoms with mirt.  90% of your serotonin exists outside the brain, much of it in the gut, so digestive issues come up with reduction.   It increased appetite, for which the body pushes back to regain homeostasis; when you cut the drug, you are left with the body's adjustments in the other direction which in this case is inappetence.  These may be signs you are cutting too much.

    Look for Evergreen on here.  She made a liquid out of her tablets and slid off slowly using an oral syringe.  You'll want to be able to dose consistently each day.  If your dosages vary because you can't get precise with cutting off tiny bits, it will be much harder on your nervous system adjust.

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    Hi Kelly, I have just started tapering down my dose and was also shocked that it had such a dramatic effect - especially when at the moment I'm only alternating between my full dose and a reduced dose each day. I asked a similar question in this forum and others agreed that even a small reduction can cause withdrawal symptoms. I have felt extremely nauseas and had no appetite (compared to wanting to eat 24/7 previously!!). The strangest thing is that the nausea seems to hit me hardest when I'm asleep (which is only a few hours after I've taken it) and then continues until late afternoon the following day. I also wake with a headache which gets better as time goes on. To start with the symptoms were horrendous (shivering in bed, aches and pains, feeling sick etc) but already within a few days they are becoming more bearable thankfully. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Also I find that even if I really don't want to, actually eating something eases the nausea for a little while.
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      I just find it astounding that cutting such a tiny amount off can have such a profound effect. Doctors seem to be useless regarding coming off this drug and think simply coming off completely over a couple of weeks is OK.

      Although I am so so grateful this drug saved me the side effects and way it is effecting my health daily is horrendous. I wake every day feeling terrible it's bad enough I have to deal with chronic ibs. I just want to be able to get through a day of work without feeling ill!

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      Still on here? Having same problems and looking for reassurance
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      Hi there

      i still get emails about posts. I have been completley of mirtazapine since feb and all i can say is this drug im sure has ruined my life. I was apart from depression after my mum died normal. Worked socialised. Now i am housebound with pain absolutley everywhere. I am almost convinced its messed up my whole nervous and immune system.

      Thats just me though. I was on a small dose aswell. Its left me with the dizziness 24/7 that i had when i was on them. Also while on them i had pins and needles in my legs which is now at the stage its there all the time and i can barely walk.

      I am very sensitive to medication and have had reactions to lots. Hiw long were you on them and what dose ?x

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      This drug has ruined me for three  years now.  Like you before that i was normal.  It may be my age as i am now over 60.  Only managed up to 15 then at 7.5 for last year.  Now trying to get off but the nausea daily and ibs is awful.  I am going down soon to 1.87 hopefully to get it out of my system.

      I too am very sensitive to meds and wonder if thats the problem.  Others take this and seem fine.i dont know when i will ever be able to eat properly again, or function normally.

      how long were you on it and did you get to the therapeutic level?

      if you get any e mails from people with gastric problems would you mind putting me in touch?

      many thanks for replying to me and I hope you will recover in time. 

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      Hi, i am at the stage you were a year ago.  Are you still around to give any help on the nausea etc.
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      Hi ann,

      I was on it for just over a year highest was 22.5 but managed that only a day! Was on 15mg but even that was too nuch so for majority i was on 7.5mg. I decided to come straight off no tapering i just wanted it out of system. It wasnt good but i can honestly say i worse now than i ever was on it or after i stopped. Thats been almost 8 months now. If i could prove it was this drug id sue so someone for ruining my life but as you will be aware doctors dont believe thatit could possibly be the reason x

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      And unfortunatly i still have nausea all the time and little to no appetite so i too am at a loss
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      I can see exactly where you are coming from.  I have the nausea, sometimes diarrhea maybe from my ibs, maybe from mirtaz withdrawal, i dont know.  I have now developed pain in my stomach and hip.  The appetite loss has come at 3.75, before that i was eating and of course outting on too much weight.  Dont know whether to drop lower, stay at this level, or increase back to where i had an appetite, some days it fluctuated but was better than this.  Or should i just get off it?

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